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  1. What were the rule differences between CP2013 and CP2020?



    This is gonna be a wild year. I'm stepping back from full time work to part time, while pursuing a concept design course. I hope this means when I come back to GMing my artwork can be drop-dead awesome. We'll see.


    Chaaaaaarrge!!! :rolleyes:

  2. "Though plenty of challenges lie ahead, these sorts of systems are rapidly approaching the point of clinical fruition," Courtine, who was not involved in the study, said in a comment piece in The Lancet linked to the study.


    That particular line makes me very, very happy.


    We need single neuron electrodes, safer transdermal connections or data transmission, and that feedback loop. So close. So close...

  3. Read this. Agree with it. Do something.





    You’re the ones who’ve been slacking off!” proclaims Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University (and one of the other speakers at Future Tense). He refers, of course, to SF writers. The scientists and engineers, he seems to be saying, are ready and looking for things to do. Time for the SF writers to start pulling their weight and supplying big visions that make sense. Hence the Hieroglyph project.



  4. 13lb trigger pull?


    Pardon me being from Down Under where we aren't allowed dangerous toys, but does that seriously mean you are 'lifting' 5 kilograms with your index finger?


    Wouldn't you get a crampy finger and pull the whole point-of-aim off to the side?



    i.e. Major Contributing Factor?


    Good lord, why not just put them in plate armour and have them run in with a club? :ph34r:



    ((And I shall quote my friend here, upon hearing the story : "Whyyyy??? Whaaaat did you do thaaat for? I wasn't doiiiing anythiiiing...whyyyyy!" lol. ))

  5. Perhaps as animals, or other environmental organisms. Or lunch.


    A point I'd make - is that there are creatures stronger, faster, and with better senses than humans, but they don't dominate the planet.


    AI - or Sophant Systems (SS's?) - might be as harnessed to pragmatic purposes as much as steam engines, cattle and dogs have been over the centuries. Specialisation might mean dependency on humans, with humans retaining overall experimental/adaptive pre-eminence.




    OR - the raw intellectual horsepower of it might do the 'hard' Singularity thing and transform everything unpredictably. Brains, sense and brawn all in one might make for some changes.


    ((I honestly don't think a megalomaniacal AI would be that bad. We've had competent human megalomaniacs have a go at world domination in the past. That didn't work out so well for them.))

  6. You can create a conspiracy to order out of common elements.


    There's the Pragmatic to Spiritual axis :

    "American stealth technology is based on alien ships!"

    "American industrial advances depended on..."

    "The World is being prepared for a Saurian takeover..."

    "The Grays are the next step in spiritual evolution..."


    The Liberty/Unity axis :

    "The Illuminati want a world of mind-slaves to do their bidding."

    "Sarah Palin is a mind controlled sex slave from Henry Kissingers MK Ultra programme!"

    "Freed of the body, a Ninth Stage spirit can travel the universe."

    "All living beings are evolving toward an interstellar mental gestalt, the individual will experience the infinite joy of all-being, the whole will enjoy every life possibility through its members."



    Govt Corp conspiracy is a choice of competence :

    "The Government knows nothing about Aliens, else we'd be trying to trade with them for weapons."

    "Monsanto got this incredible knowledge from an Area 51 defector. Then they locked him up in an institution, so no one else would believe him."

    "The Government knows the Mothership fleet is coming, & hope to trade human specimens & power for safety when the Saurians begin terraforming..."



    ...& depravity.

    "Saurians drink only "the Gold of the Ancients" - Virgin menstrual blood!"

    "The Greys are excising cow's lady parts for use in hybrid cloning tanks."

    "We are in a Spiritual blockade zone - our souls can't travel beyond Mars, until we learn to master our war like and economically imperialist natures. It's the only reason we don't have a base on Mars."


    Pick & mix!


    ...there's also the 'Miogamnewdalato diet', but that's less about aliens and more about urine.

