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    Woah, im back! and hitched! <br /><br />CP: Edgerunners, Inc., and Home of The Brave. <br /><br />Interests: a graphics and layout junkie by heart. trying to compile a NYC CPsourcebook, because, well... NYC can kick NC's ass any day of the week (loooong time a coming though, working on the job first). <br /><br />Music: hmm.. this week on the Ipod? Always tricky, just about anything trippy...<br /><br />Books: old school PM science fiction, modern muckracker non-fiction, and Does Wikipedia count?

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  1. I like the constructs, which can become physical entities, but I think that the whole concept of nano-dust is kind of ridiculous. I am also not a fan of every item in the building being made out of nano-machines. Having constructs that are constructed from part of the physical building seems like it would be more realistic. Actually, I would Have liked to have seen Cee-Metal go this route. Having them be a biopod suspended in a nano-machine matrix, which they can mentally control would be an interesting avenue to pursue in CP V3.1 The "Lost In Space" armor bit might have been what
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