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  1. One of the more interesting and effective Enemy Combattant elimination methods I have heard about was a Croat in the former Yugoslavia who carried a supressed American-180. now the .22LR is not a very effective round...but when you can put 40 of them into one spot they work like a shotgun blast. Really as Mike points out hand to hand is a last resort, even Close Protection details(Ie Bodyguards) don't like hand to hand even though their job may prevent them from carrying a weapon.
  2. I'm a member of that group and It was the Cyberpunk guns thread where I got shit for posting a gun from a Cyberpunk game. Still I do otherwise like the group and If I get a request I will try to make other Cyberpunk guns for people. Heck I saved the code from making the AKR-20 so friends could further modify it for their games.
  3. As you can read they no nothing about what makes Cyberpunk what it is and just focus on high tech bullshit. I'm currently concidering making a caseless machinepistol that has been detached from a cyberarm. Basicaly it would be an 8"X1" by 1.5" shape with a muzzle at one end and a 1"X2"X2" section at one end to attach the magazine. heck I could reword the recoil mechanism to get it even more vertically compact.
  4. The gun I made was based on an image on page 185 of the Cyberpunk2020 rulebook. I posted it on a Fliker discussion thread about cyberpunk guns and had a couple people try and bite my head off and tell me that it wasn't a cyberpunk gun. Still it's really cool that the Poles of all people would make one in real life.
  5. I've been playing around with Pimp My gun and I've made this: It's an AKR-20 assault rifle. I've also found someone's render of an updated Militech Ronin on Deviant Art... http://youngfreud.deviantart.com/art/Milit...ragon-165021978 Has anyone else found or rendered any CP2020 guns?
  6. Leopards are near, or at, the top of the food chain. They don't NEED to change their spots! Mark have you been importing War leopard from Grannie again?
  7. Hey All, What do you use for game maps? Usually I use a map of the area in which the game is taking place and if it's a post Apocalyptic game or a fantasy game i occationally draw out a settlement map. I know at least one person who renders whole cities on computer but I don't have the programs...yet.
  8. I've looked and I haven't found anyone else but Wisdom's game art. As far as Paolo Parente goes Google has indicated that he's working on Dust now.
  9. I have been brousing Deviant art and I found the Italian artist who colored the Firestorm Books. Artist page I was wondering if anyone else has ran across one of the artists from CP2020?
  10. One of the really Ironic things is that Russia today is under the thumb of a group of former KGB members. Basically the midlevel KGB guys took over the country durring the fall of the soviet union and are milking the country to fill their bank accounts. I currently view the Neo-Soviet as the result of those former KGB members taking over and trying to bring back the "glory days" of the soviet union.
  11. Well if you want non-human monsters in a Cyberpunk game watch the film " " and then look up the cyberform rules. Belive me there is alot you can do with taking something that seems ordinary and then changeing it to something abnormal.
  12. Plus there is something ellegant about useing German Steel to Kill a religious Fanatic.
  13. From what cannon says about Saburo is that he was born in 1919 and durring WWII was a member of the Imperial Airforce until he was crippled. He took over from his father in 1960. It says that he hates everything American and wants to dominate the world...AKA he's a racist Meglomaniac. Kei is 41 in the year 2022 which gives him a DOB of 1981. and there is a younger brother out there....So apparently Saburo has a younger wife(around half his age I'd estimate).
  14. I'm a fan of having people toss M-86 Pursuit Deterrent Munitions In places that are hard to watch for infiltrators. Who in their right mind would want to try and slip through a web of tripwires. Just the sort of thing to cover the blind spot of that MG nest. Or you could use sysmic sensors and fire mortars at the movement. Heck Vietnam era tech was not only capable of finding someone in pitch blackness, how many there were, if they were armed but what gender the Hostiles were. By now that level of technology is cheap and somewhat easy to make with todays tech(Then again there was the guy
  15. Horrible choice in women in my case.
  16. Not to mention that at least some of the equipment dates back to WWII(yes I'm looking at the 37mm Anti-Tank guns.)
  17. And a real computer isn't much larger. It's amazing how many people you see with those palmtop sized netbooks. While they arn't very powerful I'm sure you can do some things with them.
  18. Interesting and much more realistic takes on Possers. Although it makes me abit sad that I can't robofactory a load of Carincarno rifles and then create a bunch of Lee Harvy Oswald branewashed clones.
  19. So no Nomad Cities crawling acrost you game landscape either I see.
  20. Well I've finally done it I've made a V3 character. In looking over the Altcults I've noticed that most of them are...well...made of stupid shit. Things like the Reefers(What was Mike Smoking when he dreamed them up?), or Some sort of gun that shakes ones bones apart. But lets look at the various Factions and try to make them more belivable.
  21. with Ripper,Wolvers and Scratchers I run it as being for one "hand" Even though with Wolvers the blades are mounted in your forearm. As far as the healing stuff I have to say. "Public, get your Mangy Punk Ass Down here and Explain things to the Boy!"
  22. Maybe I should see if I can find an online copy of a training video of mine where a SWAT Team is ambushed by a guy with a knife and gets taken out. Lucky for the SWAT Team it was a training mission and not a real raid. Plus even with the best of body armors it has it's weakspots. I know I've seen people map out the gaps in body armor so they can then bypass the armor IRL.
  23. Not fun Phipps. Hopefully you get better soonish. Still I hope we can get together and have an in depth study of the 5.56mm Round and it's capabilities.
  24. This because exactly two guns from single manufacturer use that cartridge. How many stories of gangbangers have you heard where the weapons involved were P90s and Five-seveNs? Now how many gangbangers use Rugers because they are cheap, reliable, cheap, reasonably accurate, and...umm, did I mention cheap? Funny, Ruger doesn't make a gun chambered in 5.7x28mm... I've heard of a few instances where crooks have used P90 or Fiveseven pistols. In all cases it had to do with Mexico and in every instance the crook either got the weapon from the Mexican cops or the BATFE* *Yes I am talk
  25. Straycatalist made a great point on the thread about guncams. Crooks don't use legal firearms, so the question then becomes what do they use. Places like Chechnia and elseware have easily shown how easy it is to make a straight blowback submachinegun. Personally I'm suprised that various "resistance" type submachineguns like the Sten arn't dirt common among booster gangers. What does the rest of the forum think about this?
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