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  1. eraser

    Lsat Lives

    so the LSAT program morphed into the NGSW, which is one of the 3 submissions vying in the army's latest trials https://taskandpurpose.com/army-next-generation-squad-weapon-photos
  2. cool idea one thing a GM of mine did a few years back was mark up wisdom's extended map in "thinglink". a bunch of the linked content is now broken, one sticking more to official content could be a cool project. https://www.thinglink.com/scene/315350958689223233
  3. yes, joking aside .17 caliber was a popular wildcat that has gone mainstream now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.17_HMR as for why these ideas showed up then and not later... speculation on my part would be because the US ACR program ended in 1990. that trial included caseless guns like the G11, but also included flechette based weapons like the styer ACR and the colt offering using multi-projectile cartridges. all this was done to try and dramatically increase the hit probability of soldiers. so the program ends in 1990, report hits the street saying cool concepts but we're sticking with
  4. i always assumed the .177 caliber smg was an inside joke, since that's the most common "caliber" for BB/pellet guns in the united states.
  5. also it occurs to me the 38 caseless might find a niche as a round for a machine pistol, i know the russians had several prototype guns like that in 9x18
  6. in the us .380 is normally a pocket carry size gun, however European gun makers have produced a few duty-ish sized .380 guns (glock 25, CZ-83, beretta 84 cheetah). my understanding is these weapons were marketed to civilians in European countries that banned weapons in military calibers. as for why they're mouse guns, well there's a few things going on there. first, JMB designed the cartridge to be on the upper end of what a direct blowback action could handle, thus a weapon chambered in this caliber can safely be made without the need for a locking action... less complexity means fewer mach
  7. yeah, the armor rules make it hard to have a good old fashioned pistol fight. the few games where i can recall medium handguns being used to any effect were house ruled with lower soft armor values. otherwise you're only hope is to go for a headshot or pepper them enough times the staggered penetration knocks their armor down a couple pegs... or charge in for the contact shot doing MAX DAMAGE
  8. i mean, it's cool they designed a round that shoots flat out to 100m from a pistol barrel... i just can't for the life of me think of a niche application for it outside of perhaps 3 gun competition. the price alone insures this will stay a novelty piece, hell you could buy a Barrett 50bmg or a registered reising smg for that much.
  9. thought i'd share this, the in-range guys got some trigger time with it at shot show in short, a solution in search of a problem
  10. yeah 1x-6x scopes got real popular with the 3 gun guys a couple years back, they're not even that bad on price now https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S2P2KK...X0DER&psc=1
  11. i don't know if a bonus to initiative is in order. i will say though that where red dots really shine is in transitions, going from one target to another, it's so much easier to get a sight picture FAST. perhaps they should negate some of the penalties for engaging multiple targets in a single combat round?
  12. you hate that it's off grid? auto-correct strikes again!
  13. the closest i've found is Japanese micro apartments, there's a bunch of them detailed on youtube
  14. fun fact, meth is not illegal everywhere. it's a schedule 2 substance that has a very narrow set of circumstances where it can be perscribed... the more you know https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methamphetamine
  15. yeah, i keep a 6" Israeli bandage and a tourniquet in my range bag. plus i also keep a fairly well stocked firstaid kit in my "get home bag" that lives in my car year round. if you're going to do dangerous things, you need to be prepared for that danger to turn on you. that's why whenever funds allowed, i always packed a dose or 2 of trauma 1... just to give me a bit more time for the crew to drag my character to a sawbones. also, here's a better pic of that rig in use. notice the AR mags in this smooth criminal
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