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  1. Hey all, Some people I know have a play by post on their discord. It's a Cyberpunk2020 game set mostly in Night City. There is not a character creation limit so you can play anybody you want currently. https://discord.gg/b2S8G2X
  2. And checking my CP2020 core book indicates that it have regional centers for multiple companies.
  3. V3 does have some mention of Denver but the most notable thing is a food riot in 2010.
  4. Hey all, I'm currently trying to find anything official about Denver Colorado. It's not really mentioned in Home of the Brave. I do know that there is a Cybergeneration book on the city but that's only in PDF and is currently unavailable. Or should I just make my own version of Denver Colorado?
  5. It's still 1,000fps below the velocity of a .308/7.62X51mm round. With it's smaller caliber it probably punched right through quite a bit of bady armor. However like most flechettes it ice picks the target.
  6. Mike, the 4.7X30mm H&K round is horrible. While it is easily suppressed to the point where you can dump 20 rounds into a terrorist and not wake his buddy in the next tent. You need those 20 rounds to reliably kill the man. That little issue is why some units are moving away from MP7 PDWs. One of these days i should video a side by side of a HK M416C, a FN P90 and a HK MP7. For the most part a short barreled 5.56X45mm Assault Rifle stomps all over the other two weapons.
  7. As far as I know I do not have any 5.7mm AP rounds. However I do have some rounds loaded with varmint bullets and those do wonders against the local ground squirrels. However i don't think the local coyote likes their squirrel in chunks.
  8. With Shipping containers you can wield on new doors. We did it to the storage containers at work. they all have roll up doors now. With the type Hanns is referring too one could modify the doors so that the standard closing mechanism is faked and the real one hidden.
  9. That depends on the Telescopic sights. I have X1~X6 magnification sights on both my FN SCAR rifles. on X1 they are about as fast as a red dot sight.
  10. Stray, One of the side effects of the "War" on meth is that several people i know who have breathing problems cannot get enough medication if they are sick to releave their symptoms enough to function. It seem that some of the more effective decongestants are used to make Meth and if you need more than a politically decided arbitrary amount you become suspected of making meth. Same with Opiates and pain killers. I've known people who's daily pain levels are crippling and with some of them the amount of pain killers they need are staggering. While I do get why there needs to be some
  11. I know. Hopefully we can get them smacked down in the courts. Unfortunatly the Portland Area has Kangaroo courts.
  12. And I just picked up an 'A2 spec "Commando" style upper for my AR15 Pistol. I've been wanting one in 11.5" for a while now. The only problem with it is a 5.5" flash suppressor seemingly wielded on. I've tried break free, I've tried multiple strap wrenches, I've tried a propane torch in case it's soldered in place. So far nothing has worked and the only thing I have to show for it is a crack in the end of the flash suppressor. So it's off to a gunsmith it goes. Worst comes to worse I'll have it cut and rethreaded to a 10.5" barrel.
  13. It's grown since then. I made a plan on what firearms to purchase and I'm sticking to it for the most part. I've even sold a couple. The one's I've inherited are ones that are either Higher end or stuff that looked "fun" to shoot. Mind you that with my Marlin it's not going to be legal for Cowboy Action Shooting for much longer.
  14. Yup I have my own collection. it's grown quite a bit since I moved up to Oregon. Mind you that all but the m1911s are illegal in California. The Remington Tac-14 is in California "sawed-off" shotgun. I am also now a member of the VFTE H&K Roller lock and clone club. With a PTR-91FR and a PTR-32P. The 32P is currently in the shop getting upgraded. It's effectively a MP-5 in 7.62X39mm.
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