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Welcome To A New Look For 2004!


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Yes indeed posteriors have been double clutched at last. This is a brand new forum system, although coded by the guru who developed the old forum system so hopefully the majority of it will feel simular. We do apologise that the Views from the Edge Forum has been unavilable for a few days. It was shut because of a technical error and we took the opportunity to change systems (a move that we have been dreading for about 9 months!!).


This is the first step in some major changes that are undergoing consideration for cyberpunk.co.uk which include a significant upgrade to this forum again, expected within a month. Why did we change now and not wait? The upgrade path is easier this way (allegedly!!).


There may be a few teething problems in the first week so please either PM me or e-mail me with problems.


We transferred over 50,000 posts but seem to have lost about 200, although the post counters on the old board may have been duff.


The Sub Catagories - such as Online Gaming are currently not nested in thier main catagory. They will remain that way until the next upgrade.



And yes it will turn green again.

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