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  1. social media is abuzz with conspiricy stories, i think it will be a while before we find out more (if ever). Should make for some interesting news to keep an eye on.
  2. Any doubts i had about this being fps instead of 3rd person are official gone by the way side. That trailer rocked, thanks for sharing Hanns.
  3. the full game goes right off!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stAfEDSosXc
  5. [M8]-HARRY


    The movie is good. The church is "the corporation" and the city has a real cp feel in the post apocalyptic-ish earth. It's a vampire movie done well IMO. Fwiw you learn about the vampires in the opening credits do don't worry that's not a spoiler. Google for a trailer. I'm on my phone otherwise I would post one.
  6. a very in depth play through of the 2 demo levels by a pom who does a pretty decent job of it i might add. After many plays of the demo, all i can say is its bloody awesome. The marine feels right, got weight and very fluid movements. The sounds are great and the graphics are pretty damn good. It will get better when coop gets patched in, they didnt want to rush it so its being released when its ready so double win. So if you want to chop orks into bits and see some awesome killing and stuff all i can say is check it out.
  7. Steam for the win mate, then ya dont have to leave the house :-)
  8. were getting married in FIJI so its a little hard to plan out the finer stuff from AUS.
  9. Due to some crap with my wedding coordinator retiring and all our paperwork retiring with her to places unknown this project is on hold till i get my wedding re-sorted out. Harry.
  10. The only reason that hasnt happened is because they dumped the body and didnt sell raffle tickets to beat the remains with a baseball bat. One of my co-workers wanted to know why the didnt wrap him in a pig carcass first before getting rid of him.... those would be truly epic photos.
  11. Fuck that shit. Taxidermy him then impale him on a pole on the Washington monument
  12. well one down but in a melting pot the shit rises to the top so it wont be long before the al-q get a new puppet to be the figurehead. Personally i feel the US needs to get some closure from this then press the pricks harder if they ever wanna get out of there.
  13. Over here you dont have to be on cable to use TIVO. You can just buy a TIVO box and hook it up for use on free to air tv. So no doubt they are proli getting a cut of the sale but my dvd player has a hdd recorder in it so we record movies off the tv. To me it seems that all the people anti file sharing are thinking old school about a new school "problem" If they made their own file sharing platform, that you paid a $30 license fee for and that entitled you to 1 years unlimited access to what ever was on it, and that money got split between the relevant mobs in the music, movie and tv industries
  14. Geeze its sounding like Mississippi is the arsehole of the world, care to enlighten me as to why its so much of a no go zone???
  15. Pardon me for disturbing this thread from its slumber, but i feel i wanna comment on it some. Im pro file sharing, and by that i mainly mean Bit Torrent but i did previously use other ED2K methods but i found using sites akin to the pirate bay who verify torrents content as true and correct and free of malware and other nasties, was a safer way to go and you got what you wanted. To answer questions in the first post, all sites akin to the pirate bay only host the torrent file, which tells your app where the file is, on a server somewhere in cyberspace ready for you to download. ww
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