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  1. However, as I read on the subject, the ekranoplans have trouble maintaining the ground-effect that provides them with lift when the surface is rough (one opinion - basing unknown - claimed that sea over 3 B grounds them). The fact is, they were best known for their use in Caspian Sea, which is pretty a calm one.


    Speaking as resident assistant/minion/artist...


    I believe Joie has higher gravity, 1.3G. This would result in flatter oceans (but powerful currents) and a very dense lower atmosphere (but a thinner upper).


    The Ekranoplan that we've been designing is capable of Ground-Effect and fixed wing flight (at reduced efficiency). When I'm done designing engine positions, it'll be able to do a Vectored-Thrust-Hover as well.



    We believe Ekranoplanes to be a perfect compromise position given the atmospheric and oceanic conditions, and are assuming two centuries of development in engines. This is a culture with single-stage surface-to-orbit craft, so I'm pretty sure they can make an all-weather Ekranoplane hover if need be. This doesn't necessarily mean it's efficient!


    And I'm going to stop there - Comp will get the thread up about the craft, and hopefully tonight I'll be able to lay down some images for you all.



    At the end of the day - This Plane is going to be the coolest, most badass go-anywhere do-anything SAR ship we can think up. And it's gonna look awesome. B)

  2. Then the players would either run away if too many enemies were shooting or would charge in and light them up. Enemy limbs went flying and the players would retreat before reinforcements could arrive.

    Sounds like you got the Marine Corp...




    Re sprinting/shooting : Athletics rolls for that stuff can slow them down, cause a few to trip over/shoot foot/get off-side and surrounded. But one thing at a time or two things badly is a good, low maths, solution.

  3. Are the Japanese big on primogeniture?


    I'd say it entirely suits his story to have killed them, or maybe they were stupid wastrels who died in bike crashes. It's also possible the writer picked the name at random from the credits of their favourite Anime, but I wouldn't know anyone who does that. >_>



    I'd think the rifle connection is the main thing, with a hint of WWII Revenge. Given his age, he may have experience the war, but, y'know, it's a good theory. You could have some fun with it, definitely. It would explain where Arasaka's failure-aversion and extreme over-reactions could come from.

  4. How high do you want it to get off the ground?


    Assuming Earthly conditions, Ground Effect Aircraft (Ekranoplanes) like to be 12m in altitude. Hover-craft, of the rubber-skirt variety, have only inches of altitude.


    Unless...we're talking about very high-power fans, that make it fly like a boxed in helicopter. You may have a choice of options there - low power 12" altitude for cruising flat hard surfaces, mid power 12m for crusing over water (so you don't get that weird sucking effect and go down) or high-altitude high power drain flight for low altitude flight, ~ 500m.



    For reference : Russian Sea-Copter...accident. :S



  5. It is with profound regret that I'm stating Babilon is, in effect, dead.


    Barring the last scene (which I'll explain in a moment), it was great fun. I was very impressed with the results and flow of the game, which is a direct result of your participation, for which I thank-you.


    Learnings :

    1. Dashing from Decision-Point to Decision-Point isn't railroading, it's just sensible.

    2. Say 'yes'. With consequences. If players want a rocket launcher, why not? They're common enough in RL - it's the consequences that 'moderate' their use.

    3. Tagged Zones work for tactical PBP games.


    In part, it is the usual assortment of 'life' curveballs that have distracted me, but more significantly, I've learnt something.


    That raid on Lima's house.


    I spent a fortnight with that, living every slow-motion detail of it, in my subconscious, watching the Team get shredded, the Red Team eviscerated, and a Family traumatized.

    I am now very sure of where Babilon comes from.

    It is the distilled essence of everything that terrifies me about Reality.

    It is the utter poverty of spirit, criminalisation of life, the cheapness of destruction. Just how easy it is to destroy someone, permanently. And then I was going to rub salt in my own wound, by bringing back characters from the road-side incident as partial cyborgs, as they descend into survival-over-humanity, and the soullessness of Sophia crushing a farming community into company compliance.


