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  1. If anyone here wants to judge Heston for that "interview" that Michael Moore did...Please explain why the clock behing Heston keeps moveing in random directions and also Explain where the cameramen are hideing while Heston is walking away from that farce.


    (The clock was behind Michael Moore and it moved once.)

    It's called editing. It's there because if you have 60 minutes of interview on tape it's going to make the movie a hell of a lot longer if you don't narrow it down. Plus you kinda need to take some footage of mr.Moore asking the questions, otherwise it's going to be a mess.

    And the cameramen hiding? There is one cameraman. He is standing beside mr.Moore and behind him later on. First he shoots what's happening with mr.Heston and after that he turns around and shoots mr.Moore showing the picture of the dead girl. Then with the magic of editing they make the movies come to life.

    Sure, we can never know what really happened when mr. Heston walked away and I admit it's bit tacky. But still, it's just movie making.


  2. I kinda fell out of gaming so... I come by here and stalk a little but... Still a cyberpunk. Now with more punk than ever. Been playing music more than RPGs lately. Nice to see somebody still remembers me :)


    Oh yeah, maybe somekind of gaming console would be nice. I'm imagining my RV as a whitetrash type of junk.

    And this thread makes me want beer. Mexican beach, ice cold Coronas and nice buddies, good music playing in the background.... ah. Wish it was summer here. Stupid winter.


    I'm actually considering moving out of this country... stupid relationships stupidly falling apart. Stupid.

  3. See "Way of the Gun". Starring Benicio Del Toro, Ryan Philippe and Juliette Lewis. Directed by the guy who wrote "Usual Suspects". Great movie with great action and plot.


    Yeah, make the action quick and dirty. You can make it more movie like by adding slow motion. Act some stuff out, like when the bad guy takes a shot in the chest. Show the burst, use sound effects ("beat-boxing" is good), describe the falling, stuff like that.


    Damn I miss roleplaying...

  4. Fridge, good stereos, huge ass bass-amp and me bass, little drumkit, good ventilation and heating, some kind of bed and stuff to read. And CDs. And acoustic instruments (bass and guitar). Maybe a guitar amp and guitar for guests to jam with.

    And maybe some stuff to cook food with. Pens and papers. Open road and will to live.


    And beer.


    And some Isley single malted whiskey.


    Did I say some? I mean shitloads of.


    (I'm listening to Clutch at the moment and it makes me crave for beer and whiskey.)

  5. Well yeah, Sin City is good looking, there is good acting and the soundtrack is good. It's technically very good. That was not the point. The problem is in the script and in the storyboard. It wouldn't be too much hassle to write it properly. Like join the stories together. Few lousy scenes and maybe drop one storyline. It would have been close to original comics and a unique film.


    One of my favorite comic-book adaptations is Constantine. It doesn't take it's storyline from the comics, it's set on different country, the hero is NOT British nor blonde but still I think it's a kick-ass movie. And I DO like the Hellblazer-comics. What it does right, IMHO, is that they took different elements from the comics. They took the world, they took the cancer and cigarettes. They took the humor and epic stuff and mixed them all together. And it's the first film where I've seen comic-like compositions. (Funnily enough those camera-angles were missing in the comic-book adaption that came after Constantine)


    So the film doesn't need to be panel to panel accurate to the comic to be good. I would love to see the spirit of comic transferred to the movies without mimicin the damn thing. Comics and movies are lumped in the same "not-quite-art" pile and I would love to see them as independed art-forms. If they are just copying each other that will not happen. Does anybody understand what I'm trying to say? As a budding film-maker this stuff is really close to my heart.

  6. I, for one, am usually happy when the director takes liberties. I just can't understand why every comic needs to be done in to movie (okay, I do understand it... profit)


    It's not sheer brilliance to mimic. It's just plain lazyness. You have a crew full of professionals, you have to the damn author in your crew and STILL they can't stray from the books. Eugh.




  7. Well, since this was dragged up from the gutter...


    As a film I thought it fucking sucked. It wasn't a movie, it was animated comic. You would think that when you have the original writer in the crew he could muster few scenes to connect the plots... And maybe, just maybe they could have used little originality image wise? Every single frame from the comics! I just don't understand why that had to be done.


    Hmm. Yeah, sure, entertaining, good soundtrack. Blah blah.

  8. Hmh. Might as well answer... I come here time to time to moderate. And see if something is happening. I haven't played Cp for years. Shit, I haven't played anything for years. Damn group moved away. I try to convince myself that it's not my fault... it's just really hard to believe it because they didn't leave their addresses.... oh dear... Time to cry myself to sleep.


