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  1. I appreciate the plug, thanks! To save you time, you can find the rules here. Gary
  2. I've been messing with rules for years. Heck, Cyperpunk/Interlock was the system that got me into serious tinkering in the first place. I wrote some rules a long while back that nix roles entirely and introduce advantages and disadvantages. Are my rules perfect? Hells, no. They can be abused pretty easily, yet they work with my game and the groups I play with, and we all have a good time. I guess I've never liked class-based mechanics, which is odd since I've played (and written) a lot of d20 over the past five years (just call me "word whore" and be done with it). Interlock doesn't *need* classes (or roles). They serve a purpose insofar as lending the game flavor, but that can be redundant if your campaign captures the essence of the genre all by itself. In the end, it's all about having a good time. If you like the rules as written, use them that way. If you like to tweak them to suit your tastes, go for it. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to play the game.
  3. Not really. In relation to concussive damage, Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads (page 106) suggests applying concussive damage as if it were HEP; ie, armor doesn't protect at all, soft armor is reduced by 2 SP, hard armor is reduced by 1/4 of the total explosive damage, and 1/2 the damage that penetrates is applied as permanent wounds, and the other 1/2 is applied as stun/bruise damage. Now, in the case of explosives, I can see the SP damage to the armor, but I can't really justify that insofar as falling is concerned. The rules are also specific in that they apply to "living creatures." It might be easier to come up with a house rule that states that a full 'borg can survive a fall of X feet (with X equal to the 'borg's overall body SP), and for every full 10' past that, it suffers 1d10 damage applied as per the concussion damage rules (1/2 is real, 1/2 is stun -- which really equates to 1/2 damage from falls past a certain distance, since 'borgs technically can't be stunned). As for hit location, I'd apply equal damage to all locations. So a 'borg with an all-over SP of 20 falls 40 feet. He gets the first 20 feet for free, and suffers 2d10/2 to each body location, regardless of armor. Average roll on 2d10 would be 11 points; divided by two and rounding down, the result is 5 points of damage to each of his body locations. You might allow him to further reduce the damage by making an Athletics check to land, perhaps with a difficulty of 10 + the amount of damage he's suffering. For every point he makes the roll by, he reduces the damage by 1 point. As for non-'borg humans...they don't get the benefit of the armor as the 'borg does (though cyberlimbs might be exempt from this difference). I'd still give them an Athletics check, but falling 10' will still result in 1d10 damage (1/2 real, 1/2 stun -- applied all at once, it makes for one nasty stun/shock save). I'm just sort of rattling this stuff off. It's been a long time since I've played CP, and I haven't messed with the rules in many, many moons.
  4. I came up with some chart-driven rules that can potentially cause a full 'borg to be knocked out. I wrote them a loooong time ago, so be forgiving.
  5. Is this what prompted that PM earlier this month? I hate to say it, but it's the eternal excuse: real life got in the way. Not just of Cyberpunk, but of everything else. There was once a time when the lifestyle I had allowed me to be more creative. There were long periods of down time, both at home and at work, that I could put to good use. Flash forward to today. The slacker job I once had is long gone, replaced by a position that is, shall we say, much more demanding of my time at work. I'm a father now, with a boy who is nigh on two years old (with an attitude to match) and a little girl on the way (due in March). When I'm at home, much of my attention is focused on feeding, cleaning, or otherwise keeping the boy from killing himself with his toddler acrobatics. I still play RPGs, though they might not necessarily be CP. I barely have time to work on my own scenarios, let alone create content for a game I'm not presently playing. If I'm creating content for anything, it's usually paid freelance work, and I'm not posting it anywhere for free. Yeah, sounds mercenary, I'll admit it. The rent needs to get paid. Does this mean we'll never update Mockery's site ever again? Can't say for sure. Once the current child is born, Mockery and I don't plan to spawn any more. Maybe when the kids are at an age where they can occupy themselves for more than five minutes at a stretch, we might do something. Then again, it's too early to tell. I may be able to dig up some old content that didn't make the transfer between Mockery's V1 and Mockery's V2, but I don't know for sure. For the time being, we'll keep the site up.
