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  1. If my memory serves right, in CP 2013 hand to hand damage stun damage and only 1/5 of that got transferred as lethal damage. In CP2020 h-to-h damage was not changed otherwise but the whole stun damage was dropped, so martial arts became terribly effective.
  2. In CP2020 I used to waste PCs left and right if the dice dictated so. It has never been my habit to actively seek ways to kill of PCs in a GM vs. players fashion but when PCs got into combat it was very likely that at least one of them bought the farm. In one session one of the players had two dead characters Not my proudest moment as a GM. Since then I have tried to keep PCs alive having to keep a balance between believable threat of getting killed but still being able to survive. Often one of the easiest way to keep PC KIA count down is to assign NPC goons pretty low stats and skills but still a lucky shot can be a pretty brutal. Important NPCs should be another thing and be a real danger depending on what's their trade.
  3. Damn! It seems like we still have about half a year to wait until this comes out Frighteningly much can happen during that time...
  4. Cheers Kevida! Currently I am in a waiting game to see any news regarding this supplement.
  5. I sent a message to Cubicle 7 about the status of this one but so far I have not received any answer Without further knowledge I am not going to shell out money for it.
  6. Exactly That's why I used their contact page. Let's see if/when they will answer.
  7. Who is angus....... Angus Abranson is the director of Cubicle 7 Entertainment. But I am not all that certain whether I should feel good about the news. On the other hand more polished product is better in the end but this could also indicate something less good... I had to go to their site and saw that Genesis Descent is marked as being "in stock"
  8. Frankly, having MA as a stat is a bit questionable especially when it affects the movement rate so much for humans. It might work better if it only affected the running speed but that's not the question now Target's speed is a good modifier and it can even work when you use some approximates like Walking -1, Jogging -2, Running -3 then a bit similar categories to vehicles. So, these don't depend on stats but the approximate speed of movement. Note, if someone is "running" in a rough terrain he might be counted to be moving only as "Jogging" for modifier purposes...
  9. This comes from a distant memory, so take it with a grain of salt... I think the book mentioned that the data points were not exact. With this I mean that DV values from 3G3 could not be placed to a formula that would have created exactly similar results to those presented in Interlock. This, in turn is because of the different design philosophy and that CP2020 damage values were probably more or less fudged (that is, not done using real world muzzle velocity as a base or something like that).
  10. Maybe not ├╝ber realistic gun damage (or combat system as a whole) but definitely a logical one. Pistols should produce less damage than rifles, in principle. Of course .22 rifle is not as powerful as 9mm pistol (I think) but I am sure you get my point. Yes, 5.56 might over-penetrate and that 9mm slug can get stuck to your body but that rifle bullet could have hit you to your thigh bone, traveled along it to your stomach and then exited from your back all the way causing massive damage to your internal organs and probably sending bone fragments all over your leg and lower abdomen. Yes, it takes surgery to repair that kind of damage, too The damage dice really tells just that. It tells how badly wounded the receiving character is. It's up to the GM to interpret what it means. Of course more guidelines for that would be nice For the record, I created a long time ago a sniper rifle using 3G3 for my CP2020 campaign. I don't remember how much I tweaked it (if any) but it seemed to work OK. But then again it was exclusively used by an NPC and PCs never got their hands on it or learned the stats of that thing.
  11. I am not sure if I read your table correctly... But you are right that blue on blue is a very rare thing in RPGs. In our games we have sometimes used Awareness (or equivalent for other rules systems) rolls to identify potential targets. A fumble means IDing a friendly as an enemy and it has resulted to some casualties in our games. On the other hand I have used a sort of suppressed fire kind of system sometimes. When someone is firing to a general direction of their team mates (an enemy being between them) the rounds that miss the original target have a chance of hitting the other member of the team. You should have seen the look on my players' faces when I told how it was going to be. Fortunately for them, no friendly casualties there Nice fluff example but I am pretty sure that boosters would also have something in the line of optical implants (if they are real boosters). Granted they are not all that well coordinated etc. so you have a good point there.
  12. Nice idea, Repo! Personally, I would simply rename the roles but I guess you will do it anyway. Solos would be Knights or Protectors or whatever suits the general theme. I would put Rockers and Media to a same general category of spreading propaganda. Maybe call them preachers? Suits are definitely high-priests (or equivalent) and they run the show. Techies and MedTechs are priests that work miracles to bodies, souls and machines. Depending on how the world became like the way it is should affect what kind of other races/species are present in the setting. I like the synthetics because it has this technological sound to it. Maybe there are organic but modified humans, too? Maybe when joining the priesthood you have to take certain implants or genemods so you are no longer exactly a human being? I don't know about psionics, maybe. Maybe implants etc. have triggered some psionic abilities in some individuals or something. Personally I would be careful with the magic, though. At least for me, with magic comes all other supernatural things like demons, undead... Of course it's your setting About those living at the top? If you have magic then by all means put some really powerful beings there. If not, I would put some survivors of the people who built the place there. They would probably be the descendants of the elite and their guards. Very high tech and don't want to be found (that's why people who get too close ... disappear). I would divide them to factions. Maybe some of them are making tests and try to reverse the havoc that they caused to the nature outside the city (and by that they also make some monsters to that escape or are released to the city). Others might try and control the church by being their "God". I hope this helps
  13. That was a good one I almost bought it as these things can happen fast. Still, I am relieved that it was just a prank
  14. Sorry, I don't know how to contact them Maybe Cubicle 7 site has an e-mail address or something? Check it out. I think that Angus was also man behind the SLA Industries, which is very well written although a bit over the top.
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