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  1. social media is abuzz with conspiricy stories, i think it will be a while before we find out more (if ever). Should make for some interesting news to keep an eye on.
  2. Any doubts i had about this being fps instead of 3rd person are official gone by the way side. That trailer rocked, thanks for sharing Hanns.
  3. the full game goes right off!
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    The movie is good. The church is "the corporation" and the city has a real cp feel in the post apocalyptic-ish earth. It's a vampire movie done well IMO. Fwiw you learn about the vampires in the opening credits do don't worry that's not a spoiler. Google for a trailer. I'm on my phone otherwise I would post one.
  6. a very in depth play through of the 2 demo levels by a pom who does a pretty decent job of it i might add. After many plays of the demo, all i can say is its bloody awesome. The marine feels right, got weight and very fluid movements. The sounds are great and the graphics are pretty damn good. It will get better when coop gets patched in, they didnt want to rush it so its being released when its ready so double win. So if you want to chop orks into bits and see some awesome killing and stuff all i can say is check it out.
  7. Steam for the win mate, then ya dont have to leave the house :-)
  8. were getting married in FIJI so its a little hard to plan out the finer stuff from AUS.
  9. Due to some crap with my wedding coordinator retiring and all our paperwork retiring with her to places unknown this project is on hold till i get my wedding re-sorted out. Harry.
  10. The only reason that hasnt happened is because they dumped the body and didnt sell raffle tickets to beat the remains with a baseball bat. One of my co-workers wanted to know why the didnt wrap him in a pig carcass first before getting rid of him.... those would be truly epic photos.
  11. Fuck that shit. Taxidermy him then impale him on a pole on the Washington monument
  12. well one down but in a melting pot the shit rises to the top so it wont be long before the al-q get a new puppet to be the figurehead. Personally i feel the US needs to get some closure from this then press the pricks harder if they ever wanna get out of there.
  13. Over here you dont have to be on cable to use TIVO. You can just buy a TIVO box and hook it up for use on free to air tv. So no doubt they are proli getting a cut of the sale but my dvd player has a hdd recorder in it so we record movies off the tv. To me it seems that all the people anti file sharing are thinking old school about a new school "problem" If they made their own file sharing platform, that you paid a $30 license fee for and that entitled you to 1 years unlimited access to what ever was on it, and that money got split between the relevant mobs in the music, movie and tv industries. i think at a cheap price people would use that knowing there would be no legal repercussions. Make it cheap enough so that everyone goes "damn thats a good price" and you would get masses of people not just a few. Then you would find people would download a show to see if they like it and then you would still get fans buying boxed dvd sets for all the extras and commentary and all that. The main issue I see is the old dinosaurs out there still want this perfect world where people go to the shop and buy the dvd or cd and then load it on to their computer to archive the disc and never use it again. The times have changed and if mobs like MIAA and RIAA dont start looking at this issue and try to make it a positive for them its always going to be a thorn in their side.
  14. Geeze its sounding like Mississippi is the arsehole of the world, care to enlighten me as to why its so much of a no go zone???