  6. My crew and I have always kept whatever hit result we rolled, and applied any SP for cover as if it were armor. In my opinion, you're doing it the right way. I always thought it was odd that the rules say to re-roll impossible hits, and then later on they say that using cover is essential to character survival. I can only assume that this was an oversight in the rules. Gary
  7. QUOTE (Hound @ Sep 25 2004, 06:55 AM) Of the crew I've been talking to, I think I'm the most system-neutral of them all. I was actually surprised at how strongly Ross "Spyke" Wynn and Gary "Ocelot" Astleford believe in the the Interlock system. There you go, talking about me behind my back. Hmph. I guess Interlock represented a lot of my "firsts" in gaming, so I have a strong attachment to it. I've posted how I feel about it, so I won't go into it again. I don't think that Fuzion fixes all of the problems, and while I appreciate what it's trying to do, I think it goes about it in the wrong way. It's late. Dammit. Gary
  8. I'm embarassed. It's been nearly a year since my last post on this topic. Where to begin? I don't know if I'll ever get this game off the ground (or below the surface, as the case may be). It's a shame; I really, really like the Blue Planet setting. It might be more "transhuman" than "cyberpunk," but it really is a neat setting with some interested mechanics behind it. I should probably explain a few things. I lost my job in August of '03. I was back at work in a new position with another company relatively quickly, but my hours had shifted and I was working plenty of overtime. Round about December, I had a Star Wars-themed article published in Polyhedron. It was a springboard of sorts, and I've been writing freelance on and off since then. Call it selling out to the man, or what have you, but anyone who knows anything about me knows that I've been writing for a long time. A chance to do what I enjoy and get paid for it? I'd be a fool not to try. I think I've been pretty lucky so far. So now, I've come full circle. I've been at my "new" job for over a year, and I've got 2 or 3 paying writing projects on the burners at the moment with another three awaiting publication. I've been promoted at work; which means less overtime and more leeway in the afternoons to pursue my freelance career. On top of all that, it looks like I'm going to be a dad come April, which will likely bite into what little free time I have left. So that's my excuse for letting Blue Planet lapse into limbo. It doesn't quite beat "My dog ate it," but it's something. I apologize to all the original players, who took their precious time to think up and work on their character concepts, and email me with that information. I also apologize to the (potentially) new players, one of whom has emailed me and asked if I'm still planning to get the game moving. For the present, it doesn't appear as if that's going to happen. Gary
  9. I need to dig out my notes and get kicking (swimming?) on this again. Glad to see you fellows aren't ostracizing me too terribly... G
  10. Damn, it's still here. Any of you guys still around?
  11. Hey! It's been a little while, I admit. Things have been hectic for me over the past couple weeks. It could mean paying work (in regards to writing), so you might say I've jumped on it with both feet. I'd still like to run this game, but I'm not entirely sure when I'll be able to devote a significant amount of time to it. If I manage to finish my projects prior to deadline and there aren't any more tacked on top of them in the meantime, I would think we can start up in a couple of weeks, three tops. I'm sorry about this, guys. If that's too long a stay, let me know. I feel like I'm letting you down. Gary
  12. I'm still here, just catching up on work in the real world. Gary
  13. Just a quick message this morning. I've found a (very) brief timeline for BP posted on the web, and you can find it here. It isn't detailed, and only covers events from 2011 to 2199. I plan to go into more detail on some of these events, especially the Blight, within the next day or so. In the meantime, if you have any questions, ask away. Gary
  14. Ocelot

    Basic Mechanics

    Quote For you perusal, I present Malek™'s System - Seems to be a good guide to go by, Malek. I was going to suggest a similar system, but since you've outlined yours, we'll stick with it and that will be that. Quote Also, you're probably aware of this - BUT, Forum games have a halflife of 2 months, regardless the ingenuity of story or interest of players. Keep the pressure up, keep it intense, and you should keep the game... I think this is because a Forum is a relatively slow medium, and any time the action drags, it drags for WEEKS. In that case, let's make a deal before we get started. If anyone gets tired of the game, doesn't want to play, or finds that they don't have the time to dedicate to the game, let me know. And that goes for me, too. If my life goes to hell in a handbasket and starts to get hectic squared, I'll be a man, stand up proudly, and say in my best whiny ninny-man voice, "I can't do this anymore, you mofos are on your own." Well, maybe not in such graceful prose, but you get the idea. Gary