  7. The entire infrastructure for a complicated underground gladiator fighting league:


    Yeeeeaaahhh...dats the stuff... :rolleyes:




    I do wonder. How do Nightclubs work in notably violent communities? I understand they continue to function in Africa and dodgier parts of SE Asia, and that it's common and easy to grease the door-men so you can bring your guns in.


    A Favela area Nightclub sounds mind bogglingly dangerous to me.


    How can anyone, much less an attractive girl, feel safe to go out knowing the club is gonna be full of guns, drugs, thugs, rapists, STDs and likely the target of a rival drive by at any moment?




    For that matter - how do Nightclubs work anyway?

    ...I'm supposed to be going to a Nightclub this weekend dressed as Mad Max, and it's freaked me out so bad I think I'm gonna flake. Can't drink/Don't dance, I don't even expect a shooting, and I'm legitimately terrified of it. :S

  8. Imagines - putting them on the side of a functioning office 'scraper, so there's scrolling sun-shade moving up-over-down the building of a day, following the sun. So when sunlight is at its most intense, a rail system of plants is moved to block/shade/cool the building.



    I suppose you could harvest manually, but it could also be a Telepresence job to t-op Rail-Robot arms that whizz along each 'rack' and pick out all the ripe fruit, operated by a human 'picker operator.'


    Prevents people walking in diseases, each stack could be fairly close (like compactors).

  9. 'Combat Zone' is a term created by the oppressive Plutocracy to deny the vitality and feasibility of a potential Socialist alternative to debt-slavery and profiteering.


    The only 'combat' is when the Mercenary Defenders of Kleptocratic privilege attack the legitimate industry of The People, who work to survive outside of the failing debt system. Corporate controlled Government has completely failed the People! Business no longer pays an acceptable minimum wage! Survival demands Action!


    The People will continue their legitimate struggle and inspire other communities...





    ...Agents from 'Remainder Communities', also known as 'Combat Zones' due to their high rates of homicide and assault, are known to be operating cell-structured networks to disseminate techniques, pirated technologies and strategic theory to oppose the forces of law and order that might be able to secure them physically and allow re-investment in communities desperately in need of employment.


    Social and Employment mobility out of Remainder Communities is dramatically reduced by physical security concerns. Legitimate employment may be available, but necessary security measures can deter even the best intentioned Community dweller.


    Whilst these Communities are rarely walled off (with some notable exceptions [1][2][3]) deliberately, the result of surrounding peaceful communities establishing security perimeters has a 'kettling' effect, and can result in the complete encirclement and border closure of an area. Where mobility to and from an area is notably reduced due to surrounding security requirements, we classify this terrain as Urbanised Terrain, Remainder Community (UTRC).


    The increasing co-ordination between UTRC Cells and the evolutionary development of counters to law-and-order, re-investment and gentrification programs requires Government and Business shorten their decision making loops dramatically in order to be able to secure valuable terrain.


    These Remainder Communities frequently obstruct Civil-MSRs, preying on the traffic that tries to push through. The reduction in supply to these communities has seen a reversion to localised farming and manufacture, further delinking these communities from the very Society they must rejoin if they...

  10. http://what-if.xkcd.com/18/



    Unfortunately, even instantaneously emptying the full 600 rounds into the front of the train would only reduce its speed by a small fraction of a percent.

    A single person with a BB gun can't do it. But what if we had an army?


    We’ll give each person a patch of ground two feet by four feet. This is a little cramped, but it should give them room to fire in an arc over the shoulder of the person in front of them. If we restrict them to 45 degrees in front of the train on either side of the track




    Oh the glory.


    Wait until you get to the end...& those of you who know what I'm like as a GM, will also see...the glorious purity...that is a torrential outpouring of assault rifle fire...so many 5D6...

  11. Social anonymity isn't the objective here - some of that stuff is so crazy even Gaga would think twice, but vs a large scale automated system of oppression that hadn't quite reached as far as banning all public gatherings...


    There are specific environments where it could flourish, & it would look fabulous doing it.

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