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  1. Georges Hebert, the great-grandfather of parkour (and military-style obstacle courses and ideas of "primitive" exercise patterns), was known to have studied both savate and French methods of the cane. So, you could bump kick up a touch (+2), add a strike (+1) and drop a point somewhere else (+1 Throw?), without changing the difficulty of Combat Parkour (by the MA Unlimited rules). Personally, I like the "primarily evasive" style of combat parkour. It's more about getting away then getting bogged down in fighting. The punches and kicks are just backups, but it's mostly about sweeps and throws to put the other guy down, then continue your run. I could see a gang of traceurs contracting as messengers and couriers using this. Getting from point A to point B, regardless of obstacles or opponents, is the primary objective.
  2. Using the Martial Arts Unlimited rules, you could reduce its version of Jattenhand to create Parkour. (Don't remember if the version of Jattenhand exactly matches the version created here.) Maybe Parkour (2): +1 Sweep, +3 Dodge, +3 Escape. And allow it as a bonus to Athletics as well (REF+Athletics+Parkour). Essentially a lot of evasive techniques, plus a sweep as the sole offensive technique. Describe it as any kind of knock-down, whether a kick, a body check, dodging through their legs and knocking them down, or anything else, in the process of evading and running. Maybe even create a "mid-point" combative art between Parkour and Jattenhand for meatboys: Combat Parkour (3): +1 Punch, +1 Kick, +2 Sweep, +3 Dodge, +3 Escape, +2 Throw. Plus the Athletics bonus. Beefs up the sweep, plus basic punching and kicking. Also adds a decent throw, in case someone gets hands on you (label grab into a hip throw, for example). All moves focusing on putting your opponent on the ground while you run. And especially if you're fighting on rooftops, a sweep or throw could lead to a lethal multi-story fall. But, from the outside, it mostly looks like a lot of dodging, evading and running. Sort of like disguising Capeoria as dance. The martial arts approach would also fit the training idea for parkour. It's not just a simple skill you learn, but techniques and practice learned under a master.
  3. The other thing to remember is that social cohesion and unrest is often a factor of relative local satisfaction. So, sure, fewer people than ever are living on less than $1.90 a day, but when your neighbors, or the people in that gated enclave over there, are living on two, three or twenty times what you are, it starts to look pretty bad. The next green revolution may guarantee that no one will starve because of vat-grown textured vegetable protein, SCOP and getting insects into our diet, but when the people in the gleaming towers are dining on steak, that's a recipe for social unrest. And, in the face of unrest, the people in the towers might start rationing the supplies of SCOP to keep the people weak. Now you have a food riot. Various flavors of socialism aren't the only way you'll get starvation. And cyberpunk is perfect in that environment.
  4. "Is this way because of legitimately tragic backstory." Excellent and creative adventure.
  5. Been meaning to make some comments on this, but something just struck me. This might be too much of a system redesign, but... Maybe for some of these, like the Streetdeal one, we could present the player (and their GM) with a choice of skill or contact. For example, you hung out with a local fixer, as look-out, messenger, etc. You could either leverage that experience into learning how to be a fixer (Streetdeal +2) or, if you're heading in a different direction (maybe as a tech or something), you could retain that fixer as a contact for later in life. Especially for entries like that (or The Pack, etc), it's kind of skating the line between learning a skill and making a friend.
  6. I don't think you should cover every skill, but hitting the highlights and covering the "class" bases would be good. Obviously we should tread carefully around the risk of min/max munchkinism, but I like the idea that an adult solo probably showed signs as a kid. Some time in a dojo, or running with a gang, or idolizing the military, etc. So, having some life events that, taken together, give that developing solo all the relevant skills would be kind of cool. Because then, if you play classless, you could use the narrative structure of the youth lifepath to create the framework of your character's skillset.
  7. We could add "Financial Windfall" back in, as an inheritance or something. Maybe something held in trust that the character won't be able to access until adulthood. Regardless, breaking things down by attribute grouping: INT (Ace School, Video Games, some Scouting, Foreign Experience) REF (Ace Sports, some Scouting) COOL TECH (Ace Arts, Up to No Good) ATTR MA BOD (some Ace Sports) EMP (In Your Care) So, maybe something for COOL skills, or ATTR, or the "engineering" side of TECH skills (Basic tech, electronics, cybertech, etc)? ?. Get Your Hands Dirty Maybe you followed your building superintendent around as an apprentice, or got into the DIY/Maker scene, or just liked taking things apart. Boost Basic Tech by +1 (or start it at +2), plus one other technical skill (Electronics, Tech: Asstd) at +1 Not sure what to do about COOL skills... Maybe something like a cross between "In Your Care" and "The Pack," to include Intimidation, Oratory, Streetwise (again), etc? For ATTR skills, maybe a "be a fashion maven" item? Someone who reads all the fashion magazines, follows celebrity trends, watches all the makeup tutorials on the net? A phase the character goes through, but it gives them a persistent basic skill at Wardrobe or Grooming, even if they're no longer a fashion geek as an adult.
  8. My father-in-law was 100% Chicago Polish (think his parents were 1st generation, grandparents immigrants, but I'd have to ask my wife). When he was born, they lived in a heavily Polish neighborhood, but as he grew up, it slowly morphed into Hispanic. He knew some excellent Spanish swears, as a result. Although, these days, there's less such movement, but who knows what the dark future holds.