  15. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Slap me and call me "stupid," but I managed to completely zone on the fact that Malek and Harry wanted to be doing work in space! I kept seeing "ships" referred to, and was thinking of ocean vessels. Doh. Anyway, this won't affect Harry much, since he hasn't gotten his character yet, but I'm going to have to adjust Malek's backgrounds slightly. And that will be that. I'll send the re-finished product to you as soon as I'm able. Sometimes it feels like I'm doing ten things at once. Hey, wait, I am... Gary
  16. One more question for you guys... I'm going to list five senses, and I would like you guys to specify which of them your character might have that are superior than the others. If you select one sense (say Vision) as being good, you'll have to specify another sense (say Hearing) as being not-so-good. As a third option, you can leave them alone, and use your default values. I figured I'd give you the choice, if you want it. The senses are: Chemical: Your sense of smell and taste. Hearing: How well you hear. Intuition: That uncanny sense that gives you the feeling you're being watched, etc. Touch: Your sensitivity to tactile pressure. Vision: How well you can see. Gary
  17. Ocelot

    Basic Mechanics

    It's been a while since I've GMed a game online. Years and years, in fact. Most of the games I'd done back then were single-player games via email. I've also run a few games in Instant Messages, also with a single player (you can see transcripts of it here if you so desire). I suppose I'm wondering if you veterans can give me an idea of how things tend to be done here so that I can try and mesh what you're used to with the methods that I'll probably end up using. I'm all for "free-form" play in most respects, but I require a little bit of warning every so often. It's one thing to clear equipment and gear with me ahead of time, but I'd prefer that I not be the last person to find out that your character has something out of the ordinary. I also plan to do all the dice rolling. This isn't to say I'll be rolling dice for everything that you do (that's not my style), but I prefer to keep a random element in the game. We're here to tell a story, not to lean on mechanics. That isn't to say that there might not come a time when the future of all mankind hinges on one specific task or die roll, but it's not likely to happen. I intend to keep the level of realism more or less down-to-earth. Keep this in mind if you want to do something that is incredibly risky or cinematic. Combat in this game is pretty deadly. I don't expect a lot of it to happen, but I'm sure that there will come a time when your characters will be forced to choose between capping someone and being capped yourselves. That's all I can really think of right now. Please feel free to jump in. Gary
  18. Malek and Harry: You guys don't mind having a lot of the same skills and aptitudes, do you? Outside of their attributes, your characters share a lot of similar skills and abilities. So long as you don't mind doubling up in a few areas, I figure you'll do well. Let me know! Not to light a fire under Dog Soldier, but I should have his character done just as soon as I get his twenty questions back. Harry's character is next in the queue prior to that, I figure he'll be done by tomorrow night. This weekend is looking busy, but if everything goes well I figure we can actually get started by the middle of next week. In the meantime, I'm going to post in the Basic Mechanics thread about how we'll be doing things, game-wise. Check it out and speak up. Gary
  19. Quote Has a plain ole' 9mm pistol and 2 clips. (what will customs think of this?) Depending on how you get to Poseidon, they might not think much of it. More on that later. Insofar as guns are concerned, they aren't much different than the ones we have today, with some exceptions. They are primarily constructed of plastics or alloys, and fire caseless high-density plastic ammunition. Most are semiautomatic and use binary chemical propellants. Two inert compounds are stored separately in a disposable reservoir clipped into the gun. When the gun is charged, a small amount of the chemicals are mixed in an ignition chamber. A trigger pull creates an electric charge which ignites the liquid, firing the bullet. Quote Laptop to do calculations and play games on. If/when he buys a net connection he should be able to plug it in and do online stuff. Well, in that case, I have news for you: body computers, affectionately referred to as "bodycomps." These are the 2199 A.D. equivalent of personal computers, and they're small. Just about everyone has one, too. In space or on Poseidon, wrist-worn bodycomps are preferred. On Earth (which is where you're from, obviously), credit card-like bodycomps are the norm. They can be clipped to clothing, hung from neck cords, etc. A standard bodycomp uses verbal or cursor control input with a holographic display. If it's equipped with the proper hardware and options, most any interface will work fine. Standard options include at least one port for a dataspike (see below), and a wireless modem for accessing CommCore (see below, as well). A dataspike is described as the final successor to the laser disk. They are small cylinders, with a blunt, optical-grade plastic point at one end. They can store up to one terabyte of information. Now, CommCore is the TV, newspaper, telephone, town hall, shopping mall, movie theater, video arcade, singles bar, business office, and public library of 2199. If you don't have access to CommCore, you're either living in