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  2. Not really related, but seems I might have a team gathering. A visit to the local community house (well... that's a gross simplification of what the institution actually is), where a monthly RPG event is held, with some leaflets (again... as I pulled it already last month, to no effect) brought up three candidates - all of them girls adding to that my buddy, the one leftover form the Nomadpunk attempt, we are getting a decent-sized, 4-man team (and there are two potential spraes interested, even!). At the moment the girls are chewing through the setting material I have prepared for them, and I've encouraged them to come up with the team idea / characters they'd like to play. One had the idea of a cop (or maybe a singer, or a media...). Well, I certainly wasn't expecting a police campaign in Kal, but if they all agree to that, why not...? Otherwise, it might be difficult to fit a cop into a more standard edgerunner team. We'll see in a few days
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    Lsat Lives

    so the LSAT program morphed into the NGSW, which is one of the 3 submissions vying in the army's latest trials https://taskandpurpose.com/army-next-generation-squad-weapon-photos
  4. thank you that makes a lot of sense
  5. But that, in turn, gives a benefit to the characters like the Solo TigerGuard has mentioned. Which was, actually, a pretty common build if memory serves me: having very high EMP just to be able to handle all that cyberware. I.e. to game the system. I guess I'll be pretty interested in what is Maximum Mike going to do with cyberware & Humanity Loss in CP Red. Though I expect he'll just lower HL costs for stuff, kinda like it was in CP2013. Maybe excempting some types of cyberware (like Fashionware, as we are told in CP Red JSK) from HL entirely. Dunno. I do like the idea of having a system limiter on the amount of cyberware. But I'm not sure if the way HL / Empathy does work in CP2020 is the optimal solution...
  6. I have ran a (non-CP) game online till June, via Roll20 & Discord voice chat. Had a major problme with players flaking off, too. Not to mention, I guess it would be difficult to gather a Polish-speaking group on Roll20: I wouldn't trust my language skill to run Cyberpunk in English (for Star Wars, it seemed to do it well enough...). Not to mention.. I haven't given it too much thought, actually. Because when I was running a game, I didn't had the Age of Jackal setting, and the CP2020 game I was a member of before that was set in Night City. Let's say running a game set in the US for mainly American group by someone who has a very bleak idea about local specifics is... not something I'd consider a wise idea. Also: gaming face-to-face beats gaming online. @ the High Noon Shootout - it has been, if we are to believe the authors, made to combine the best features of CP2020 and Cybergeneration's systems, as chronologically it is younger than Cybergeneration. Does it speed things up? You'd have to try it, really. Well, so, at least give it a thorough look
  7. We also do it in the order TigerGuard suggests because we feel it allows for characters to better fit their background. But of course with this approach it wouldn't make sense and you need to do skills and stats first. Which is fine as I think this method actually does reflect the character as made by the player in the roll results where the original was purely random. Personally I would use base Empathy and not cybered Empathy. The book and results often seem to indicate to me that gear and cyber comes after Lifepath due to injuries and such.
  8. Thank you for the insight. And sorry to hear you are missing players. Did you ever consider playing or running online? It's pretty much how I get my gaming done these days. On topic: doesn't really sound like it speeds it up a lot but I like the idea of not being impervious to pistols anymore. As I understand it Cybergenerations system is based in that?
  9. We have used elements of HNS back in the day (elements, since the Polish edition had FUBARed the range difficulty chart in the book - an editing error...). There are essentially two, basically separate, elements to this system: To-hit rules. It uses slightly different modifier values, so you'd need to get used to a new set, and a completely new difficulty system in which to-hit difficulty is tied to your distance to target and a general class of a weapon you're using (rather than your distance to target and the range of a specific model of a weapon as it is in FNFF). The weapon's range merely limits how far you can try to actually hit something (it being the double the range listed). Needs no conversion as such, merely adapting to the new way of solving things: you can switch between it and FNFF with a flick of your finger: it is, essentially, the same system that, with slight alterations, was used for Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit. Damage rules. Well, this one is a bit more complicated. You get a big table with damage roll values for your weapons, and cross-reference it with a 1d10 roll to get damage result. Then, you apply it against Armor (calculated from SP value), and if something goes through, double the value (there are also results marked that will do a wound by sheer impact, through soft or even hard armor). So, it requires some math in places where FNFF didn't, but theoretically doesn't require the bucketload of dice FNFF did (at least with larger calibers): 7,62mm asks not for 6d6+2 damage, but checking a 1d10 roll result against the 6d6 verse in the table. Now, what I feel about the system... first, it is changing the balance at the lower end of the scale: SP14 armorjack (or rather SP14 equivalent in Armor value) is no longer impervious to basic handgun calibers. On the other hand, it loses some finer details (all those +1, +2 damage codes). And it still doesn't solve the problem of multiple projectiles hitting the target with autofire: you'd still need a d10 roll for damage on each of these (and a d10 or whatever you use to roll for location, unless you intend to go the RED way. In that case, you should be fine just rolling a handful d10 for damage). Is it worth it? Well, for a try, certainly. I Intended to use it for my Nomadpunk, but (since that game flopped), I'm not sold on using it in Age of Jackal, as it is using somewhat different weapons. Dunno. The point might be moot, as there aren't exactly players crowding at my door, hooping to take part in an Age of Jackal game...
