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Bandwidth Buggers


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The site was locked out at 7pm GMT tonight because its allocation of bandwidth had been used up. I have allocated more bandwidth but if the Pilsbury dough boy keeps eating it were in trouble.


I run this site on my own servers and the knock on effect is that some paying client sites may get their bandwidth choked if I keep upping the allocated bandwidth for cyberpunk.co.uk.


The reason it seems that the site is using so much bandwidth is that someone is trying to make a copy of the site by using some sort of scraper tool.


Whoever that is - you will not be able to do it - you will get session pages built by the database which means you will be downloading for ever. The database is about 60mb at the moment (yes that's just text!). Whoever you are you are killing this forum please stop.


Let me put this situation into perspective:


Normally each month this site uses about 400mb of bandwidth.

From 1 to 16 August this site has used 11876.07 Meg

One person is responsible for over 250,000 hits this month already.


If this goes on its going to close this forum forever. :(




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