    In retrospect, that Gangster that capped himself was me breaking. I couldn't stare at it any longer. It was, still is, scaring me.


    So! If you'll pardon me, I'm going to put Babilon back on the shelf till I can look at it again, and the next game I run will probably be surreal, cheerful and have a clear moral compass! Space Pirate Amazons or something.


    Thank-you for playing, I hope you got some cool stories out of it. :)

  6. I've been ogling that for a while...thanks for the recommendation.


    I did read (on the site for it) that one of the martial artists is an expert in some special breathing technique designed to allow him to absorb abnormally potent impacts...does that explain any of the back-breaking?

  7. Art dammit : this is an official hand brake post. It seems LAN is not compatible with GM plannings.


    Where I'm at : Building the bridge to Italy. Rebuilding Shiny and Murray. Integrate Bundy.


    I could just warp us all to Italy, but there's loose ends here...

    Any thoughts?

  8. Master_Drow :

    //ooc: What am I? Your resident guardian angel?




    And when you get shot...he's your Guardian Angel.

    That ten-sided grim reaper has your scent now...



    Some questions and confusion have been raised, and I thought to answer to the side of the story threads, to keep things clean.


    //ooc: I'm just going to say I am confused. This guy was payed to kill the Lima family in the house. But when all of his buddies get killed he gets scared and kills himself rather than die by enemy gun fire? And, on top of that he does not even complete the job?


    OOC- Perhaps. But in this particular setting, failing your bosses is probably worse than being taken by us. Because we're just getting paid a salary for this, so there's only so much ire we could muster up. He and his team just cost his boss (who I am fairly sure is a major badass) a LOT of money. The kind of money you kill people for. Slowly



    On the Dot.


    Thinking this through in hospital, your characters would realise that Tango-2's suicide deliberately f***ed MohZak's intelligence network in Babilon. Tango-2 'broke.'



    To frame his decision...


    Had Sophia told you to abduct Lima's family to prevent him talking to MohZak, and to cap them if Lima 'broke'...would you?




    ...at what point would you tell Sophia to go to hell?


    But don't tell me. That would be too easy. B)

  9. @ Blakebeard Bundy :


    Bundy will head over to the family, and with Dameon's assistance, cut the family loose, and talk reassuringly to the family. I can't speak their language, (OOC- unless they speak English?) but I'll talk in calming tones, and then I'll pick up one of the kids and make sure that their face is hidden against my chest so they won't see the stringy gore dripping down their hallway as we lead them out. With my other arm, I'll escort Lima's wife, trying to comfort them as best as possible, in that reassuring British way.


    //ooc : Emp + Social rolls here, it takes a few goes...



    Mrs.Lima is glad to be freed but disinclined to move until Mahmud helpfully shouts that her husband is well, and then all goes to plan.


    The kids are too dazed to resist, one with a nose-bleed. The wife, doesn't look if she can avoid it, but doesn't flinch if she must.


    It starts to hit home when they find Lima. He is soaked red in other peoples blood. He tears his shirt to show them he is unharmed. Loose brass from the Aero showers off his back. Then they run to him.



    Bowen gathers Mahmud and the SI man, a tall grey suited Lebanese man with a Rolex and demure gold jewelry so expensive your wallet aches at the thought of it, walks them over to the family.


    Bowen kneels with them, and starts asking questions through Mahmud, pitching it as a tell-all for Lima to gain his wife's forgiveness.


    And Lima tells all.


    TacNet rolls with reams of text. Lima was a lookout. A tail. A spotter. A driver once or twice, but it seems like he was never smart enough, or vicious enough, to get into a proper Sec Team. Something changed in the last week or so. He'd said a name in the clear over the radio. An op had been 'spiked'.


    <Hehehe.> Is Phil's response.



    @ Master_Drow Dameon :

    An Ambulance crew with blue gloves and amazed expressions offers to treat your arm - the adrenaline is wearing down, and an ache is eking into your left bicep. The gouge is bigger than you remember, and has ruined your new suit...there's blood all the way to the thigh, and more from everyone else.


    The first thing the crew do is hose the wound with anti-septic and try to clean some of the gunk away...




