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  1. Big Auction of Gaming materials to help the New York disaster fund. Please drop by to give your support even if you don't bid. http://www.gidfa.org/
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    Hi, Welcome to The Views From The Edge Cyberpunk Forum. We are a community that likes to discuss all things cyberpunk including Literature, Role Playing Games, Live Action Role Play and the the state of the future world... To fully join in we recommend that you join up and Register - its free and without obligation. Your e-mail addresses are kept confidential although you do have the option of allowing other users to send you mail and the Forum has its own Personal Messaging System. Come on in!
  3. Each week or whenever Bruce Stirling mails me, I will post his Viridian newsletter. This isn't about Cyberpunk 2020 RPG but about how environmental issues now are affecting our world - which has a direct impact on our potential dark and dismal future. (BTW its a great resource for Timelines and corporate activities in the future). For those entities mentioned within the Viridian Notes, the Views from the Edge cyberpunk forum does not endorse any of Mr Stirlings views, thery are reproduced here for acedemic discussion. For the rest of us, Enjoy!
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