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  1. So DS got me thinking about Police, and Police in CP2020. In Night City in particular.


    How on God's Blackened Earth could you Patrol a street in that city in anything less than MetalGear, 12 man squad with Light-IFV support?


    Imagine trying to pat a Boosterganger down! How could you know what they had built in? You could say 'assume the position' and discover they had 360° joints. They might explode. They might leak something on your troops that is later found to contain nanites of uncertain use and origin. If the crowd turned on you, it would instantly be a BHD situation, given the amount of metal being carried around.


    Would the Police care about minor crimes like pick-pocketing? Or would they be there to observe and call in a strike if the mob gets out of hand?

  2. Using the cloth tube construction method - lay a lawn irrigating hose through it, and fill it with a dirt/gravel/concrete mix. Shape to suit, then pump water through.


    Now that should slow bullets down.


    It would also make a hilariously hard to remove instant structure for the next big Occupy invasion, and I'm all for that. :D


    Somewhere arctic - you could fill it with water/snow.


    Something I've thought of for aircraft hangars - like the big inflatable ones the US uses? I imagine an expanding liquid foam that you could pump through them, to harden them.


    You could put stakes in the ground, lay the tube in a spiral around the stakes - which outline your internal area - pump that up with fill, and have a relatively square structure that could be finished with cement render...



    I like this lots.

  3. This is one technology that seems doomed to be locked away in a closet for fear of being useful.


    I can see it now. An illegal drug lab shut down...for making legal, full strength medicine...for a reasonable price.

    "The risk of these labs is they can be converted, 'criminized', with so much ease there's no way to tell if they're doing the right or wrong thing, and these guys whatever their motives were definitely breaking IP laws."



    I like it though. It will have its day in the sun, it just might take a little while.


    ...and require students to pay attention in Chemistry. At which I failed miserably. :S

  4. Oh how I can't stand awkward date videos...


    ...but very nice interpretation of a AR world.



    Perhaps a game in that - the Internal Affairs division of an AR corporation, weeding out corrupt misuse of the system before someone presses a 'reality altering' suit!

  5. So is the plan to vid-con games with people via webcam, or you gonna put a nice big map up on that screen?


    How do you plan on interacting with the screen? Is touch an option? What software do you play on?

  6. Quick sketches - in an A3 drawing book if live, photoshop online.


    Have been using Diaspora's tag system with success - superior to a grid, much faster.


    Not using a grid means you don't get those crunchy mechanical situations where dashing leaves you a metre short of cover, simplifies the postures of the combatants. Highly recommended - speed of play is greatly increased.

  7. :)


    Possibly an in-game rule, for playing live, might work. Something like "You must constantly talk about what your character is thinking, feeling or doing." And let the GM misuse this information at will.


    Mechanically, I believe the biggest risk would be friendly fire. Being that twitchy and un-inhibited... :S

    But! I believe you could train yourself to cope with it. Particularly if it was a spinal acceleration.


    Our nervous system works at 80 kph now. I wonder how much this would increase it?


    And on that note - what does pain become? With all the barriers lowered, you might feel like you're on fire from just body heat!



    Increased chance of friendly fire, and an increase in Cool/Int reducing pain would probably be sufficient in 'hard rules' terms.

  8. I'm not sure seizures would be your biggest issue.


    You're reducing the threshold of action potentials becoming actions, which means everything in the affected field is going to go sooner, weaker, with less 'revision'.


    I could imagine it abruptly causing Tourettes, torrents of memories, spasms, 'social disinhibition', involuntary urination, and maybe even heart palpitations. Possibly nausea, as the brain sees everything go haywire and decides it has been poisoned.




    Maybe if the field applied to the spinal cord, and the field increased the amount of energy available so the increased trigger rate didn't mean reduced strength action potentials, it might have less alarming consequences.



    It'd be entertaining though.



    "Dammit! Hit it boys, take 'em out!"

    "Go! GO!...MOTHER FUUUuuuu MONKEY oh god I pissed myself!" *jumps through window* "NAaaaaaaarrrwhaaaaale...." bampf.


  9. YT was 15. :S


    I can see New South Africa being a problem, but given America's current crop of self immolating comedy titles, I don't see any of the Post-American, irrelevant POTUS or Mormon bashing being a problem.


    I do look forward to seeing if they can cast Hiro correctly. Afro-American+Japanese-Korean actors with Katana training might be a rarity, and that in itself is one of the elements I suspect is deliberately written to be unfilmable.


    There's a more dramatic problem - and that's the Net. It's gonna look old. Overtaken by events. The 'bombing' is a tour-de-force of bad pre-millenial over-engineered corporate animation. I can see it now, all blue and purple with spinning cubes with big-hair pop-stars projected onto the sides. It's perfect in the way the novel is actually a period piece, but it's gonna look weird to modern viewers.



    And heaven help us when they get to the infodump about Babylon...I wonder how much they'll compress that to?

  10. but if they try to hammer it into the usual "generic blockbuster"


    Y'know, I get the feeling that Snow Crash was deliberately trying to out-blockbuster the blockbusters by being so extremely Hollywood, even Hollywood would gag on it.


    It also has that Cyberpunk flair for doing unfilmable things. YT's sexualisation, specifically. The prison scene at the start is alarming enough, the end with Eskimo-of-Doom is probably illegal to film.



    But at the end of the day, we know why we're there. Hiro, Katana, and Reason.


    Oh Reason. *sigh*




  11. Something to put on a buggy, rather than man-pack around.


    Interesting range...1500m. That's not that far. I'd expect it to be handled by heavy rifles normally.



    Wondering what its for - anti-sniper in cover? Anti-technical? Anti-Anti-Tank-Missile-Launcher?


    If it's faster than the 'bigger' missile, I wonder if you could take out the operator before an AT rocket landed home? But that involves getting within 1.5ks of a missile with a 5k range...on foot. Hmm.

  12. So it's searching for the lost at sea, hauling out the live-but-trapped in a mine, or bagging up what's left for a proper burial, and relieving whoever was on scene?


    ...Sounds like an emphasis on scanning and recovery equipment, and post-first-aid medical stabilisation for moving people to a full hospital by air.


    *Continues sketching...*

  13. My criminally non-canon idea is that Cyberdecks are the size of iPhones, and have jacks for your DNI but no screen.


    The idea is a pocket-sized PC that needs no display or control interfaces, because it relies entirely on mental signals for input and cyber-eyes/smart-glasses for output, so its entire volume is dedicated to memory, processing and battery life.





    This would make it a common accessory for anyone with DNI. That it has other uses...weeeellll...that's unstated in the advertisements that talk about 'discreet design' and 'high-speed data transfer from most media standards.'



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