    <+Eyrie, options. We have another hour this end.+> Mother-Goose sends.

    <Blue Flag operation to arrest next tier of control. We are suppressing comms, can move whenever. Over.>




    Eyrie comms directly to Dameon. <If you're still operational, the next moves are arrests and interrogations. I need you to link up with Bear and support. Clear?>




    @ Blakebeard Bundy :


    <Bear...we have a track on the next Tier, the Mister Hosseini that Lima worked for. We've been standing on Zulu's attempts to contact him for the last hour, but he's bound to get nervous soon and move. Roman will be needed to support the INP clean-up operation. I need you to take Joker and - designate him 'Delta' - Joker and Delta, get the remaining L-Five and be ready to move when we pinpoint Mister Hosseini. Designate 'Hotel'. As soon as we pinpoint his location, he'll know something is up, there are counter-intel ops resisting us now.>


    TacNet pins pop up in your smart-glasses. Yes, Dameon = Delta.


    <This will be Blue-Flag, you will have INP with you. Arrest this guy so Mother-Goose can 'talk' to him. Do you copy?>

  10. Just thinking today : Emotional Investment.


    Combat games generate Emotional Investment by having the player design the character. There's a sense of ownership, and thus, something that is 'risked'.


    The players need to have emotional investment in the thing you're trying to build or achieve.


    If the game is you telling them they want to build a house/rocket/tank, and they just roll 50xD10 with some narrative, I suspect there will be some sense of ennui.


    But if they own the thing they're trying to make - it's their meta-character, you could, in much the usual manner of a gm, string out the successes and failures of trying to build it into a story. And you have their characters to shoot up.


    So many strings to pu...uh...the complexity of the plot! Yes! A sophisticated, interwoven plot! A tapestry even! B)



    ...now, what might players want to build? Hmm.

  11. //ooc : Dammit, I let myself get jammed up with doubt. Right. Let's get this moving.

    // @ Blakebeard : Character sheet with options for Renovation is in email.



    A faint metallic clink.

    The lights come on. Streetlights, lounge-room, in doorways across the road. You hear air-cons kick on with a huff at the dust caking their grilles.



    It feels like you've just walked mud all through the rich neighbour's shiny thick pile carpet. Made a mess. Splattered blood around.


    The ringing goes, your eyes adjust. The Sirens are close now, very close.


    You can hear a whimpering, a muttering in a foreign tongue. He's repeating whatever he's saying with different endings. Names. He's cycling through names on a PRR.


    A contemplative pause.


    Click BANG.


    A single shot. An intrusive crash, unwelcome and unfitting in a suburban house.


    Bodies rumble against the floor, knees digging at carpet and pushing themselves around.



    Roman cuts in <SitRep! Who's standing?>



    _ _ _



    Around the corner.


    Mrs Lima, in her ankle length dress, arms tied by sharp nylon ties, is leaning forward, over her children. One hides under her, the other stares at you with enormous empty eyes. She's whispering to them.


    Behind them, the last gun-man is slack against the wall, his AK still caught in his lip, jaw against the side of the computer desk. He made good and sure. There's a scorch mark in the brick of the wall being filled over by the crimson jet running down the wall. His knife is slack in his hand at the side.


    His ear-piece hangs loose. Silent.






    @ Master_Drow Dameon :

    This guy just had 13 of his allies gunned down within 5 minutes on a routine operation. An easy operation.

    They had solid fire bases, they had the numbers, they had a soft target. He was the last guy standing too...









    The Sirens resolve into a Platoon of Police and Ambulances, swarming around the house.

    Bowen takes command, talking the Police in and explaining. Rapidly. Especially the part about the armed friendlies on site.




    A longer grey vehicle idles among the chaos - a Grey Chevrolet limousine. It rides heavy, and is obviously powerful. It has a minigun hatch on its roof.


    A demure black square on the side-panels identifies it as an SI Incident Response vehicle.


    Shiny, Murray and Chuck are swiftly gurneyed into vehicles, advanced blood-loss suppressing collars fitted around their various gaping wounds.


