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  1. See "Way of the Gun". Starring Benicio Del Toro, Ryan Philippe and Juliette Lewis. Directed by the guy who wrote "Usual Suspects". Great movie with great action and plot. Yeah, make the action quick and dirty. You can make it more movie like by adding slow motion. Act some stuff out, like when the bad guy takes a shot in the chest. Show the burst, use sound effects ("beat-boxing" is good), describe the falling, stuff like that. Damn I miss roleplaying...
  2. Bullet

    Sin City

    Well yeah, Sin City is good looking, there is good acting and the soundtrack is good. It's technically very good. That was not the point. The problem is in the script and in the storyboard. It wouldn't be too much hassle to write it properly. Like join the stories together. Few lousy scenes and maybe drop one storyline. It would have been close to original comics and a unique film. One of my favorite comic-book adaptations is Constantine. It doesn't take it's storyline from the comics, it's set on different country, the hero is NOT British nor blonde but still I think it's a kick-ass movi
  3. Bullet

    Sin City

    I, for one, am usually happy when the director takes liberties. I just can't understand why every comic needs to be done in to movie (okay, I do understand it... profit) It's not sheer brilliance to mimic. It's just plain lazyness. You have a crew full of professionals, you have to the damn author in your crew and STILL they can't stray from the books. Eugh.
  4. Bullet

    Sin City

    Well, since this was dragged up from the gutter... As a film I thought it fucking sucked. It wasn't a movie, it was animated comic. You would think that when you have the original writer in the crew he could muster few scenes to connect the plots... And maybe, just maybe they could have used little originality image wise? Every single frame from the comics! I just don't understand why that had to be done. Hmm. Yeah, sure, entertaining, good soundtrack. Blah blah.
  5. Wish I had the time and the knowledge. Plus I'm really not interested in V3. Damn. We need to find keen folk to do this job.
  6. Bullet


    I don't think that those mp3 the MP3 guy was giving away were legal. There were actual artists and I don't believe that they were freeshare. And I, for one, don't have any problems with the first SG thread, but like I said the second one was/is spam and those things can/could/should be in the original.
  7. Bullet


    Hey! We seem to have more and more of these "check this out" threads. I deleted one, and will probably delete the mp3 one in a sec. The thing is nobody cares to remove them. So please, lets clean out the trash, aye? And I hope I did the right thing when I told Nina to stop spamming with the SG.com stuff.. Sending PMs and posting topics...
  8. I think it's time for either REALLY serious warning or banning his ass. That behaviour is unacceptable. And, gee, I used to be just like that. Provocative little brat. Oh well. I was 16 back then.
  9. I was really surprised when I learned that those songs on Strange Days were PJ Harvey's. I was equally surprised to learn that the "Strange Days" was a cover of The Doors' "Strange Days" and that it actually had Ray Manzarek playing keyboards in it! I always have the feeling that PJ Harvey is feminist stuff... ...is it?
  10. I seriously recommend Kyuss. Awesome stoner-rock. I should buy something from PJ Harvey. I only have her 4-track demo CD and it's... well, demo. There is cool songs like "Rid of Me" and "Hardly Wait" (familiar from Strange Days where they are sung by Juliette Lewis), but the quality isn't very good.. I think HorrorPops could be good roadmusic. Just crank it up to eleven and put the pedal to the metal.
  11. Replace everything with Merzbow. I can't recommend anything because I don't like any of those you mentioned (except for the GitS:SAC OST) Maybe Kyuss or Queens of the Stoneage. Or Erykah Badu. How about Tom Waits? Try Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew". Or go to the record store and buy something by face value (last time I did that I bought One Self's Children of Possibility. It's beautiful and great) Or you could try HorrorPops. They are nice. (oh wait, I bought that CD last time I bought something by face value..) EDIT I second Paranoia Agent's soundtrack! Gungrave's soundtrack
  12. "Silence, I am watching television!" ...does the cat have a name? Bloody hell, can't remember it... Care to share the story behind this trivia? Transmetropolitan is good. It is GOOD, like James Brown might say it! I'd like to check Desolation Jones but can't find from here. Yet. I'll find the bastard. Have you signed for Bad Signal? Warren Ellis' ranting and babbling about superheros and comics and himself.
  13. The Future? Re-runs of Friends and King of Queens. Chat-shows. Interactive adds. Chat-interactive-re-run-adds-with-friendsofthequeens. Monk, people are wetting themselves over anime characters. And those dimwits are the future. So drooling over some 3D-wankdream some programmer had, is not entirely impossible. Damn I'm proud to be part of the TV/early PC-generation.
  14. In my opinion: Yes and no. Yes, because the GM needs to get you where you are. No, because you might get tangled up with your past, and with your NPC-friends. That might take the edge of your character. And nobody likes a Lonewolf. I like to start from a scratch when it comes to my characters. Of course I think of his behavior, but usually it turns out to be something else. So, blue-booking adds depth to your character.
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