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  1. I appreciate the plug, thanks! To save you time, you can find the rules here. Gary
  2. I've been messing with rules for years. Heck, Cyperpunk/Interlock was the system that got me into serious tinkering in the first place. I wrote some rules a long while back that nix roles entirely and introduce advantages and disadvantages. Are my rules perfect? Hells, no. They can be abused pretty easily, yet they work with my game and the groups I play with, and we all have a good time. I guess I've never liked class-based mechanics, which is odd since I've played (and written) a lot of d20 over the past five years (just call me "word whore" and be done with it). Interlock doesn't
  3. Not really. In relation to concussive damage, Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads (page 106) suggests applying concussive damage as if it were HEP; ie, armor doesn't protect at all, soft armor is reduced by 2 SP, hard armor is reduced by 1/4 of the total explosive damage, and 1/2 the damage that penetrates is applied as permanent wounds, and the other 1/2 is applied as stun/bruise damage. Now, in the case of explosives, I can see the SP damage to the armor, but I can't really justify that insofar as falling is concerned. The rules are also specific in that they apply to "living creatures."
  4. I came up with some chart-driven rules that can potentially cause a full 'borg to be knocked out. I wrote them a loooong time ago, so be forgiving.
  5. Is this what prompted that PM earlier this month? I hate to say it, but it's the eternal excuse: real life got in the way. Not just of Cyberpunk, but of everything else. There was once a time when the lifestyle I had allowed me to be more creative. There were long periods of down time, both at home and at work, that I could put to good use. Flash forward to today. The slacker job I once had is long gone, replaced by a position that is, shall we say, much more demanding of my time at work. I'm a father now, with a boy who is nigh on two years old (with an attitude to match) and a litt
  6. My crew and I have always kept whatever hit result we rolled, and applied any SP for cover as if it were armor. In my opinion, you're doing it the right way. I always thought it was odd that the rules say to re-roll impossible hits, and then later on they say that using cover is essential to character survival. I can only assume that this was an oversight in the rules. Gary
  7. QUOTE (Hound @ Sep 25 2004, 06:55 AM) Of the crew I've been talking to, I think I'm the most system-neutral of them all. I was actually surprised at how strongly Ross "Spyke" Wynn and Gary "Ocelot" Astleford believe in the the Interlock system. There you go, talking about me behind my back. Hmph. I guess Interlock represented a lot of my "firsts" in gaming, so I have a strong attachment to it. I've posted how I feel about it, so I won't go into it again. I don't think that Fuzion fixes all of the problems, and while I appreciate what it's trying to do, I think it goes about it in the
  8. I'm embarassed. It's been nearly a year since my last post on this topic. Where to begin? I don't know if I'll ever get this game off the ground (or below the surface, as the case may be). It's a shame; I really, really like the Blue Planet setting. It might be more "transhuman" than "cyberpunk," but it really is a neat setting with some interested mechanics behind it. I should probably explain a few things. I lost my job in August of '03. I was back at work in a new position with another company relatively quickly, but my hours had shifted and I was working plenty of overtime.
  9. I need to dig out my notes and get kicking (swimming?) on this again. Glad to see you fellows aren't ostracizing me too terribly... G