    Lima is recovered from the foot-well of the wrecked L-Five. Mahmud cuts his ties, but stays with him.




    //ooc : It's up to you guys to walk the family out, hopefully prevent the kids from getting any worse PTSD. The house is a charnel house and it smells bad. The Police are disinclined to enter just yet...





    As the situation settles, Roman reports in to Mother-Goose that the operation has <...achieved its objectives. Clean-up is under control. Over.>


    Mother-Goose replies with a curt <+Acknowledged. Eyrie - Start the Fire. Over.+>


    <+Eyrie Acknowledges, with pleasure. Over.+>

  12. //ooc: Finally! Map!


    'The Gulf' is about the economic shock of Arabian oil supplies tapping out...leaving Iran the only undrained, but sanctioned off well, dripping at the seams with inaccessible wealth. A Rebellion breaks out, supplied covertly by the player gun-running from Iraq. China sends 'Advisors' to assist with suppression as Russian agents, looking to regain prestige after WWIII, try to expose American black weapon deals...


    The Russians are on to you, and have told the Chinese where to look. Your vehicles are to the NE of the map. You need to get through Zone P.


    Squelch. Bleep bleep. "Ready Up."


    IPB Image


    Tactical :


    You and Dillon are Blue Team, spawning bottom left.


    You have :


    1. SCAR w/ u/b M203 (6x mags, 4x 40mm Frag)

    2. Beretta + Knife

    3. 4 x Flash Bang

    4. PID : Personal Intelligence Drone. Throws like a frisbee, sees like a bird. Orbits designated target point.

    5. Light Armour (Vest)


    Red Team Bots


    1. QBZ99 (Improved Rifle) w/ u/b Metalstorm MAUL (shotgun, 5 shot) (6x mags, 2x shotgun 'sticks')

    2. QSZ92 + Knife

    3. 1 x Flash Bang

    4. Light Armour (Vest) + Helmet


    You can Dash two sectors a turn, for the price of bad accuracy (-3 Acc), Tactical Move one zone and get normal fire, or Cover without moving for +3 Acc.




    Dillon appears on Blue Spawn as a lanky, tanned American in blue denim jeans, with a ballistic vest velcro'd on over a T-shirt. Baseball cap. Shooters gloves. No wonder the Russkies spotted them...


    "Go north!" Dillon shouts across the ward-room. His avatar sprints (A) -> (B), takes cover in the far NE of (B), sighting north toward (E). "I'll cover the centre!"


    //ooc : And thus it is that Dillon is 'covering' (E). He's declared it, so you can use it - if you want - in your next action.



    You hear Chinese shouts from the other side of the map, beyond all the bare concrete render walls with the stentorian religious posters insisting on modesty and reporting American Agents.



    A quick check of the mission requirements...


    Defeat 20 PLA Advisors, get to Extraction Point.

  13. My experience - which was playing a squad of PA against Infantry using CP2020 + Max Metal as a tabletop wargame, was that PA are a class of vehicle designed to kill themselves.



    Blue Team : 3 x Militech Commandos.

    Red Team : 2 x 10 man Sections armed with ARs, RPGs, sniper rifles.



    I used the deceleration rules, and degrading cover - SP x 3 = SDP for cover, so massed ARs should have been able to whittle away at the PA.


    It was a bloodbath. The PA sensors meant they could engage the infantry outside of their effective range, with far heavier fire that literally chewed away their cover. Even with deceleration issues, PA were able to maneuver as well as infantry, and so the cover was all to their advantage.



    After shredding one section and severely mangling the other, I figured the remnants would retreat, and I gave Red Team some reinforcements - 3 Arasaka B's.



    I found that for PA vs PA, only PA-Bazookas or the 'rifle' GAU-12 mattered, and even then not so much.


    Here PA maneuver was decisive - the poor B's had the bare end of the table, and the Commandos were able to deny clear fire lanes until they could concentrate fire.




    Learnings :


    1. PA are Helicopter Gunships on legs. They are murderous to infantry, deny them cover while using it to their own advantage, but there aren't many of them.


