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  1. Hi all. New chrome for October 2019! We have moved house but all the old threads and posts came with us - was a big van. No more crazy tech errors as we have upgraded the backend of the forum and should be good till 2077 now...
  2. Wraiths story - I deleted the two additional threads: ---------------------------------------------------------- The man woke up in a darkened hallway sitting on his ass back against the wall. He hurt all over. He tries to stand once but the combat armor he's wearing is just to heavy for him. After a few seconds he tries again and with help from the wall he is able to stand on his own until the dizziness hits him. After a moment it pass's and he begins to walk down the hallway towards the light, stumbling once because somethings wrong with his left foot. As he get's closer to the light there's a snap and hiss as a pressurized door opens to your right. A dirty light flickers on and off randomly in this new hallway. Trash litters the floor and a teddy bear sits on the floor leaning against the wall with it's left foot nearly torn off. After a few seconds the smell of death comes from this new hallway and wraps around you like a long lost lover. There are four open doors down this way. He turns away to face the bright light and start walking again but he hare's something. At first he think it's his imagination then he hears it again. Like whispering. Whispering in a female voice. The whispering get's louder and and can hear her whispering his name. The whispers turn into her softly calling his name. Suddenly a name enters his mind and he can't help but ask “Hanna...?” He enter's the new hallway sweeping his Chadran Arms City Reaper SMG left to right checking the other door ways. They happen to be dormitory style bedrooms that have not been used in a very long time. Trash litters the floor and the walls show of years of no upkeep. Once you get up to the flickering light you see a hallway going to your right. You start walking towards the hallway and stop as you notice movement. The female voice softly calls your name in a questioning manner. A woman steps out of the darkened hallway and a rush of emotions fill him. Love, heartbreak, sorrow, hope all fight for dominance inside you. She smiles and say's “Welcome home, we've missed you.” and the lights flicker off. When they flicker back on the the beautiful woman is gone and standing in her place is a skinless corpse standing directly in front of him and reach's out for him and embrace's him. Her bloody cheek press's against his and he can feel her hot breath on his ear and neck. “Welcome home, the children have missed you.” and lights in the darkened doorway light up allowing you to see several misshapen bodies, bodies from his worst nightmare come stumbling towards him from on the other side of the open doorway. The woman disengages from the embrace and gives a bright smile “Children, come welcome your father home.” and with that the misshapen bodies begin to move faster towards him and he screams.... …. waking up and smashing his already aching forehead into something about 2 feet above his head. Something wet lands on his cheek the cheek that woman touched. After a second you feel something fall on that same cheek and then he notices the sound hitting the roof of whatever he was in. The sound of rain hitting cement came from outside and a slight rumble of thunder in the distance. Feeling around he discovered that he was in a metallic box roughly 4 feet in length and 4 feet wide. Three sides were metal and behind him was some kind of cushioning that refused to move. Laying on his side he realized that he barely had room to roll over on his back. Doing so caused him a lot of pain as his back, chest and neck felt like they suddenly exploded. In the spasm of pain his legs shot out and kicked the metal wall. As it bowed out slightly he recoiled again as his left ankle flared up in pain. After a minute or two the pain receded. While waiting for the pain to subside he activated his cyber eyes. Low light showed very weak pin points of light streaming in from different points in his box. Slowly the man looked around and turned his head. To his left where the cushioning was he could make out thin bands of metal going from side to side like a winding road. The man slowly turn onto his left side so not to cause himself any more pain. Once comfortable he reached out with his hands to feel the cushioning and metal bands. He noticed that this time the cushioning was wet. Gritting his teeth, he pushed on the cushioning a few centimeters out until it stopped. He gritted again and pushed harder thanking the makers of his advanced muscle and bone lacing as the top of the cushioning gave way and folded out and down. The flare comp option in his cyber eye's kicked in and the low light option turned off at the sudden appearance of light. He blinked a couple of times before peering out of opening. The back side of a drivers seat greeted him. As he crawled slowly he heard something metallic move down by his feet. He ducked back in his hole and slowly turned over and engaged his low light vision and notice a heavy pistol down by his feet. He tried to bend down and reach for the weapon but the pain in his chest and abdomen stopped him. Breathing hard and holding his breath he reached again pain igniting and he felt the butt of the weapon as he moved it away from himself and then he jerked forward and reached the weapon pulling it towards him. Bringing the weapon to his chest he breathed through clenched teeth until once again the pain receded. With eye's closed, he tried to remember how he ended up in this situation but nothing came. With effort he called up a menu in his times square marquee + and ran down his cybercafe listing and saw that all was functioning normally. He focused on the Wet Drive Link option and tried to access an data that was within but found out it was empty. With a sigh he slowly rolled over to face the cushions and began to fold down the back of the passengers side back seat and slowly crawled out into the backseat. Laying on his back and staring up he noticed that the vehicle was striped down on the inside and was missing the front passengers seat. Rain was coming in through the missing windows. The man slowly reached for the door handle which was missing and again sighed and reached for the open window and pulled himself up with a grunt. Turning over, he fitted himself through the missing window and crawled out. He landed on the wet cement with grunt and could see spots in his vision and the sudden pain nearly knocked him unconscious. Breathing heavily the stared up into a dark over caste sky as the rain fell on him. Once the pain passed, he eased himself up and slid around to rest his back on the car door. In front of him about five feet away from him was slightly overgrown brown grass and weeds sprouted. This went on for about six feet then ducked down and rose again a few away and went slightly up hill where a thin woods began. He stood up slowly and looked down the road in confusion. He currently was standing in the outside lane of a four lane highway. Abandoned and striped vehicles littered the road on both sides of the highway behind the car he he had climbed out of. Some were on their sides, some flipped completely over. In front of the car were more vehicles all the same shape and a couple of miles down the road stood a wall. The height of the wall wasn't what amazed him but the monumental building going on miles behind it. Going several hundreds of feet into the air it penetrated the low hanging clouds and was nearly incalculable to determine it's width. From what he could see the structure was was dome like. In several places there was like indents or openings into the structure and in other places there was outcroppings. A word, a name formed in his mind unbidden and he mumbled “Arcology...”
