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Number Of Members Reduced

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I have just reduced the number of members accounts by 969. These were accounts that have never posted and have not logged on since January 2006. We now have a policy of use it or loose it. Members who join but don't post (and not everyone wants to do that) will need to log in occasionally and we will do a sweep up every few months. If you have ever posted, even a single post way back in whenever, then we will not delete your account - obviously we would like you to join in a bit more!


Why are we doing this? Its a housekeeping excercise that we have been meaning to do for a long time, like the new Senior Members group, and now we have got up and done something.


I have also reset the maximum number of Members online at one time. It currently reads 8 from yesterday. Previously it was over 250 which was mainly search bots as guests - and that was just silly. You will also notice that we have realistic numbers of guests as well now - hopefully gone are the days of 30+ guests and 1 member on the forums as this was again mainly bots.

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