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Having Problems Starting A Thread?


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Some members, those who are in the 'Members group' will have noticed problems starting a thread. We have had to introduce a policy of prevention due to those delightfull chocolate starfish lickers known who are registering just to spam the forum with links.


If you have just joined and have authorised your account from the automated email you will have recieved then you will have to make a handfull of posts before you are able to start a thread - just join in some threads.


For those that have members for a while you may need to make one more reply post before the system realises you have reached the threshold for an upgrade to 'Senior Member'.


I have recently discovered a better method of preventing spammers - very simular to the one we have and I am tempted to introduce it but there is an iminent upgrade to the Forums system (yet again) that may include better spam control.


Any one have any issues just email me - webmaster@ this domain that your on (another anti spam attempt by me!)

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