  3. Well as people will have been able to tell it went really well. Not. and we are not out of the woods yet but wee are running on the new servers. I just have to go and tweak loads of things to make them work now. - If you can see a load of errors at the top of the page - thats what I am trying to sort out first. Any other new issues you come across please let me know via PM.
  4. We are moving servers as the one we are on is past it and everything is being upgraded - bigger fatter faster more. So I will be shutting down the site for a short while at some point in the next few days - possibly even tonight. If you see a message saying the website account is suspended then that will be DNS servers at your ISP with the old IP information but I am doing some testing on other websites to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.
  5. Comp I think you have a balanced view on the ethos of the site. You have my support.
  6. OK - I just added a new forum under general where we can move threads from General chat that are contentious. Lets try and keep religion and politics out of General - move them into the smoking room and if they get out of hand in there then slaps and bans should be handed out. Question is is this the right approach - as moderators i woudl like your views and suggestions.
  7. This site is about Cyberpunk culture and gaming - not about Real Life but as in any community people getting together will occasionally find that others views are not in line with theirs. We ask that you keep discussions civil and mature - that has always been a trademark of these forums. We will close or even remove topics where they get out of hand - where that line is is down to the moderators and not for you to try and find. Please respect ALL who post on the VftE forums and their views.
  8. I see he ha posted back stating he will tone it down or as Camp has suggested make them more relevant. He is keen I will give him that and youthful exuberance can't be a bad thing so lets see how it rides out. If necessary we could set up a separate forum for non CP2020 chrome.
  9. Looks like the new security measures we put in place to stop the spambots have worked so I have turned back on the ability for all members to post new topics - new members had to reply to several topics before they could start a new one.
  10. You could ask me to update the software we use - its 5 years old now! However I am taking the stance of if it ain't broke...
  11. OK Good news! I have just updated the registration form with a couple of modifications. One will currently stop spam bots dead in thier tracks and if they ever figure this out then the second will immediatly flag to me that they are a spam bot or cannot read (its a good filter either way!). I have another trick up my sleeve as well at the moment but I will not introduce it unless things don't get any better. Fingers crossed we should see a great deal less naughty activity! This is what we are up against: http://www.icontool.com/fp/ http://www.getafreelancer.com/projects/Dat...ve-CAPTCHA.html I don't swear often and never say the c word but these poeple are utter comtemptible cunts. There - I feel a lot better. I will have a look see in a month and if we have no spam registrations then I will change the Members structure so that Members can actually start threads again. Senior members are not affected.
  12. There have been a great deal of spam 'attacks' on our community and we have had to bring in some seemingly harsh preventative measures. Whilst this might seem onerous to you it does ensure that the quality of our community is kept at the highest levels. When you register you will be required to click a link in an email we send to the email address you sign up with. Please don't forget to do this else your new account will be automatically deleted. When you have become a member you will only be able to post to other peoples topics - you cannot start any of your own. Once you have made a certain number of posts you will be upgraded to a senior member and will have full access. We have a new members thread in General - please introduce yourself there. We can no longer support non posting members - there are some shy people that prefer to read than post. We cannot tell if these are dormant sleeper spam accounts waiting to be used, so we will delete accounts that don't post. If you want to be a part of our community please post. After all that all we can say is we do hope you join and become part of the fascinating culture of cyberpunk.
  13. You will notice our member numbers have decreased dramatically. We have pruned a lot of accounts that have not posted ever to the forum and we will asking new members to join into the community and post or expect their accounts to be deleted. Its a bit harsh but its the best way to stop the spammers and keep the quality of Views from the Edge.
  14. Guys - sorry I have not been so attentive - today is my first day off work for 19 days in a row and most of them have been 12 hours plus. I picked up suggestions recently that spammers are now paying teams in third world countries to log into forums and post - its very cheap and very effective. There is a new major version of the forum software available now and I was just waiting for it to bed in properly and any problems get ironed out before we migrate. In the meantime I will continue to vet anything you send me. Simon
  15. OK how about this - if you think a topic should be closed drop me a PM and I will close it. I value your judgements on what transgresses decency and I will take the heat for the closures. If people don't like I will be explaining that they can go set up their own forum.
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