BFE, or you're just plain wierd. It's everything that the internet is today, and more. Quote To work out how much money the characters should have, we need a firmed up idea of how they got to Poseidon. I was thinking Malek's got there as ship crew taking payment 'in kind' - ie: he'd only have his savings from when he was on Earth, and his wages for the trip WERE the trip. Getting to Poseidon is the relatively easy part, and I've been giving it some thought. As we were planning to start the lot of you off on Earth before we ship you off to the blue planet, it gives me an opportunity to bring you together. You've each been contacted individually (or together, as with Malek and Harry) by an eccentric industrialist who needs several pairs of hands on Poseidon. In exchange for him footing the bill for your trip to Poseidon, you have agreed to work for him, representing his interests for a specific period of time. This is not to say that you won't become involved in dramas of your own, but that's the risk you're willing to take. In the case of Kurt Steele, formerly an executive with Anasi Systems, the old man is looking for someone to take charge of this group and keep them honest. Kurt was turned on to this unique opportunity by friends at Anasi after the unfortunate death of his wife's lover. Anasi publicly distanced themselves from Kurt on the off chance that his role in his wife's lover's death would cause a scandal. The scandal was a mere flash in the pan, but years of loyal corporate service were not soon forgotten. FYI, Anasi Systems specializes in biomods, pharmaceuticals, and health care. It is famous for developing a countervirus designed to attack and cure AIDS in the early 21st century. Anasi was also the first Incorporate state to defend its sovereign territory from foreign aggression when it destroyed Damascus, Syria, with a 10 megaton nuclear warhead. Although Anasi has profited from the discovery of Longevity Ore (commonly called "Long John") on Poseidon, it has very little in the way of official holdings on the blue planet. Please note that Incorporate States, like Anasi, aren't simply corporations -- they are nations in and of themselves. Being a citizen of an Incorporate State means that you are also an employee. I'm going to need to go over the basic history of the game world before we begin, and I'll try to keep it as concise as possible. There's a lot to it, but you only really need to know the salient details before we get moving. As always, any questions can be addressed to me here, or in email. Gary
  20. This topic is for discussion of the basic rules that Blue Planet uses, which arealso known as the Synergy Game System. The purpose of this topic is to let you know what the numbers on your character sheet mean. I only plan to touch on basic concepts, as I would prefer that the players focus more on character than on mechanics. As previously discussed in the Blue Planet Prep topic, there are eight primary attributes (Build, Fitness, Agility, Dexterity, Awareness, Intellect, Presence, and Will) and four derived attributes (Endurance, Reflexes, Strength, and Toughness). The average, unmodified human being has a rating of 0 (zero) in each of his attributes, and these can range as low as -3 (horrible) to as high as +3 (superior). Skills, on the other hand, are rated on a scale between 0 (no training) to 10 (elite). When a skill is used, a d10 is rolled, with the skill rating in question being the target number. This target number is futher modified by the appropriate attribute. In the case of a character with a Dexterity of +1 and a Handguns skill of 5, a result of 6 or less on 1d10 (prior to any other modifiers for range or other circumstances) would be required for success. Now we come to the subject of Aptitudes. Each character has a number of Superior and Strong Aptitudes. If you have a Superior or a Strong aptitude with a certain skill group, all attempts to use the skills in that group are made by rolling addition d10s. In the case of Superior Aptitudes, 3d10 is rolled, and in the case of Strong Aptitudes, 2d10 is rolled. Only the lowest result of the two (or three) dice is used, which increases your chances for success. Skills can be used untrained. This is accomplished by using the proper attribute as a base target number. This makes most skill rolls that are attempted fairly difficult, unless they involve relatively simple or routine tasks. A character with no Computer skill and an Intellect of +1 should be able to complete most simple tasks on his desktop system -- using a search engine to find basic information on the internet or properly using a word processor would be considered routine tasks, giving him a +3 bonus on his roll (bringing his total difficulty number to 4, including his Intellect bonus). Attributes can also be tested. When rolling to use an attribute, the attribute's total is added to a base difficulty of 5, which can also be modified depending on the difficulty of the task in question. Two dice are rolled (as if the attribute in question were a Strong aptitude), and at least one of them must be equal to or less than the target number. For example, a character with Agility -1 attempts to balance on a narrow beam. His base target number is 4 (5-1=4), and he must roll that or less on 2d10. If there were a strong crosswind, this might be further modified by an additional -1 (or in some cases, -3 or -5). And that's about it for now. I hope it's not too confusing, but it should give you an idea of what your character can or can't do. As it stands, I've got two characters more or less done (Split and Malek), with only two more to go. Later, I plan to give you a run-down as to how the basics of combat and damage work. Until then... Gary
