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  1. I have an idea for trace that I want some feedback on.


    To trace someone you need the connecting decks ID number (aka IP address), this is apparent if they are connected to your deck. Then you make a Detect/Comm vs an easy difficulty (DV 10). This traces their connected device.


    If the target is using a proxy then you only back trace to the proxy (you had that ID number instead). Another Detect/Comm DV 10 will allow another back trace (another action, another ID address). Each trace will get you one proxy closer to the target until there are no more proxies left, then you have found the target device. (now you scan, query, hack it, etc.)


    The negative for a user to use proxies is this. If the proxy has a speed modifier of a negative then the user gets a minus 1 to their decks speed when interacting through the proxy (any action not done solely on the local deck). If the proxies speed modifier is positive, or zero, then the user takes no negative to their speed.



    Since at any given time a device can range is speed from -3 to +3 there are seven possible numbers for a random speed (-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3). Thus, if the user connects to proxies at random they have a 42% chance of getting a detractor to speed (per proxy). While one can weed out the negative proxies that takes more time and if the user is in a hurry, but wants some protection, they would just connects to proxies at random rather than take the extra rounds to sort out the bad ones.

    Proxies come in two varieties. Local and Internet. Local networks (in the future) use other nearby devices to help reach a signal tower, this means that you can take a device that is far from a signal tower, scatter devices between the tower and the target device, and then get a good signal. The other devices act as signal repeaters. This feature allows a hacker with basic skills to make ad hoc proxies out of the local network, good for hacking other people on the network. The check is an easy Control/Comm DV 10, per proxy (every proxy is an action).

    For internet proxies one must first have some control over the proxy device, and then make an easy Control/Comm (or Control/System, GM call) DV 10. Often one can rent time on a proxy web. A proxy web is a bunch of computers set up specifically to proxy, and will automatically do so (single action to connect to the entire web). Proxy webs range in price from 10 to 50 eb per minute, the higher the cost often the better the machines that compose the web (less negatives).


    Fun fact about signal boosting:

    This will lead to the toaster effect, people who are conducting illegal business often set up shop in the slums, far away from cops and nosy neighbors. These places also have bad signal (gangers like to use towers for parts and/or target practice). In order to boost the signal to an acceptable strength one needs a bunch of wireless devices, cheaper is better. In the future everything has some sort of wireless capabilities, including toasters. Thus if you pass by a house where it looks like toasters have rained on the front lawn then you know not to go and ask for a cup of sugar, the "residents" won't take kindly to strangers.


    EDIT: I realized that I forgot to mention something about local networks. Just because a signal is boosted by a local network this does not make it any less secure. The signal will take a random path through the devices in the area, often fluctuating as it tries to get the strongest signal. This means that just because you are using other people devices to boost your devices signal you are not putting your data at risk, since the signal path will change every few seconds (or micro-seconds) any eavesdropper will only get a very very small snippet of your data, not enough to even enough form a word in a text message. Proxies are the exception to this rule, since you are mandating that your signal goes through a specific device if someone were to hack the proxy they could easily eavesdrop on your data.

    Also this means that the fewer wireless devices in your area the less secure your data as now your signal has only a handful of devices to choose from.


    A caveat to this is if a decker is running from behind a corporate level firewall. The deck will be configured to the corporate networks settings and depending on how paranoid the local Admins are...they may have thier own firewalls and ice for each terminal (IRL: not bloddy likely, as that would require licences and more work than you average admin would like to do.).


    a Trace will also go from Local hub to local hub and take a small fraction of time to complete, so depending on the distance and how many proxies and cities your hacker wants to bounce through, they and the op fors might takea penalty on net init for it

  2. After reading through CPV3, one thing I noticed was the Night City Metropolitan Access and all sort of fund little ideas one would have with the concept of the Techno-Organic city.


    here are few nuggets for long term play.


    1) a pack of Tech gangers in the city get-a-hold of one of the construction modules and are working to correct the Code damage to the original Nanotech.


    2) someone figures out how to alter the parameters enough to have the city construct some truely funky building types (appleseed Archologies crossed with H.R. Giger designs)


    3) The City has absorbed all the old Floptical networks cabling and integrated it into the city. And Raches R.A.B.I.D.s are still out there...and they have noticed.


    4) Given the cities predisposition towards Starscrapers, Ethnic Blocks Start popping up Ala Mega-City 1 from Judge Dredd.


    Observations: During the Second Collapse, there had to have been a die back along the coasts and we have ended up with a Mega City that can support a truly huge population, but the demographics have yet to catch up. A interesting idea for tension is have have some Alt-Cults or ethnic groups that are predosposed to population expansion taking over certain buildings or chunks of the city to support themselves.


    There are going to be people playing with NightCity, trying to figure hout how to stabilize the buildings and lay more permanent ground....or re-enginnering the city into something that doesn't suck as much.


    The City will have relatively clean neighbhorhoods as the city itself might produce drones to go out and grab loose materials (including the occasional corpse or homeless person) to fuel it's construction or maintenance needs.


    Old U.S. is going to hear about this place soon or later and are going to want to send scouts. And the City I'm guessing will start evolving defenses....

  3. Run.Net 1.2.1 Now with programs


    I realized that I forgot to post the new version.



    -Basic Program list, adapted from CP2020

    -Grammer and spelling fixes


    To do:

    -Program creation Guidelines

    -Other types of program lists (probably done as a separate settings book)



    -Net Gear

    -Anything else that is not software related.


    This looks all very good so far after reading things over. A small suggestion for examples.


    1. A typical decker strategy of spoofing the local Database of a Corporation.


    2. A More involed run from say a Midwestern LDL through a few sattilite bounces into the Arasaka frame in Tokyo.


    3. An example of a Use of Tracing Software.


    Several examples of Deck construction (there will be players who want to mod out thier livelyhood

  4. hmm...we will test these in my TranshumanPunk Japan setting and let you know



    Additional thoughts:


    Addressing A.I.'s and Various Mainframes, Neuralware enhancements that affect decking, The SoulKiller Protocol

  5. Wow.....a Lot of hate for CPv3


    I never had that reaction to it. As CP2020, I saw it as a tool kit to be used and exploited for my setting, which was approaching a Fusion of Bubblegum Crisis. CP2020, Transhuman space and Transmetropolitan and thrown into a blender and given an Absinthe Chaser.


    I used some bits and ignored others. Players have enjoyed it so far

  6. *rises from the deep*


    I'm back after a long time being away



    Games currently played:


    Legend of the Five Rings 4th ed.

    Spirit of the Century

    Shadowrun 4th ed

    Transhumanpunk (a homemade fusion of Cyberpunk V3 and Bubblegum Crisis 2032 on acid)


    Games being examined

    Eclipse Phase (Traveller meets Transmetrpolitan on Acid)

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