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  1. On the special request form our regulars: It's summer 2011. And everything is (still / mostly) all right... ...that is, most of us seem to be still on the proper side of the grassyard. The green side.
  2. The forum is under a spambot attack. The 'bots post links in random topics - links leading to, supposedly, adult-rated material. We have received reports that the content of such links attempts to download onto your computer if opened, and is likely to be a virus of some sort. If you ecounter such a post, please: 1) do not open the link (unless you definitely are sure you want to try how good your ICE is), 2) report the post in question to moderators (there's a button for that under every post, in case you never had any need for it and don't know how to do this). We're doing our best to minimise the impact of this invasion attmpt against our forum. Your help will be appreciated.
  3. Ah. So, now that he's on the Light Side, we can gang up on him in some dark alley and rip all that shiny new cyber off him and sell it thorough our fixer and get wasted with cheap booze bought with that money... What an idea
  4. So, CJ, you're back in business... and cleaning Good to see that. The place needed a sweep-up since a long time
  5. Due to RL problems I can't use the chat now, but I'm glad it's okay. As for ads, CJ, I did told you ages ago that they do not showup at all when I'm logged in, and sinceI tend to keep my computer on auto-log-in routine, I don't tend to see them at all...
  6. It's okay... But BTW, where is the gallery now? It dissapaered somehow...
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