  10. Don't jump, then. With few on-the-fly changes, most CP2020 equipment should work just fine with CP Red. Red mechanics are just a bit changed from basic CP2020, not much more than 2020 was advanced compared to the 2013 edition. Take a look at the 2020 rulebook, and you should easily notice where the differences are, and thus, how to adapt them up to match the Red.
  11. Good point... For me, it was always "roll Lifepath after assigning skills & stats" (otherwise the distinction between "add +1 to an existing skill or start a new one at +2" wouldn't be making sense, also, I feel that's the flow suggested by the rulebook). With stat values (especially EMP) being an issue, I guess buying at least the cyber before rolling the Lifepath would be making sense. Of course, we're massively oversimplifying things here, as it is not like the character gets all the cyber implanted on their 16th birthday - it is likely to be a gradual process. But I do not see a way around the problem, at least now: we do need to simplify things.
  12. In regards to the techie, as you proposed the target is a 12 for success so his odds to succeed would be manageable - but it was an extreme possibility being suggested. As for the Solo, most have high EMP to accommodate large amounts of cyberware, so if Lifepath is rolled after Stats are assigned / rolled and before equipment is purchased then his EMP should be sufficiently high to pass a mere 12. I guess the first question I would have to consider is how you envision the Lifepath process? Currently, our group works it thus - 1) Pick role 2) Roll Lifepath 3) Assign / Roll Stats 4) Assign Skills 5) Purchase equipment and cyber 6) Play the game It seems that if we are to utilize Stat rolls in the Lifepath to determine Good or Bad Luck result, at the very least we would have to flip up point 2 and 3. Would you prefer to drop it in between point 5 and 6?
  13. that makes a lot of sense! My big concern is jumping systems too much because my players are very inexperienced with ttrpgs
  14. Personally I feel 2020 will still be worth it after RED. They are different games with the same DNA. We also wanted to start playing again prompted by RED and went with 2020. I also believe it will be easier to transition from 2020 to RED compared to the Jumpstart with House rules.
  15. I might invest in cp 2020 then. this is my first cyberpunk campaign so i wasn't too sure going in.
  16. My plan was to start with the things in the jumpstart kit and tack on homebrew as i go, that's what the people on reddit seem to be doing. I wanted to start playing cyberpunk, and figured it wasn't worth it to get 2020 if red will be out soon.
  17. I have ever only played FNFF and I do like it. However, there is some complexity in there that makes it cumbersome and timely to use. I did house rule some stuff like Automatic Fire to reduce the rolling, but I am not quite happy with it. Just now I understood that there are more combat systems that are compatible with CP2020, mainly High Noon Shootout from Listen Up and Saturday Night Skuffle from Cybergeneration. I have not read Listen Up (just started it) or Cybergeneration and was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on the differences, share experiences and conversion guides maybe? Any input welcome.
  18. I'm in the same boat. it's an interesting read but no where near enough for me to run. so i'll be running 2020 until we get something meatier.
  19. Welcome fellow Newbie. As the Jumpstart just uses simple damage categories for weapons the actual weapon a character has exactly is just a cosmetic choice at this point. So go hog wild and choose from all the sources you have. If you don't have any just get the CP2020 core PDF and use the weapons and gear from that book with the standardized stats from RED. Since the main book is still a few months off from the sound of things your best bet is to get some older Material for 2020 and use that. I personally wouldn't start a CP RED Campaign yet though as the starter kit is really not meant for that, there is too much missing in the rules department, vehicle rules being a part of that. It doesn't even have the special abilities yet! And if you start tacking on rules from 2020 you might as well start playing 2020. But I do know of some people running successful RED campaigns, so YMMV.