  10. Damn, it's still here. Any of you guys still around?
  11. Hey! It's been a little while, I admit. Things have been hectic for me over the past couple weeks. It could mean paying work (in regards to writing), so you might say I've jumped on it with both feet. I'd still like to run this game, but I'm not entirely sure when I'll be able to devote a significant amount of time to it. If I manage to finish my projects prior to deadline and there aren't any more tacked on top of them in the meantime, I would think we can start up in a couple of weeks, three tops. I'm sorry about this, guys. If that's too long a stay, let me know. I feel
  12. I'm still here, just catching up on work in the real world. Gary
  13. Just a quick message this morning. I've found a (very) brief timeline for BP posted on the web, and you can find it here. It isn't detailed, and only covers events from 2011 to 2199. I plan to go into more detail on some of these events, especially the Blight, within the next day or so. In the meantime, if you have any questions, ask away. Gary
  14. Quote For you perusal, I present Malekā„¢'s System - Seems to be a good guide to go by, Malek. I was going to suggest a similar system, but since you've outlined yours, we'll stick with it and that will be that. Quote Also, you're probably aware of this - BUT, Forum games have a halflife of 2 months, regardless the ingenuity of story or interest of players. Keep the pressure up, keep it intense, and you should keep the game... I think this is because a Forum is a relatively slow medium, and any time the action drags, it drags for WEEKS. In that case, let's make a deal before we
  15. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Slap me and call me "stupid," but I managed to completely zone on the fact that Malek and Harry wanted to be doing work in space! I kept seeing "ships" referred to, and was thinking of ocean vessels. Doh. Anyway, this won't affect Harry much, since he hasn't gotten his character yet, but I'm going to have to adjust Malek's backgrounds slightly. And that will be that. I'll send the re-finished product to you as soon as I'm able. Sometimes it feels like I'm doing ten things at once. Hey, wait, I am... Gary
  16. One more question for you guys... I'm going to list five senses, and I would like you guys to specify which of them your character might have that are superior than the others. If you select one sense (say Vision) as being good, you'll have to specify another sense (say Hearing) as being not-so-good. As a third option, you can leave them alone, and use your default values. I figured I'd give you the choice, if you want it. The senses are: Chemical: Your sense of smell and taste. Hearing: How well you hear. Intuition: That uncanny sense that gives you the feeling you're be
  17. It's been a while since I've GMed a game online. Years and years, in fact. Most of the games I'd done back then were single-player games via email. I've also run a few games in Instant Messages, also with a single player (you can see transcripts of it here if you so desire). I suppose I'm wondering if you veterans can give me an idea of how things tend to be done here so that I can try and mesh what you're used to with the methods that I'll probably end up using. I'm all for "free-form" play in most respects, but I require a little bit of warning every so often. It's one thing to cle
  18. Malek and Harry: You guys don't mind having a lot of the same skills and aptitudes, do you? Outside of their attributes, your characters share a lot of similar skills and abilities. So long as you don't mind doubling up in a few areas, I figure you'll do well. Let me know! Not to light a fire under Dog Soldier, but I should have his character done just as soon as I get his twenty questions back. Harry's character is next in the queue prior to that, I figure he'll be done by tomorrow night. This weekend is looking busy, but if everything goes well I figure we can actually get sta
  19. Quote Has a plain ole' 9mm pistol and 2 clips. (what will customs think of this?) Depending on how you get to Poseidon, they might not think much of it. More on that later. Insofar as guns are concerned, they aren't much different than the ones we have today, with some exceptions. They are primarily constructed of plastics or alloys, and fire caseless high-density plastic ammunition. Most are semiautomatic and use binary chemical propellants. Two inert compounds are stored separately in a disposable reservoir clipped into the gun. When the gun is charged, a small amount of the che
  20. This topic is for discussion of the basic rules that Blue Planet uses, which arealso known as the Synergy Game System. The purpose of this topic is to let you know what the numbers on your character sheet mean. I only plan to touch on basic concepts, as I would prefer that the players focus more on character than on mechanics. As previously discussed in the Blue Planet Prep topic, there are eight primary attributes (Build, Fitness, Agility, Dexterity, Awareness, Intellect, Presence, and Will) and four derived attributes (Endurance, Reflexes, Strength, and Toughness). The average, unmod
  21. Quote Aside from being Transhuman he was also born with Accelerated Neurons, Extra-Sensory Perception Enhancement, Dexterity Enhancement, an Pheromones. You'll need to trim Kurt's biomod selection down a little bit. While your choice of species is free (Transhuman being a type of Genie), you only have starting access to one major modification and three minor modifications. Accelerated Neurons, the ESP Enhancement, and the Dexterity Enhancement are all major mods. If you could exchange two of those for minor mods, that would be good. Quote Comments? Sounds like an interesting c
  22. Quote I'll go for cyber eyes with LB and shiny black surface treatment, thanks... "LB" meaning Light Amplification, right? Quote How much in the way of funds and equipment should we start with? We could probably borrow a few toolkits and some welding gear from the ship... I'm planning to give everyone a reasonable amount of stuff ("reasonable" meaning that I get to veto anything that seems unbalancing or outside of your character concept). If you've got an idea of the sorts of stuff you'd like, let me know. Most mundane items (such as clothing, etc.) can be assumed, but if you
  23. Malek asketh: Quote What ad's/disads do the cybernetic eyes have? I'm suddenly not to sure of the cats eyes thing...doesn't suit character look. If this was punk I'd be going for LB, thermograph(for spotting overheating machinery) and a cosmetic option to make them all black. Cybernetic eyes in BP are similar to those in Cyberpunk. Each eye is a separate minor modification, but I would consider two eyes as a single minor modification so long as the total cost of the eyes and their options did not exceed 10,000 CS (see note at the end of this post). A suite of two normal cybernet
  24. Quote Ive made an executive decision and ill have a chew at making my own character. Harry, do you have the books? I wasn't aware that anyone but me did! Let me know what you come up with. Gary
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