    Originally I came here because I love cyberpunk. I think I came here first with another username but then forgot it and changed to this one. Oh the memories. Yeah, you have turned more mature. Except when Nina comes around.


    Honestly. Great place. Even the mods can curse. Although I think I'm the only one who curses here. heh. Silly fuckers.


    Oh yeah, it's nice to see Bookwyrm here again!

  9. Damn, haven't played good ole kyberpunken in years. Last stuff I run was post-apocalyptic cyberpunkish stuff which kinda sucked because I tried to improvise my way out of the paper bag. Again. I never learn. I should always come up with solid plot and stuff. Can't remember much of it. There was an ex-soldier, little korean prowler boy and a techie. And ruins. And chinese and rich people living on mushroom-like islands.


    Damn I miss good ole cyberpunk.

  10. Well gawd damn dubbely doo, Billy Bob get yous face outta my ass and say hello to the fancy city boy.


    This is what my brother would call a 100% Alabama ass-kicking...


    Sorry, been watching Devils Rejects.


    So..welcome aboard, mind the dogs and half-wits, they will bite but they bark little.

  11. Ok, wrong word selection... No, it's not anybody's JOB, but I think it's everybody's duty to help people in need, at least in some way. Be it going to Africa and doing voluntery work there or donating money to organisations that go there.


    Thanks for clearing this 1st and 2nd world stuff for me.

  12. Hmm. Could someone tell me where the 2nd world is? Bloody weird.


    Making 3rd world better place to live is a joint effort. So someone can provide them laptops but they still need medicines, food, clean water and better effin' governments. And I'm afraid it's too late, thanks to global warming. Africa for instance, is going to fry in the near future.


    It's funny how companies spend way more money on advertising their campaings for Africa than they actually spend on the target. I think it's called "Green Money Laundry" or something like that. And before someone says it's not the company's job to give them money: yes it is! It's everybody's job to help people in need.


    Hmph. Nike gives 1000 chinese a chance to get an education and job (if they behave). That costs Nike serious money, especially when they have to advertise that campaing. Luckily that campaing draws the attention away from the sweatshops where they pay something like 3 cents/hour and pay the overtime in dry donoughts and pencils.


    Sorry for the almost non-topic ranting. Hope I make sense.


    BTW, activism is something I would like to see in Cyberpunk. It's supposed to have somekind of revolution in there, somewhere...


    Edit: Oh yeah, my girlfriend is actually at the moment in Tansania teaching documentary and media stuff to street kids.

  13. I don't think that those mp3 the MP3 guy was giving away were legal. There were actual artists and I don't believe that they were freeshare.


    And I, for one, don't have any problems with the first SG thread, but like I said the second one was/is spam and those things can/could/should be in the original.

  14. Hey!

    We seem to have more and more of these "check this out" threads. I deleted one, and will probably delete the mp3 one in a sec.


    The thing is nobody cares to remove them. So please, lets clean out the trash, aye?


    And I hope I did the right thing when I told Nina to stop spamming with the SG.com stuff.. Sending PMs and posting topics...

  15. Oh dear god, kids!

    Citizen, your comment came out little funny so the sarcasm wasn't exactly visible.

    And yeah, that lady (who is seriously hot) isn't japanese, but that has nothing to do with anything.


    So cut the crap and stare at her tits.


    And damn it's embarrassing to read my old posts. Frigging "Rite of Passage"... oh dear god.


    Well, since that eye on my wrist I got golden ratio to my other wrist and am now planning to get a new one on top of my palm/wrist.

  16. I'm with Aga on this one.. if the art-work doesn't change I'm not touching that hideous thing. Come on, they could have had few fans draw better pictures in no time cheap. Effing Barbie-dolls.


    Eh. The chances are that I won't buy it in any case. Looks like crap. I like my Gibson-esque cyberpunk.

  17. With religions you usually go down that road. Everything is, in reality, upside down and your own side is as bad as the other. That's the roleplayer logic (because church is bad and all that BS). How about there is no sides? Because I'm pretty sure that there is no one who thinks he is eeeevil (except for few pathetic Vampire:The Masquarade players). People just have their own agendas. And I think no one really thinks that it's a brilliant move to kill house full of kids.


    Oh shit, I'm thinking black and white again... Of course there is people who would kill them, some of them would do it for free.


    But it's more interesting if the baddies have a valid motive why they are doing it. Maybe it's a motive that the PCs could buy if they weren't so angry and revengeful.


    Uh. Rambling. And I've said these things before. Duuwob-a-doo.



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