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  1. QUOTE (Critias @ Jan 7 2005, 06:47 PM) It says you don't play many video games. Nonononononononononono!!!! Trust me I played more games than ANYONE on this forum! Piracy is a VERY developed SCG
  2. Count Zero kicks ass but Neuromancer is still the king in Sprawl triology!
  3. My list of best games EVER: 1.Secret of monkey island 1,2,3 and 4. 2.Nothing 3.Nothing 4.Nothing 5.Deus ex 1 This says everything, I think
  4. Here's something from my brain workshop. A song about wasted marriages and such. Pretty deppresive BTW. It's first thing me and my band created. Scratches Every morning, when I wake up, I am only certain that I have missed the runway, And landed in the shit, I will dress up quickly and I’ll go to work, Afterwards, I have seven hours of free time, Do you remember when we kissed last time? And hugged each other so gently, That our lips shake, I, wouldn’t be jealous if I sawed you with another man, Leave me alone to cry, I am destroyed and tired, Scratches, scratches, scratches, scratches… Chorus: That’s everything that left, From our love, Scratches, scratches, scratches, scratches… Yes, everything that left, From our love, I dream of you as you drown in the mud, Potential is a strange thing once it is a habit, Grip me strongly, it’ll last shorter and there will be fewer scratches, Masturbation is better even when I think of trees, I just want my mind to steer clear off you, I was so young when we made the first one, Now we have three kids and I try to love them, Only scratches, scratches, scratches, scratches, Chorus: Scratches are all that left, From our love, Scratches, scratches, scratches, scratches… Yes everything that left, From our love, You listen to beautiful music, I throw up around the apartment, You’re making beautiful goblets, And hang them on the wall, I am going out to fishing, football, pub, And I always wondered with what you were poising my food, Long ago I battered my TV remote, I read all the newspaper and fell asleep underneath them, I am dead for the long time, but no one even notice, I am not needed to anyone, And now everything I have is, Scratches, scratches, scratches, scratches… Chorus: That’s everything that left, From our love, Yes, everything that left, From our love, Scratches, scratches, scratches, scratches…
  5. QUOTE My favorite quote is actually from So Long and Thanks For All the Fish. I wish I could remember exactly what it was, but when I read it I had to put the book down and leave the room I was laughing so fucking hard I think you were reffering to this, ...And a bathroom big enough to swing a cat inside it. "But only", explained Fenecherch, " If it's a cat that doesn't mind a cracked skull." Daglas Adams was a DEEPLY desturbed character
  6. Nick shake his head and looks on everyone in the room slowly passing from one to another. Then, when everybody 'else finish what they had to say, he looks back at Blackburn and says, "Ok, let' hit the road then!"
  7. Nick puts an evil grin on his face when Blackburn looks him but says nothing. He concentrates at swordfish and keeps quiet. When swordfish is turned into little pile of bones on his plate, Nick speaks to Blackburn: "Are you sure that four of us will be enough for this? And," he continues, "What kept that Asian miss from joining us?"
  8. Nick grins and says: " Swordfish here, also".
  9. I think I know that one. I am currently reading whole book so when I come to that part I'll let you know. David Bowie joke from So long.... is one of the best also the one about pencil planet from first book
  10. Nick cnuckles, opens up menu and starts scanning it for something with high calories. In pauses of reading the menu he emagines several ways of cracking Jack's head open. OOC:Nothing personal, mate
  11. Wow, I heard about the movie LOOOOOOOOONG time ago but never thought that dram will come true! Great! Anyways, what's your favorite quotes from the book?
  12. Nick takes a sip of his wine and speaks to Black Jack, "What EXATCLY you want out of us? Quit spilling shit willya?"
  13. That book is a hitter, I was really sorry when Daglas Adams died. Great dude. My favorite character is Marvin, android-paranoid
  14. It's one of the rare books you read and kill yourself laughing each few senteces. My favorite joke is the one about David Bowie "imagine David Bowie. Then imagine another David Bowie on his head. Then imagine a David Bowie on each ear of upper David Bowie and put it all in bathing suit. You'll get the picture "
  15. Anyone read this book? It ain't cyberpunk(In fact it's something as far away from CP as SF can go ) but I don't think I read anything funnier in my whole life. Tons and tons of apsurd humor.
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