  15. Pardon me for disturbing this thread from its slumber, but i feel i wanna comment on it some. Im pro file sharing, and by that i mainly mean Bit Torrent but i did previously use other ED2K methods but i found using sites akin to the pirate bay who verify torrents content as true and correct and free of malware and other nasties, was a safer way to go and you got what you wanted. To answer questions in the first post, all sites akin to the pirate bay only host the torrent file, which tells your app where the file is, on a server somewhere in cyberspace ready for you to download. www.fenopy.com is a good example. The following picture shows how Bit Torrent works, and its very neat stuff Now the likes of meat heads like Gene Simmons who think that this technology should be banned and never to see light of day is on par with early cave man thinking "Destroy that fire it burns my hands, it will do us no good...." and we all know how the use of fire turned out for the cave man. Lets wind the clock back 20 years ago, floppy discs were all the rage and these new "shareware" games were just the right size to fit and you were encouraged to give your mate a copy and if you like it for a fee you can get the next installment and unlock a few extra levels in the first one. File sharing is born. Soon everyone had it and everyone was blasting something. What made this concept so great was you got a complete game to play (or near enough too it) and you could really try before you buy. The trouble these days is you (keeping in mind all prices are AUD which is just head of USD) can buy a cutting edge WII game for $99.00 or you can just download it (providing you have taken steps with your WII to unlock its coolness) and load it off a usb hdd, or just forgo downloading it and go to ya local video store and rent it and copy it. If games were more moderately priced and they had a mentality of "if we sell more copies for less people will buy the genuine article". My family has always maintained a view of "if they priced it so that everyone could buy it a much cheaper cost people wouldn't pirate it because it wouldn't be worth the hassle" Now lets look at people downloading tv shows, i know a few people have received warning letters about it and i think that is the biggest crock of shit known to man. Ok i forget to set my HDD recorder to record a show so i download it. I get a smack on the wrist (if i had a brain fart and forgot to turn on my interweb security and my real ip was known, see image below) for a first offense. Now had i have remembered to record it i would have a digital copy to watch at my leisure! Please tell me why the person who downloaded the show is a "pirate" and the person who programmed their TIVO isnt?? As for breaking movies, well i cant say i go there much, yes i can see the effect its having on the industry, why buy for $40+ dollars what i can get from the guy at work complete with dvd cover and cases for $20 But on the few times i do snag a movie if i like it i will buy the collectors/directors/special edition of it because i feel if i liked it that much its worth supporting. As far as music goes i feel this is a bit of a vicious circle, the people making the music get an income because they sold 20 million albums and live off endorsements and other promos, the people stamping the cds and the people selling it all put their bit on and in the end the consumer pays a high price for the music. So the consumer downloads its and then prices creep because sales are dropping and Gene Simmons gets on his hobby horse again. Now most people are living on the bread and butter line and if prices came down people would buy the genuine article. Why download the tracks when you could have the whole cd and lyrics and pictures via the book in the case for a whole <inset elcheapo price here> and if everyone was buying more cds because the price was so low wouldn't that be a win for all connected to the industry. E.G. If they could sell 2 copies for $20 in total or 50 copies for $5 in total wouldn't that be a better avenue? Well thats what i think.
  16. Is there a point to this? I mean what benefit is it to carry a weapon into a court house? I mean if it was one of those stereotypical redneck court houses where upon a not guilty verdict the gallery can discharge their weapons into the air, kinda thing i could understand but what does this legislation do for the common bloke?? (im not taking the piss here, the above is a serious inquiry) The only plus from this i can see (apart from it being a win for firearm owners for more freedom) that maybe a lawyer could have one on him/her for self defense but i mean thats a bit of a stretch as far as i can see as most courts have security anyway.
  17. depends if its at the zoo or not.
  18. if i was to re-work the concept to mainly polish it some more and take a few of Wilphe's points on about allowing players to add some narrative would you guys like to maim and disfigure erm i mean go over what i come up with.
  19. Bazza (my less than ethical cp medico) > cybernetics that give a high instead of triggering Cyber-psychosis > a Concrete Donkey ( a concrete donkey in action)
  20. If ppl wanna have a bash and if we could twist Maleks arm to don the evil GM's hat and cloak and bowl some bones. What Malek posted up is simply what im getting at with an option of "hey guys im stuck in high level meetings all week and the stress lvl is 15/10 and i wont be online for anything non business, so ive posted up as follows, with 2 more rounds of play following due to long afk Intent : Tell him I'm in charge of negotiations, and [streetwise Roll] for information. Fallback : If they go violent : Quickdraw, retreat directly to the door, putting double-taps on threats. Panic : If it goes to hell, I want to try to kill the bodyguards and wound the negotiator, so we can have a chat later. etc etc etc"
  21. Well it would be almost a mix of what your saying. The players would all post up a few "turns" worth of stuff and the GM would then post up a summary of the actions performed and the situation the characters are in. A bit of common sense would apply i mean you could post enough stuff to play 1/2 of the game but that would not work so i tend to think of it as 3 actions per person then the GM would re-cap the events and the players take it from there. That way someone isnt trailblazing ahead only to find out the rest of their crew wants to turn left and they have plotted out 50 other motions after a right turn, it keeps it moving and reduces time constraints because your not having to post a 3 page epic on how im looking for a vantage point to set up my sniper rifle to get a shot at the guy in the bell tower......... the games might be a little short on the fluff but with a good GM filling in some spots with some detail and some action posts that can be as long or as short as the player dictates this could work and stop games from stalling early on, or ppl could hate it and request CJ send this thread to that hell pit he keeps on another server.
