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  1. Apologies in advance but I have to shut the site for some hours starting about 1pm London time (8am Eastern, 6am Mountain time etc.). This is because I am moving cyberpunk.co.uk onto a new server - faster bigger less users etc.. In all I have about 32 web sites to move and ensure that they are all running happy. If it all goes arse over tit you can expect a lot of swearing from my part! The forum may be up at this time but I would recommend that nobody post during Tuesday in case there is any synchronisation issues - unless you don't mind potentially losing the post.
  2. I agree. Give him a warning and tell him about posting in the wrong forum - if he persists bang up the warning and then if he still persists we ban him. Always worth having a look at the link as well. This Radio station may be a Cyberpunk culture station - which would be good. If its nothing to do with Cyberpunk then they can go swing - delete the post. I get a lot of punk bands wanting in on the Cyberpunk Top 100 - and hacker sites (need to be quite carefull how I tell them top piss off!) but on the whole the forum doesn't get a load of spam - which is nice.
  3. To join the Views from the Edge forum new members must go through a process where they receive an e-mail from the forum and have to reply to validate their email address. Due to an oversight by me the Users who are in the Group 'Awaiting Validation' were able to post before completing the membership process. This has allowd a couple of strange posts recently... I have now thrown the big switch and Awaiting Validation group can no longer post. If you see a post by someone who has Awating Validaton by thier name (thats dated after this post!) then please send me a PM. Yeah I fucked up
  4. Good question! I will have a long think about that. Normally I don't like adding extra forums unless one has got so busy with one topic that its worth setting up a new forum - armaments was one such. The reason I am hesitating is that there is more developments on the forum software which may provide an interesting answer in the near future.
  5. I think there is a place for commercial announcements as long as they are related to Cyberpunk culture or gaming. I think though that they should remain in one place only and that exactly where Malcolm put that message - The Matrix - Cyberpunk web sites. Most games design comes from players who try and make thier game commercial - we should suppport that. Likewise with cyberpunk fiction - without which none of us would be here. Any non Cyberpunk related items, such as how to make your privates harder (Send them on a Royal Marine Commandos course), can be burnt at the stake.
  6. I am so sorry about the long delay getting everything upgraded. Thats the longest that the forum has been down in 5 years. Yep we have a new skin - I wanted a change and something even more chromey! I will be adding a few more skins over the coming months. Enjoy!
  7. I'm shutting everything down for the rest of the night ina few minutes so that we can upgrade the forum software.
  8. Chat is back up and running, Snowtiger spotted what was wrong with the Forum lables, thankfully someone else is paying attention - I blame this flu I have! Gallery remains up the creek at the moment and I am going to upgrade the Forum to the latest version which should improve everything - expect a new look and feel! That mean that the forums will be shut for a little, possibly a few hours, while whist this is done so apologies in advance. I have not scheduled the time to do this yet but it will be very soon.
  9. And now all the forums have lost thier titles. Bloody hell. Sorry guys and gals - things may be a bit iffy for a while.
  10. We currently have issues with the Chat room and the gallery. You can't log into the chat room at all and the Gallery link has decided to go on holiday. I have tickets out with tech support at the moment and hope to get the functionality back to you as soon as possible.
  11. I have gone for the Google Ads because they deliver up relevant adverts based on the page content - what I have seen so far is quite promising! Any thoughts appreciated!
  12. I have added Google adverts to the every page to try and help with some of the hosting costs. I had the annual bill in for the chat function yesterday and that's what made me decide I need to put advertising back on the site! My apologies if your not so keen on the idea. If you could give a click on a banner each time you visit I would be gratefull. Hopefully the links should be of some interest as the Google Ads are actually delivered on a relevancy to the the page content. Cheers!
  13. Hopefully we should not need to use the warning system but if you come across someone thats being a complete arse then give them a warning. if the persist give them more and then we ban them from the site. Your approach of PMing them is the best way forward though! The boom stick is that we can ban people. Yes they can get a new e-mail address and a new name and thats fine but if they transgress again they get banned again. And I can check IP addresses but we keep that quite. So far I thin kI have used the warning system twice and it has worked with the people calming down immediately a
  14. I can't help thinking your only telling us this because your off Snowboarding! Hope you have a great time!!
  15. A few things of things for 2005. The makers of the forum software have at last got a full function Content Management System into beta that works with the forum system. This will give us a great deal more flexibility and is what I have been waiting for (2 years) to expand things here - staff rolls and all that. there is also a blogging system add on so that interested members can run a blog here - I wonder if that would be popular? There is also a new version of the forums available which I will be finding some time to do the upgrade. And I may well go out and pay for a professiona
  16. I have made senior officer Mikael van Atta a full Moderator so please welcome him into the fold!
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    We always welcome old frends back!
  18. until
    More info...
  19. Images from Webby (Had to put them in the Gallery.)
  20. until
    2004 Gen Con UK Gen Con UK gets bigger and better in 2004 In Autumn 2004, Horsemen Events present Gen Con UK - "The Best Four Days in Gaming!" - at the Butlins resort in Minehead, England. Running from Thursday, October 14th to Sunday, October 17th, Gen Con UK will have an extensive programme, including industry guests, role-play games, card game tournaments, board games, computer games, an art show and a huge trade hall. We will also be helping to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. "The majority of gamers wanted a return to the halcyon years of gaming events
  21. Cyberjunk

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    Hurrah! Glad to hear from you. I have hardly been here myself this year because of other commitments. I hope to put some more hours in to ward the end of the year. Nice new Avatar!
  22. Key concepts: bizarre footgear , odd forms of muscle-powered transport, jumping boots, stilts, body armor Attention Conservation Notice: time-consuming links to bizarre curiosities that may well make a Segway look as practical as a can-opener. You probably shouldn't have read that last Viridian Note, the one that came without any Attention Conservation Notice. Links: The termite-mound mapping business has got to be one of the weirdest pitches ever in BUSINESS WEEK. http://www.businessweekly.co.uk/news/view_...article_id=8717 We couldn't call ourselves V
  23. Key concepts: communications networks, Wexelblat disasters, business practice Links: A pdf handbook of newfangled materials for architects. Awesome. http://www.transstudio.com/ Congratulations on birth and a year's bold survival in a changing world, Worldchanging. http://www.worldchanging.com/ Furniture designers subsuming teched-out materials via handicraft. Man, that stuff is so wack it's not even "vintage modern.". http://www.metropolismag.com/cda/story.php?artid=789 David Bergman's furniture list has always been the most trafficked item on the v
  24. Key concepts: modernist furniture, antique collectors Attention Conservation Notice: Chock-full of paradoxical verbal whimsy. Links: http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cf...27074/story.htm Maybe this creature is actually a missing Korean tiger from the DeMilitarized Zone. http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap040915.html Ivan and solar power. Hong Kong's air is worsening, though it's still a far, strangled cry from Shanghai's. http://www.cleartheair.org.hk/ http://www.commondreams.org/news2004/0915-02.htm Chinese wind power. Just maybe, they're adva
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