  21. Quote Aside from being Transhuman he was also born with Accelerated Neurons, Extra-Sensory Perception Enhancement, Dexterity Enhancement, an Pheromones. You'll need to trim Kurt's biomod selection down a little bit. While your choice of species is free (Transhuman being a type of Genie), you only have starting access to one major modification and three minor modifications. Accelerated Neurons, the ESP Enhancement, and the Dexterity Enhancement are all major mods. If you could exchange two of those for minor mods, that would be good. Quote Comments? Sounds like an interesting character, with good administrative skills. It'll be interesting (and fun) to see how you guys all fit together. I take it you decided against him killing his ex-wife and her lover? Gary
  22. Quote I'll go for cyber eyes with LB and shiny black surface treatment, thanks... "LB" meaning Light Amplification, right? Quote How much in the way of funds and equipment should we start with? We could probably borrow a few toolkits and some welding gear from the ship... I'm planning to give everyone a reasonable amount of stuff ("reasonable" meaning that I get to veto anything that seems unbalancing or outside of your character concept). If you've got an idea of the sorts of stuff you'd like, let me know. Most mundane items (such as clothing, etc.) can be assumed, but if you want some type of weapon, armor, or specialized gear, just ask. I don't really want to post a comprehensive equipment list, though I will cobble one together if you guys really want one. Gary
  23. Malek asketh: Quote What ad's/disads do the cybernetic eyes have? I'm suddenly not to sure of the cats eyes thing...doesn't suit character look. If this was punk I'd be going for LB, thermograph(for spotting overheating machinery) and a cosmetic option to make them all black. Cybernetic eyes in BP are similar to those in Cyberpunk. Each eye is a separate minor modification, but I would consider two eyes as a single minor modification so long as the total cost of the eyes and their options did not exceed 10,000 CS (see note at the end of this post). A suite of two normal cybernetic eyes runs 7,000 CS. Sensory mods (such as IR) need to be integrated into each eye, or else there is a penalty to vision-related checks when utilizing that sensor mode. As an example, if you wanted two normal cybereyes, each equipped with Light-Amplification, the total cost would be 9,100 CS (and considered (by me) to be a single minor modification). The color change (black, in your case) would be cosmetic, and the cost for such a personalization wouldn’t be likely to raise the overall cost by much. Improved cybereyes cost significantly more (would be considered major modifications), but they do have some added benefits. The optical options listed in Fluid Mechanics include: Freeze-Frame: A digital camera integrated into a cybereye. Up to 100 high-resolution digital images can be stored, and downloaded into an implanted microcomp or to an external computer via neural jack. You don’t need this option in both eyes for it to function normally, but if you do, the images you generate can be converted into stereoscopic 3D. Cost is 950 CS per eye. Infrared: Perceive infrared and thermal energy as a visual stimulus. Cost is 1,100 CS per eye. Light-Amplification: This provides the same sort of bonuses as the Night Vision biomod, but includes an integrated flash suppressor which automatically compensates for sudden bright inputs. Cost is 1,050 CS per eye. Telescopic Vision: Provides up to 5X magnification. Cost is 875 CS per eye. Ultraviolet: Allows the user to perceive the ultraviolet spectrum. Cost is 1,200 CS per eye. A note on modifications and the distinction between Major and Minor: Major mods are anything with a cost of more than 10,000 corp scrip, while minor mods cost 10,000 CS or less. There are some mods in the book(s) that I’ve omitted because they exceed my upper ceiling for cost (which is, incidentally, around 100,000 CS). I want this game to be less about money and more about character, so I’m merely dividing the mods into Major and Minor groups, and letting you choose one Major and three Minor. Note that you don’t have to take all of the mods that you’re allowed, but you may as well. And just to make sure it’s clear, you can’t trade in your Major mod for Minor mods, or vice versa. Harry said: Quote I think i may have lead you down the garden path. I meant by doing the 20 questions bit and all the rest that u posted. I kinda figured there wouldnt be much left to a character after answering the questions. Ill send you the txt of it when im done. (proli by this sunday comming) and also i do not have the books. Okay, that makes sense. We're not on a strict timetable here, and I figure we'll probably get started within two weeks if things go smoothly. Gary
  24. Quote Ive made an executive decision and ill have a chew at making my own character. Harry, do you have the books? I wasn't aware that anyone but me did! Let me know what you come up with. Gary
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