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  1. Hey all, Some people I know have a play by post on their discord. It's a Cyberpunk2020 game set mostly in Night City. There is not a character creation limit so you can play anybody you want currently. https://discord.gg/b2S8G2X
  2. And checking my CP2020 core book indicates that it have regional centers for multiple companies.
  3. V3 does have some mention of Denver but the most notable thing is a food riot in 2010.
  4. Hey all, I'm currently trying to find anything official about Denver Colorado. It's not really mentioned in Home of the Brave. I do know that there is a Cybergeneration book on the city but that's only in PDF and is currently unavailable. Or should I just make my own version of Denver Colorado?
  5. It's still 1,000fps below the velocity of a .308/7.62X51mm round. With it's smaller caliber it probably punched right through quite a bit of bady armor. However like most flechettes it ice picks the target.
  6. Mike, the 4.7X30mm H&K round is horrible. While it is easily suppressed to the point where you can dump 20 rounds into a terrorist and not wake his buddy in the next tent. You need those 20 rounds to reliably kill the man. That little issue is why some units are moving away from MP7 PDWs. One of these days i should video a side by side of a HK M416C, a FN P90 and a HK MP7. For the most part a short barreled 5.56X45mm Assault Rifle stomps all over the other two weapons.
  7. As far as I know I do not have any 5.7mm AP rounds. However I do have some rounds loaded with varmint bullets and those do wonders against the local ground squirrels. However i don't think the local coyote likes their squirrel in chunks.
  8. With Shipping containers you can wield on new doors. We did it to the storage containers at work. they all have roll up doors now. With the type Hanns is referring too one could modify the doors so that the standard closing mechanism is faked and the real one hidden.
  9. That depends on the Telescopic sights. I have X1~X6 magnification sights on both my FN SCAR rifles. on X1 they are about as fast as a red dot sight.
  10. Stray, One of the side effects of the "War" on meth is that several people i know who have breathing problems cannot get enough medication if they are sick to releave their symptoms enough to function. It seem that some of the more effective decongestants are used to make Meth and if you need more than a politically decided arbitrary amount you become suspected of making meth. Same with Opiates and pain killers. I've known people who's daily pain levels are crippling and with some of them the amount of pain killers they need are staggering. While I do get why there needs to be some
  11. I know. Hopefully we can get them smacked down in the courts. Unfortunatly the Portland Area has Kangaroo courts.
  12. And I just picked up an 'A2 spec "Commando" style upper for my AR15 Pistol. I've been wanting one in 11.5" for a while now. The only problem with it is a 5.5" flash suppressor seemingly wielded on. I've tried break free, I've tried multiple strap wrenches, I've tried a propane torch in case it's soldered in place. So far nothing has worked and the only thing I have to show for it is a crack in the end of the flash suppressor. So it's off to a gunsmith it goes. Worst comes to worse I'll have it cut and rethreaded to a 10.5" barrel.
  13. It's grown since then. I made a plan on what firearms to purchase and I'm sticking to it for the most part. I've even sold a couple. The one's I've inherited are ones that are either Higher end or stuff that looked "fun" to shoot. Mind you that with my Marlin it's not going to be legal for Cowboy Action Shooting for much longer.
  14. Yup I have my own collection. it's grown quite a bit since I moved up to Oregon. Mind you that all but the m1911s are illegal in California. The Remington Tac-14 is in California "sawed-off" shotgun. I am also now a member of the VFTE H&K Roller lock and clone club. With a PTR-91FR and a PTR-32P. The 32P is currently in the shop getting upgraded. It's effectively a MP-5 in 7.62X39mm.
  15. From the firearms Dad left behind I am keeping A Quigley Sharps in .45-120 a FN SCAR-17 a FN SCAR-16 a Mauser C-96 a FN FiveSeveN a Wilson Combat two-Tone a matched pair of Ruger revolvers in .357 and .32 A Kel-Tec KSG-12
  16. I managed to get my hands on the tool. However the nylon recoil spring guide ring on my PTR32P has broke on me. I have a rebuild kit and what is supposed to be a steel RSGR for an HK21(it's too big to fit on a G3 guide rod.) The Choate folding stock I have has a steel G3 guide ring on it and it's much smaller. I had hoped to have been able to get that one up and running again.
  17. I know that feeling Van Atta, At work they gave us these little first aid kits for the vehicles that are for very minor injuries. The thing of it is that Some of us work with things that will remove entire limbs if one screws up. Plus we have off site buildings that have had security incidents. Hell one of my current co-workers was attacked with a machete in one of the storage facilities.
  18. Mike, it can be hard IRL to get people to carry first aid materials. One recent job I had was at an Abandoned hospital. yeah, fun place as the day started with a security sweep for transients(all of them armed locally). I had already cleaned out the place of still viable first aide material for my own use. None of the company vehicles had a first aid kit in them. Someone managed to slice open their hand on a broken toilet. We cleaned it out with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and bandaged it with paper towels and duct tape. Needless to say that a week latter all the vehicles had a first aid kit i
  19. I'm at four active players with two players MIA. One of the MIA players I have been gaming with on Rpol for a couple of years now. I might be looking for a couple of new players soon. As for the two idiots shitposting, I can only say. "Fuck off Pussys."
  20. And here I am having too much fun with the thought that a 7.5" AR15 pistol with an Aimpoint and a 40 round magazine is concealable under a long coat. Mind you that it is obvious to the observant that yes I have a weapon under there. that being said in the fall or spring not many people would look twice at someone wearing a coat. Then again that would be rather extreme. In game it would be more along the lines of someone wearing a coat in order to move a weapon from a stash-house to a job and back. a m1911 is more reasonable for day to day carry and I can do that nine months out of the ye
  21. Hey all, I am currently starting a Cyberpunk2020 game on Rpol.net. Basically the characters are people who are either working their way out of the gutter or have lost almost everything. They are taking shelter in the Riverside Memorial Hospital, an "Abandoned" building on the edge of the combat zone. They now need to raise $500 by the end of the month or the local Booster Gangers take an arm or a leg. Game Link
  22. Thanks everyone, Oh and Mark, One of these days I need to get back up to your place. I have need of pistol training, I have a PTR91FR that needs to be properly sighted in(I don't have the right tool to adjust the sights) and I have a literal ton of ammunition to use up.
  23. In some places the 5.7mm is very popular. The mexican cartels especially love them since they can get large quantities of AP ammunition. It's gotten to the point where the FiveseveN pistol is known in Mexico as the "Cop Killer". I own a FiveseveN and they are nice pistols to shoot and much more enjoyable than a .22 TCM.
  24. I've had some interesting Chats with people who have built the majority of handheld M134 Miniguns. While yes in "Predator" they had an off screen bank of truck batteries. Modern Minigun harnesses carry their own batteries and have enough juice for at least a couple of ammo packs. As far as how combat useful they are a Minigun has suppressed people who had continued to attack while being shot at by .50 cal browning machineguns. The issue with Miniguns is that unlike the M2HB they don't dig through earth and log bunkers very well.
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