  20. Keep in mind it is highly unlikely for your Mouser techie to not only roll up BOD result every year, but that also - if he does - he has a serious chance of getting into trouble because of it. Same with a stone-cold Solo, as his low EMP predestines him for low EMP rolls resulting in EMP-related penalties. If he rolled REF events, for example, his combat-honed reflexes would likely have him ace in a Reputation-related event, something a GM could interpret as "ypu really shined at a shooting competition, or martial arts tournament, or a local firefight / bar brawl", as this event gives you +1 Reputation. But he rolled his lowly EMP. Let's assume he got a REP-related event here - GM interpretation being, he bodyguarded a media personality / famous Rocker to a fancy party. But, being stone-cold, low-EMP killer he is, our solo has a rather low chance of passing the difficulty threshold for a successful event, so he's rather going to make an idiot of himself at the event, and lose 1 REP, than be fondly remebered (+1 REP) for his Social skills...
  21. Having sat and thought, and then run through possible character builds in my mind, the possibilities to alter a planned character via this new Lifepath idea has me giddy as a school kid. Like many others, I go in to a character design with something of a plan for overall appearance and capabilities in mind - but a Lifepath that is Stat based instead of just Good / Bad / Romance means I might plan on a Mouser style techie and then roll every year as a BOD result (unlikely, but for arguments sake) and end up with a guy that looks like Paul Jr. from Orange County Chopper and now I have to expand my original story for this entirely unplanned development. As a player building the backstory it means I have to be open minded and as a GM it means players who prefer the uber build because they "know" the system have to be ready for their lone wolf solo with the heart of stone, to become a magnet for people in need because of repeated EMP results! This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like the possibilities. If you decide to move forward with this, please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of assistance.
  22. While I am always excited to see a game from my childhood reinvigorated, Osprey Games currently has out a very similar game called Gaslands and it's designed to be used with standard hot wheels vehicles (making them cheap to acquire and fun to mod out with stuff from the bits box!). For any who care to give it a peek while we wait for SJG to run their Kickstarter - https://gaslands.com/
  23. I have recently started a cyberpunk red game using the jumpstart kit, and I've been curious what other people are doing. I could also use some help with ideas for weapons, vehicles, armor etc because the jumpstart kit is extremely sparing in that department. Anything about the new rule set is appreciated to help a newbie out!
  24. See, that's why I love working on this forum you have given me perspective I did not have, @TigerGuard
  25. I generally try to stay out of Senior Officer Mikael Van Atta's way while he powers through these mental exercises, but this time I'd like to throw my 2 cents in the air - maybe they'll hit a mark, maybe they'll simply float away..... 1) I think the main effect of the Lifepath charts should remain "fairly" minimal. These events are as likely to be from teen years as they are early career, so they should be story builders rather than game changers. While a gain or loss of €100 shouldn't define a character, it lays a foundation for defining who you became - which is what the random charts are supposed to do. A roll at age 16 for a kid in school or on the streets should not have the same financial impact as a roll for a 21 year old who is active in his or her profession - so perhaps the gains and losses can be adjusted by age? 2) As a caveat to my previous point, I do wholeheartedly support the chance (albeit a very small one) that there is a life altering luck event in there that provides a major windfall like a vehicle for a Nomad, a penthouse apartment for a Corp, or some such thing that is specific to each SA. For games that don't use them, then GM's and players can use the lists as a guide to create something specific that fits their game. In regard to my previous age statement in the first point, I would say if this event occurred at a sub-standard employment age it would usually represent a prodigy of some sort. (But this goes back to the story building aspect I see available to players as they progress through the Path). In the case that you rolled a Bad Luck, a Corp would destroy company assets of an equivalent amount, a Fixer might loose a shipment, a Nomad destroys a Pack support vehicle (like an 18 wheeler), or some such tragic event based on SA which explains the crushing debt carried by the player. 3) Just because the previous charts had specific % chances for certain events does not mean we have to limit ourselves in the same way. All of this is supposed to be an improvement over what's come before, so please don't feel shackled by what we have. Having said that, if we previously had 20% chance of romantic events and you wish to maintain that amount why not have half of the ATTR events be romance related (maybe focusing on the fast and loose variety) and half of the EMP events be romance (the more lasting, deep emotional tie type)? Remaining events for both Stats could be Skill and Stat boosts or losses, as appropriate. 4) Things like loss of friends / contacts, or enemies derived from previous relationships without a pre-existing NPC should be maintained because even though they don't provide developed attachments for a player, they are fantastic fodder for a GM. And a fundamental part of Cyberpunk is the unseen angle from which problems arise. If some players and GM's see this as equivalent to a Nothing Happens This Year event, that is their loss. The same goes for any event that doesn't create a meaningful mechanical effect in your words - I build entire campaigns off of these minor details.
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