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  1. Hi all. New chrome for October 2019! We have moved house but all the old threads and posts came with us - was a big van. No more crazy tech errors as we have upgraded the backend of the forum and should be good till 2077 now...
  2. Well as people will have been able to tell it went really well. Not. and we are not out of the woods yet but wee are running on the new servers. I just have to go and tweak loads of things to make them work now. - If you can see a load of errors at the top of the page - thats what I am trying to sort out first. Any other new issues you come across please let me know via PM.
  3. We are moving servers as the one we are on is past it and everything is being upgraded - bigger fatter faster more. So I will be shutting down the site for a short while at some point in the next few days - possibly even tonight. If you see a message saying the website account is suspended then that will be DNS servers at your ISP with the old IP information but I am doing some testing on other websites to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.
  4. Looks like the new security measures we put in place to stop the spambots have worked so I have turned back on the ability for all members to post new topics - new members had to reply to several topics before they could start a new one.
  5. There have been a great deal of spam 'attacks' on our community and we have had to bring in some seemingly harsh preventative measures. Whilst this might seem onerous to you it does ensure that the quality of our community is kept at the highest levels. When you register you will be required to click a link in an email we send to the email address you sign up with. Please don't forget to do this else your new account will be automatically deleted. When you have become a member you will only be able to post to other peoples topics - you cannot start any of your own. Once you have made a certain number of posts you will be upgraded to a senior member and will have full access. We have a new members thread in General - please introduce yourself there. We can no longer support non posting members - there are some shy people that prefer to read than post. We cannot tell if these are dormant sleeper spam accounts waiting to be used, so we will delete accounts that don't post. If you want to be a part of our community please post. After all that all we can say is we do hope you join and become part of the fascinating culture of cyberpunk.
  6. You will notice our member numbers have decreased dramatically. We have pruned a lot of accounts that have not posted ever to the forum and we will asking new members to join into the community and post or expect their accounts to be deleted. Its a bit harsh but its the best way to stop the spammers and keep the quality of Views from the Edge.
  7. Some members, those who are in the 'Members group' will have noticed problems starting a thread. We have had to introduce a policy of prevention due to those delightfull chocolate starfish lickers known who are registering just to spam the forum with links. If you have just joined and have authorised your account from the automated email you will have recieved then you will have to make a handfull of posts before you are able to start a thread - just join in some threads. For those that have members for a while you may need to make one more reply post before the system realises you have reached the threshold for an upgrade to 'Senior Member'. I have recently discovered a better method of preventing spammers - very simular to the one we have and I am tempted to introduce it but there is an iminent upgrade to the Forums system (yet again) that may include better spam control. Any one have any issues just email me - webmaster@ this domain that your on (another anti spam attempt by me!)
  8. After many years of being on the dark side Murph has cybered up at last and is a born again Murph. For those of you wondering who this CyberMuph chap is... well its DarthMurph in his new shoes. And before you all go clamouring for a name change, I will only do it if you are a long term member and you bribe me lots.
  9. For the Role Players we have just opened a new forum for discussing / revisiting the Talsorian Cyberpunk V3 rules with a long term possibility of producing alternatives you can use - like no one ever did that anyway... Redux V3 rules.
  10. Chats back and I apologise for the delay. It was a technical issue that the geeks sorted out and now I know why most members could not post -but you should be able to now! Hurrah!
  11. I have just reduced the number of members accounts by 969. These were accounts that have never posted and have not logged on since January 2006. We now have a policy of use it or loose it. Members who join but don't post (and not everyone wants to do that) will need to log in occasionally and we will do a sweep up every few months. If you have ever posted, even a single post way back in whenever, then we will not delete your account - obviously we would like you to join in a bit more! Why are we doing this? Its a housekeeping excercise that we have been meaning to do for a long time, like the new Senior Members group, and now we have got up and done something. I have also reset the maximum number of Members online at one time. It currently reads 8 from yesterday. Previously it was over 250 which was mainly search bots as guests - and that was just silly. You will also notice that we have realistic numbers of guests as well now - hopefully gone are the days of 30+ guests and 1 member on the forums as this was again mainly bots.
  12. As from last night any members with more than a X set number of posts will become Senior Members. Any member who has a lot of posts should see thier member title change as soon as they make thier next post. The Senior Members group have the same privilages as the Members group previously did plus you now have extra PM space. The Members group will now have a reduced set of privilages (many you will not realise) as and when we and we have been forced into doing this because link spammers are now going to the lengths of setting up valid accounts to add link spam into forums. The actual number of posts needed to upgrade to Senior Member will remain at the discretion of the Admin team and we might move it around a bit from time to time. Well, we can't have the spammers knowing how much work they need to do to be able to post a set of dodgy links!