  22. All good points Wilphe, just in regards to your point on the narrative if we (the players) give enough information we can rough out the narrative (obviously depending on the GM's rolls) the main crux is that instead of spending 5 or 10 posts per person focusing on >< that point we cover |-------------------| that much so that the plot and action move on and the game doesn't stagnate and die and were only just getting started. For me that kind of game works, Malek gets very in depth when we play CP Kiri style and i tend to react to the situation and dont get too carried away with steering the story. If anyone is keen to have a go im always keen. If your reading this and your not keen on that type of game play I would love to hear your opinion on it too.
  23. I would love a game some time and trouble with alot of play online games is ppl are busy and have real lives (gasp-zors!) and trouble is they start off all systems go and end up stagnating to a horrific death and CJ files them away in the archive never to be seen again, Im also seeing similar results on another site where we pbem. A concept Ive spoken to Malek about is where we give the GM 3 options for a turn and then give the next few turns worth of options. So for example: One of our NPC's has been shot and is bleeding, ill try and close the wound to prevent loss of life, if all goes well ill patch him up and head to a more defensive position, if rolls go so so ill work the patient till he wont bleed out, if rolls go bad ill holler for help with the NPC. Once the NPC is stable (amount of turns unknown so just issue out more turns worth of information) ill have an awareness roll of the situation around me and if im alert ill find a defensive fire position, if im so so ill try and hunker down where i am, if roll goes bad ill communicate with squad leader for instructions. If i made cover ill offer fire support when needed and act as a sentry......... so on and so forth, now imagine you have listed quite a few turns worth of options it means if you cant make the game due to RL commitments the game isnt waiting on you. This is something i would like to try with Malek mainly because both Malek and I tend to be either "yeah i have some free time this week" or were "my free time is the 6 hrs sleep i get" and i thought this style of game play might be a way we can keep games going (all be it some what in bursts but not stopping) over time. It does mean a lot of joining up of options and maybe a little creative license on the GM's behalf but if the aim of the game is spelt out to those playing it shouldn't take too much effort to get everything to marry in together, and combined with some ooc chat so that everyone is on the same wavelength about the objectives of the game it should work ok. The obvious limitations are you couldn't plan out tooo many moves ahead but Malek and I thought a 3 turns with 3 options system should be enogh to keep a game moving with out making it a post and forget affair. thoughts?
  24. AMEN brother, amen to that. I could understand a prequil to maybe explain the whole need for replicants and the whole colonization of other planets and stuff, but to go fucking with what is a cp staple by making a sequel years later would be like making another star wars movie to follow return of the Jedi. Lucas realized that would be folly and said "read the book series..." that were made to follow on, he knew a movie could be made but he didnt wanna fuck up a "finished" series.
  25. My faith in the moving making business is minimal, ive not seen an original creative movie in lord only knows how long. ive got a $10er on that if they do make a prequel/sequel its gonna be shit house, and it will be shit house because either a) piss poor management / script / lack of or excessive cgi or the executive's will think there isnt enough people saying fuck or not enough titties to make it draw ppl in and they will go on a massive hack and slash session and butcher a proli top notch effort.
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