    2. PA struggle with anything of their own 'weight'.

    They can carry Anti-PA weapons, but that's not their real value.

    This means they utterly suck against any kind of real armour - soft wheel or tracked.


    3. Infantry would need concealed positions from which to fire heavy-armour cracking guided-missiles to compete. Concealed, not covered - concrete isn't enough. PA are accurate enough to shoot through vision slots, and heavy enough to tear that concrete away. Shoot and run like hell.


    (Even if you put these better weapons on the PA, perhaps a self-loading Javelin launcher, I'm not sure you're getting efficiencies above similarly equipped infantry...who would present many more targets to saturate the armour target.)







    1. MOUT


    Our PA force - lets call them Armoured Rangers - encounter stiff resistance from a heavily urbanised environment. MOABing it from orbit is not acceptable, HQ wants it cleaned out.


    Forward elements secure a fire-base covering an approach to the Urban AO. Inflatable hangars, generators, and PA-Transporters roll up.


    PA with infantry cover roll in to the AO in light IFVs, engage to 'fix' Red Team inside buildings.

    PA Transporters (side facing seats on trucks) deliver PA to Assault indoors, destroying Red or driving him into the open.


    No doubt this will draw supporting fires from Red Team elsewhere, who can then be engaged by PA at range.


    As PA run into the 'Orange' on their batteries, they are cycled out.




  14. Planning stuff. Need to create more maps. Posting cycle is likely to be 'every second day' from here out.


    Also note - Tuesdays I'm off drawing, so they're likely to be dead-spots.


    Keep rollin'... :D

  15. //ooc: Well, everyone seems to want to throw a flash-bang and charge upstairs, so! Let's get to it!


    <Cartman, can you smoke room 10, and then suppress the top floor windows>

    <I only have the fragmentation...> Mahmud/Cartman replies. <...I will watch windows, your friend is well, I can leave him a moment...>




    <Bear, Gonna flash T2, follow me up>


    His aim is to throw a flashbang around the corner, and then go in swiftly and neutralise the remaining hostile.


    As he mentions the flashbang, Dameon sees Bundy un-hooking one from his vest.


    Bear is readied up, so...

    Taking either side of the stairs, you both quickly and quietly move up.


    Bear hurls the flash-bang with a cricket style overarm bowl, the Flashbang ricochets down the hall (9).

    It goes off hard. The blast, funneled down the corridor, slaps down on you. The window above the sodden-carpet mess of Tango-3 blows out, but you never hear the chips hit concrete for the ear ringing.






    At the top of the stairs, stepping over T3, you see movement at the south end of the hall (9). Feet being dragged backwards. Lima's family are out of sight, the spartan lighting of the flaming technical and your smart-glasses IR illumination barely describing the walls.


    Check flank - Tango-4 is KIA, in a heap of shattered shower-stall glass shards and water pouring out of the smashed toilet tank.





    The kicked in doors of the side rooms (12 & 13) are easy to use for cover.


    Over the ringing, you don't hear it, but feel the breeze as Eyrie zooms the drone up your stairwell. It is tilted forward hard, hurls itself toward T1's window and out again. TacNet updates.




    TacNet :


    1. You are free to take up position at any of the lettered points - or indeed, state you're going elsewhere, but the letters are "I take cover in the doorway/corner" positions.


    2. Tango 2 has retreated to a corner away from the windows. You have a faint sense that he may be shouting a lot, but can't hear anything clearly.

    He is bunkering up. Bear in mind, he's at the end of his rope. His entire team of allies are a butchered wreck, his operation has failed, and he isn't a local...he is the sole survivor of a 14 man hit-squad, and his day has just gone completely wrong. He might not be entirely rational, but he might also be susceptible to negotiation.


    3. Lima 2, 3, 4 are around T2. He has an AK to L2's back and a big knife in the left hand he has around her neck. Lima 2 has her hands cuffed behind her with strip ties, and loosely connected ties at her ankles - she can take 12" steps, but certainly not run. She has an oval face and an expression of deeply suppressed terror, the brief flash of her expression caught on the Drone gives you the sense she's done this before.

