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Spambots Assault!

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  • Administratration

The forum is under a spambot attack.


The 'bots post links in random topics - links leading to, supposedly, adult-rated material.

We have received reports that the content of such links attempts to download onto your computer if opened, and is likely to be a virus of some sort.


If you ecounter such a post, please:


1) do not open the link (unless you definitely are sure you want to try how good your ICE is),

2) report the post in question to moderators (there's a button for that under every post, in case you never had any need for it and don't know how to do this).


We're doing our best to minimise the impact of this invasion attmpt against our forum.

Your help will be appreciated.

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  • Super Administrator

You will notice our member numbers have decreased dramatically. We have pruned a lot of accounts that have not posted ever to the forum and we will asking new members to join into the community and post or expect their accounts to be deleted. Its a bit harsh but its the best way to stop the spammers and keep the quality of Views from the Edge.

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