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  1. Yes - he PM'd me suggesting we amalgamate the threads. My take on this is that the old threads should be left as they are as a record. Everything is easily searchable. What we should do is go through and lock the topics as they end. When we have time! Anyone who wants to refer to an old thread can always link to it. Thoughts?
  2. Some of yo uwill have spottred that i was stretching the truth a bit!!! The old Foum sits under a different subdomain to this one and i wqanted to clean it up and delete the unsed files. To help with bookmarks and links I turned on a redirect for the old forum so that people would come directly here but that meant the links to your avatars were broken so i turned it off. I will be going through a mop up process later but if you could change the path that would be good.
  3. I have moved all your persoanl uploaded avatars from the old forum. However that means the path has changed. To get your avatar to show please go to your 'My Controls' (top right) and go to the Avatar controls - you will need to change the path of your avatar from http://www.cyberpunk.co.uk/forum/iB_html/uploads/ or http://forum.cyberpunk.co.uk/iB_html/uploads/ to http://vfte.cyberpunk.co.uk/uploads/ Altrnativly you can load a new avatar up in My Controls. Apolgies for the distress caused!
  4. We have had our first ever Spam PM on the forum. We are not happy about this and have suspended the users account - they joined yesterday. If any of you receive any PMs that look like spam please inform me immediately and copy the pm to me. If you see any posts on the forum that look suspicious please report them to a moderator and myself.
  5. Key concepts: automobile design, design criticism, ergonomics, John Phillips, Car and Driver magazine, Nissan Quest Attention Conservation Notice: I found this article to be witty, insightful and delightful, but then again, I just bought a hybrid electric Honda Civic with a highly unorthodox instrument panel. Links: The legendary "curse of oil" crushes Africa's so-called governments. What comes after "failed states," eh? Could it be the curse of oil for a "Failed Globe"? http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?se...3&page_number=1? Wow, here's your
  6. Cyberjunk

    I-CON 23

    From RTalsorian: I-CON 23, Stony Brook, NY Fuzion Alliance Members Studio 187, Dilly Green Bean Games, and Chapter 13 Press will be running demonstrations of Fists of Fuzion, Guardian Universe and Bad Muthas: Tales from the Funk! Also play in Demos of Heresy Games Victoriana and some hard hitting Cyberpunk 2020 games.
  7. So last night the forum crashed - my apologies to those who logged on and fond they were getting a MySQL error - that was the database feeling sorry for itself. Anyway it is fixed now so enjoy!
  8. We have had a database problem. Not sure what has caused it yet although we have a good idea but repairing it is another matter alltogether. It is possible that we have lost the majority of the posts. If that is the case then I may well demise the forum and the website forever. If I am very lucky we will be able to get the old posts from when we changed software in February - so we may lose some posts - some important gaming posts. All in all I am not a happy bunny right now and am thinking about throwing the towel in on this project. I will keep you informed of progress. B
  9. This is the place for Moderators to sort things out - not on the main forums.
  10. We now have an integrated Gallery on the Views from the Edge Forum! It has almost been there for the past couple of nights but a small technical glitch was preventing full operation. If you would like to add your real life Mug Shot please PM Chrysalis who will put your image up. Do include a caption and a few brief words to go with your image.
  11. Well I just had a listen - good site and a good station.
  12. I have just added 481 new avatars should anyone be tired of theirs yet! Don't forget you can add your own avatar via your control panel to make it completley personal.
  13. QUOTE (Strawberry-Cream @ Mar 12 2004, 07:46 PM) Nice thing, the ads just suck! And it's soooo un-CP to have ads for the mean corporations . But taking the ads out will cost me 7 times more than I am paying now to get the station on air! So until I can think of a way of covering the costs and WE GET MORE LISTENERS (ahem..) I am afraid it will have to be ads! There is a new additional one hour slot by on Sunday by a frind of mine - Brians hour! A little more laid back for a mature Sunday listener.
  14. Dave Blood of the Dead Milkmen, an eighties Philly punk band, took his own life on Wednesday. I knew Dave personally as I toured with the band and am good friends with Dean the drummer who I have known since the 70's. He will be missed. There are tributes at the Dead Milkmen website.
  15. oh. I use the live 365 player - works fine for me. I changed the settings in Listen Settings to MP3 and when I hooked into the station next time it opened up in my Itunes (on the PC) as a stream which is what I expect your are expecting from Winamp. Did you click the big button? The big yellow button... (Or try putting the url in for a stream http://www.live365.com/stations/307957 and if that does not work PM Hanns!
  16. I believe its as simple as setting up your Listen Settings on Live365.com. Yes you need an account but its free.
  17. Key concepts: involuntary parks, Chernobyl, endangered Przwalski horses, Mary Mycio Attention Conservation Notice: It's about rare ancestral horses now thriving around Chernobyl. *********************************************** Links: SXSW Interactive in Austin, and we'll throw the doors open for a party here at the Viridian Vatican. Night of March 16. Free beer. Need directions? Email me. http://www.sxsw.com/interactive/panels/ ************************************************* The concept of the Viridian "involuntary park" is a persistent one. Involuntar
  18. Or - just post the track, artist and album here and we will search our huge collections to try and find it. The Scissor Sisters are just sooo hip at the moment in the UK - not really mainstream yet. I really hated the track when I first heard it but after a couple of plays it really grew on me. You have to be in the right mood I suppose! Mrs CJ and I have the Album.
  19. Key concepts: Metropolis magazine, Susan Szenasy, Gross Designed Product, materials specification, trade organizations, environmental stewardship Attention Conservation Notice: It's a magazine editorial that you should have been reading in the actual magazine. *********************************************** Links: http://www.awea.org/global04.html GLOBAL WINDPOWER 2004 coming up in Chicago. http://www.greenatlas.org/invite http://www.greenmap.org Green Map Atlas makes its online launch on Leap Day Feb 29. Coming up next month: SXSW Interactive in Austin
  20. Key concepts: Guardian newspaper, Andrew Marshall, Global Business Network, abrupt climate change, military implications, Khaki Green Attention Conservation Notice: a fully annotated version of a rather silly British newspaper story about Pentagon climate-change speculations. Links: http://www.gdusa.com/feature/4_03/trends.php Trends in logo design. Man, that stuff's sure fun to look at, and, uh, ridicule. http://www.aip.org/history/climate The discovery of global warming. The consequences are all all ahead of us. (((Boy, this Guardian climate-change st
  21. We have launched VftERadio more...
  22. I was a major league Far Side fan until Larson gave up. Had all the off the wall calendars until last year when I had to find a substitute and Dilbert became my new desk calendar. Its very good and very scarily like it really is at work... But I will for ever be a Larson fan. People used to come to me to explain Larsons cartoons to them because he had my brand of humor or I his.
  23. Key concepts: email troubles, open-source activism, gasoline price spikes, barcode scanners, phonecams, green building products, Khaki Green, Andrew Marshall, climatic disaster movies, Exxon-Mobil, Exxon Valdez, techno-Valentine gifts, the erotic appeal of SUVS stuck in mud, Art Center Design Conference, nano-shaving, drowned island of Niue Attention Conservation Notice: The Viridian Pope-Emperor has been traveling for weeks. This Note clears out a backlog of most any Viridian topic vaguely of interest. Could prove highly time-consuming. Links: http://www
  24. Cyberjunk


    Good one Chrysalis. I will support you fully in any action required.
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