  13. I have just upgraded the back end system to the forums. This was mainly because a bunch of spam had started to appear on the site and I wanted the latest software to help prevent it. Anyway we have just gone up about 6 versions of the software so it should be even better than ever! Hurrah! And if you spot any obvious spams just hit the "report post to an admin" button and we will clear it up. One of the downsides of the upgrade is the look and feel have changed to the default skin so expect me to be playing around with it.
  14. We have the chat function working again! Hurrah! For those of you who have not joined in yet you will find the link top right if your using the default 'Air' skin. Otherwise go to the bottom of the home page where you will find another link. And the chat costs us $120 per year so please use it! (and if you can see the ads at the top of these pages - give the interesting ones a look!!)
  15. Big apologies for the online chat not being available for (quite) a few days now. Small invoice problem that I am trying to get resolved and it should be back in the next day or so. No need for any contributions to the fighting funds (but do click on the nice Google ads at the top of every page once in a while chaps! Ta.)
  16. Apologies from me - the site was down for a day and a bit - my fault I was away and I already knew it had reached 80% of its allocated bandwidth for the month and forgot to make provisions.
  17. We have just has an incident where an Author has contacted me regarding the posting of an article they had written by another person on this forum without the authors permission. Please do not post other peoples work as it gets us into the realms of legal arse busting - mine mainly. You may quote small sections of authored work if you attribute them but better still add links into the authors own web pages where the content is held. The user that broke the copyright rules has had there account suspended for a year - it was his first post and he set up the account in the authors name not his own which is not illegal but heavily frowned upon on this forum.
  18. The site was locked out at 7pm GMT tonight because its allocation of bandwidth had been used up. I have allocated more bandwidth but if the Pilsbury dough boy keeps eating it were in trouble. I run this site on my own servers and the knock on effect is that some paying client sites may get their bandwidth choked if I keep upping the allocated bandwidth for cyberpunk.co.uk. The reason it seems that the site is using so much bandwidth is that someone is trying to make a copy of the site by using some sort of scraper tool. Whoever that is - you will not be able to do it - you will get session pages built by the database which means you will be downloading for ever. The database is about 60mb at the moment (yes that's just text!). Whoever you are you are killing this forum please stop. Let me put this situation into perspective: Normally each month this site uses about 400mb of bandwidth. From 1 to 16 August this site has used 11876.07 Meg One person is responsible for over 250,000 hits this month already. If this goes on its going to close this forum forever.
  19. So the site is on a bigger faster server now. Great . It costs a lot more too! While the other sites I run for friends and family help pay the way for the server, all of them combined don't take up half the space and bandwith of good old cyberpunk.co.uk! I don't want money donations - never have and hopefully never will - but please do click on the Google ads on the top of the pages if you see something interesting. Please don't go mad with it though else the advertisers get all grumpy. Once a visit would be just great! Enjoy!
  20. Well we are back in business at last. You will not believ the issues we had getting the site back up. We run Views from the Edge as a subdomain of cyberpunk.co.uk - very sensible for all sorts of reasons. However the domain name server were not propagating the new IP addresses for the subdomains at all - so I had a team of top flight geeks trying everything known to geekkind over teh past couple of nights - and its fixed at last. Ah netrunning... Were back and apologies for the downtime.
  21. Apologies in advance but I have to shut the site for some hours starting about 1pm London time (8am Eastern, 6am Mountain time etc.). This is because I am moving cyberpunk.co.uk onto a new server - faster bigger less users etc.. In all I have about 32 web sites to move and ensure that they are all running happy. If it all goes arse over tit you can expect a lot of swearing from my part! The forum may be up at this time but I would recommend that nobody post during Tuesday in case there is any synchronisation issues - unless you don't mind potentially losing the post.
  22. To join the Views from the Edge forum new members must go through a process where they receive an e-mail from the forum and have to reply to validate their email address. Due to an oversight by me the Users who are in the Group 'Awaiting Validation' were able to post before completing the membership process. This has allowd a couple of strange posts recently... I have now thrown the big switch and Awaiting Validation group can no longer post. If you see a post by someone who has Awating Validaton by thier name (thats dated after this post!) then please send me a PM. Yeah I fucked up. Pants.
  23. I am so sorry about the long delay getting everything upgraded. Thats the longest that the forum has been down in 5 years. Yep we have a new skin - I wanted a change and something even more chromey! I will be adding a few more skins over the coming months. Enjoy!
  24. I'm shutting everything down for the rest of the night ina few minutes so that we can upgrade the forum software.
  25. Chat is back up and running, Snowtiger spotted what was wrong with the Forum lables, thankfully someone else is paying attention - I blame this flu I have! Gallery remains up the creek at the moment and I am going to upgrade the Forum to the latest version which should improve everything - expect a new look and feel! That mean that the forums will be shut for a little, possibly a few hours, while whist this is done so apologies in advance. I have not scheduled the time to do this yet but it will be very soon.
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