    They are all Dazed & Scared.


    4. L3 & 4 are also strip-cuffed - hands back, ankles with no more than a single step of freedom.

    They're just two young girls in floral home clothes.

    They are Dazed & Scared.


    5. Communication : You are Deaf. You CANNOT hear well enough to matter. You do have Text Comms (either <tags> or +tags+ work...I think I'll make +official for text only+) over TacNet.


    6. The INP, Ambulances and SI incident response team are still en route, and still 5 minutes out.


    IPB Image


    What do you wish to do?


    I'd suggest expressing an intent, and how it will work with your 'buddy' - Cover a corner so the other can advance safely. Create situations your ally can take advantage of. Teamwork = Win. B)

    You're already thinking alike, keep it going. :D

  16. Westfield shooting



    This kind of thing used to be a rarity...in this case, it's my local shopping centre.


    And recently a Brazilian "A lister party animal" was alleged to be stealing biscuits and got Tased to death.

    Its all lights and sirens down under at the moment, and the use of Tasers is becoming an issue - they haven't reduced violence, they don't replace the use of lethal force, and most people that get zapped by them are unarmed and not resisting arrest...violently anyway.


    Taser death


    Not sure what to make of it really.

  17. That Fusion Amp rail is great, yes!


    Now I'm wondering - how do you stop a stump from sweating and chafing? I'm imagining sweat wicking micro-fibres and cooling fans. Poor Shiny is going to be in desert and Mediterranean conditions for a while.

  18. Maybe that's how they'd be originally deployed - modified cargo handlers mounting vehicle weapons, doubling duty loading trucks or patrolling the perimeter...


    I'm honestly thinking they might be a regular Army thing, with troops that can fight dismounted, but also use the suit. Isn't that kinda what Rangers are, high grade Army? Would they like them? I have the impression the Rangers are inordinately fond of gunning stuff down, maybe HMG toting PA would suit them.


    In CP terms, PA is very new, and I'd expect an experimental phase, like what Air Mobile forces went through.

  19. I'd recently read, and I'm trying to track down sources, that 26% of CIA employees are now contractors and they this 26% constitute 49% of the CIA's personnel budget.

    Book, Spies for Hire. Your numbers look right. The triple cost to govt is waste enough, the commercialisation of use-of-force & interrogation techniques is even more alarming. The impact on operational security is horrifying, let alone what would result if competition to hire these services disempowered the legitimate government to the benefit of cashed up, responsibility-lite organisations.


    But maybe...it's cheaper long term. No pension or insurance liabilities.


      SEAL's recruiting high school swimmers


    Plus other manner of jocks. From what I've heard this has been working out for them

    At least since the 70s. They get em young and train them hard. They know nothing but school, sport & obedience, and they're freaking terrifying soldiers. You do that to a man, you make damn sure you look after him in peace...



    My personal view is that this system is the result of Bush administration cronyism.

    It's a process with a long, long history. Bush accelerated it, yes, but don't neglect other times. DynCorp spraying coca plantations in the War on Drugs...it would be an act of war if a company wasn't doing it.


    The term that scared me most was 'Cost Plus.'


    Contractors had their base operating cost, charge per operation...& could then claim all incidental costs on top. Apparently convoys would run with empty trucks in Iraq just to run up the bill.



  20. Would the USMC use powered armour?


    Imagine PA that had an operational life of 6 hours battery, was a 'super suit' no more than 8' tall (not Battletech styl cockpits - stuff you actually wear).


    It's proof against anything less than .50, and can use cover as well as infantry, but pack the fire power of an Apache.


    I'm wondering because such equipment seems fragile - for the half hour of actual combat assault, it would be Hell on Legs, but tie them up for longer and they all fall down at 6:01, and are less useful than a Hummer as cover.


    Which to me sounds like something SWAT would use, but not the USMC, which expects its situation to be one epic slog through terrible conditions. Might the regular Army use them instead, as siege breakers?


    Also, and this may help you see how I scope PA in the Battlefield Operating System...my simulations suggest they are the Ultimate anti-infantry weapon, better than gunships, but no better than infantry versus armour or air. (Yes they can carry lots of AT missiles, but they're fewer than regular infantry and a bit more obvious).


    So. Doctrinally, who might use them?

  21. Welcome to team Magnet

    Bweeeeheheheheehehee... :D:rolleyes:


    I was thinking about small two man teams. If we stick with the current team then I would suggest that we split into teams of one active player and one passive/NPC.


    I'm resolving the man-power shortage.


    Blake is welcome to play as long as he likes, and in game terms, will probably attach to Team Magnet for the foreseeable future. Understaffed unit, reassignment, need help with their fashion sense...he's just what you need!


    Also - YAY and Hello for Blake! He is an experienced role-player with many years experience, and quite the master of English. He survived the live Babilon games, and has a good sense of the universe already.


    We're just going to to a bit of renovation on his character sheet, and he'll be fully operational.


    @ Blake : This is the 'anything goes' thread - if you need massed tactical advice and don't want to clutter the story thread, this is the place for it. Also, you might want to start at the top with answering those first questions... :D




    Concerning the cyber arm, I'm thinking something akin to an Alienware case - black anodized aluminum with lexan panels showing off the internal workings, with LEDs or other low-key illumination for highlights. None of the illuminated parts will show in long sleeves (ie, under armor). The Picatinny rail will be mounted on the underside, and will feature a link to the arm's battery. Increased strength, even at cost of more bulk or shorter time between charges.

    The hand should be standard, at this point, though it would be nice to have threaded holes on the knuckles to allow for future accessories (taser contacts, short spikes, or just decorative bling) to be easily installed.


    Short version, yes.


    Longer version - Phill is played by Vis', who is an electrician. If there's a way to make that happen without frying the user, Yes!

  22. @ Master_Drow Dameon :


    For the top floor I expect that T2 can be/has been neutralized by the sniper.

    //ooc: No! Sniper is on the NORTH of the building, and has tried shooting through the wall at T3 & T4, on the upper floor. He is not able to confirm kills at this moment. T2 is very much alive and a threat to Limas 2, 3, 4.


    Dameon lays out his plan. Bundy nods.


    1: Frag grenade at point 1 (I think the 40mm might be the best for accurate placement)

    "Right you are Brother...Frag out!" He takes a step out of cover to square up to the door, aiming the FAMAS. No-one immediately shoots back. He raises the muzzle a point. Someone yells, deeply perturbed. Triggers. Phoomp.


    A crash of obliterated glass and china, crumbling rubble patter of punctured sheetrock.

    //ooc : 7D6 frag, 27points in 1m radius. Ouch.


    Bundy sprints to the East side of the door, as a blast of badly aimed AK fire claws up the hall. The shooting stops, the rifle clatters on tiles. Dameon safely arrives on the West.



    Bundy locks eyes a moment. "Let's bring 'em home safely, mate."


    2: Dameon takes route 2, using walls/counters for cover if needed.


    Bundy pushes in first, dashes the corridor (1).


    Dameon, through the Porte, the kitchen.

    The house smells of smoke and sheetrock. IR on smart-glasses, gives a flashlight sized blob of vision. Fresh carpets. Glittering appliances. Wall hangings. Nice place...Zulu must pay well...


    ...Tango 6.


    T6 is a smear leading up to a heap laid out on the tile in the bedroom hallway.

    His AK is hot. Holes from his spray trail almost to the kitchen.


    Tango 5 is just as punished, slapped against the Eastern wall amid a singed blast pattern. The hall cupboards are gutted, glittering with shattered glass.



    3: Bear takes route 3, I suggest using the hall table for some cover.



    Bear takes some cover behind the hall cupboards, Dameon covers the North end of (1). He can see straight out the door, onto the street. The back-tray of another Technical is reversed up to the door.


    Remains of the gunner is laid out over the tray-side. The Driver is crashed forward on the steering wheel, missing something vital above the shoulders. WTF is Jarrett loading?




    The end of the corridor is clear.


    Bundy (Bear) comes up to the end, covering an angle of the stairwell. A quick look.



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