  9. Maybe History: Art? If you really get into painting, you've probably spent some time studying other paintings. Love playing the guitar, probably listen to a lot of music. Some kind of "cultural backgrounder" kind of skill in your art of choice. Or, maybe a technical skill related to the art, where applicable (Chemistry +1 for photography, if you develop your own film, or Electronics +1 if you tweak your own electronic instrument, etc). Maybe come up with some background and technical skills for each art, and let the player choose one, based on their character concept. Very nice. For US characters, there's the "army brat" idea. With our bases all over the world, there are a lot of kids who spent chunks of their youth in Germany or Japan or elsewhere, learning the language and culture. Or even within the US, as their parent was posted from one base to another. That's less common elsewhere in the world, but here, it's one of the most common methods of "foreign experience," unless your parents have money or connections for frequent overseas travel.
  10. Maybe, for childhood friends, enemies and contacts, there should be a "level" associated? For example, "level 1" contacts are lost when you grow up, but might impact other youth rolls (and might be strengthened to "levels 2 or 3" through a crafted narrative. "Level 2" contacts will persist until adulthood, but might be lost through moving. "Level 3" contacts will persist all the way, even if you move. So, really close friends or particularly vengeful enemies might persist, even as you grow older and move across the country. And for some fairly tight friends or enemies with a grudge, you'll stay in contact when you get older, but maybe not put in the effort to stay in long distance touch. And everyone else is left behind when you grow up, because your childhood playmate probably doesn't really mean much when you're an adult. This might require a bit of a rewrite of the system. But you could integrate it into other events. "Someone betrays you, roll again: 1-3) an established or new level 1 friend turns on you; 4-5) a level 2 friend turns on you; 6) a level 3 friend turns against you." Higher levels have a greater emotional impact on the character, if you're writing up a background narrative. A few "level 3 betrayals" could end up with a character who completely avoids emotional connection, as an adult. Or the "local wildlife likes you" kind of entry could be something like "if a level 1 contact already exists in a local gang, they become a level 2 friend; otherwise a new level 1 contact is created." Then, when all the life events are rolled, and you create, promote or lose contacts, you can then use one of the contact rules to create more or less powerful contacts in relation to their level (i.e. level 3 contacts will always try to help you, level 2s will often try to help you and level 1s might, if it also serves them, etc).
  11. I could see this as having a juvenile record sealed. Not new shoes, but locking away the record so it doesn't follow you as an adult. I think this is a definite possibility. Most places seem to have a minimum driving age of 18, but some go as young as 14. But, this doesn't have to just be a motor vehicle, or a larger motor vehicle at least. Tweak the vehicle options for a cool bike, or a little moto-scooter. Something that extends the range of the little tyke, makes them cooler in the eyes of their compatriots, and maybe give them an employment opportunity as a runner or delivery kid for a local drug gang. Depending on final results, I might leave this in. Maybe tweak the text to something like "Spent more time being active than playing video games" or something, but it could be a benefit to a proto-solo or something, growing up fit and strong in a world of couch potatoes and junk food. This might work better in the "Make Friends" table, but this could reflect a kindly neighbor who became like an adopted uncle or aunt, or a favorite school teacher, or a nice shop owner who hired you to sweep the floors in the summer. Someone you could run to when bad things happen. You could be framed by another kid. Tick off the second-in-command of the local youth gang (kiss their sibling or their love interest, be a threat to their power, wear a cool new outfit better than them, etc) and maybe they drop a zip gun in your school bag that gets caught by the security guards at school, or something. Same as the criminal framing. Childhood rivalries can be nasty. And again. Maybe blend this, "Betrayed" and "Imprisonment" together? Some big, mondo-bummer "someone screwed you over" entry? Ticked off a little rich kid, who's mommy or daddy is a corporate bigwig? The rich kid has all the toys to use against you, or even convinces their parents to come after you. These are kids, so maybe instead of corporate hit teams, the rich kid can hire local bullies to make life hard. And this could carry forward as that rich kid grows up to enter the firm but hold a grudge. For wannabe Corps, this could be a cool plot hook, competing for an internship with the VP's kid. You're better at the job, but they have the connections. You could have a REP, but it would be smaller. Think of the scope of the player being the same, but smaller, for teenage characters. Instead of having a city-wide REP as a badass, it's at your high school. For a kid, that's just as important. It could go away when they grow up, or it could stick around, if their classmates are still part of their social circle when they're adults. Maybe re-write this as "mom or dad gets sold out, and you're moved away from all your friends and gang."
  12. But you could, conceivably, use your "young lifepath" as an extension on the existing lifepath to create an emergent family status. Instead of a single dice roll saying "congrats, mum and da died and yer an orphan," you could roll up the bones of a whole narrative for why you were warped into donning a cybernetic bat suit to fight crime. With in game effects as well. It adds more dice rolling, sure, but in this day and age, with spreadsheets and dice rolling apps, that's less a concern, I think. Given the tables, someone could easily make their own "character creator" that rolls up everything for them, at once or in steps. And it's dice rolls you only do at the beginning, rather than all the time during game play.
  13. Instead of "going in" and "coming out," maybe you mean "to penetrate armor" and "after penetration, if it penetrates?" So, 1d6AP against an SP10 concealed vest. Then, if a round rolls a 6, it gets 1pt through the armor, with additional 2d6 done directly to the body. Good chance of during 8pts per round, easily adding up to a fatal wound. Personally, I'm not a fan of the usual uses of needle or flechette weapons. They should have much better penetration, and much worse standard body damage. Not just standard bullet AP. More like 1/4 armor penetration and 1/4 damage. So, a 1d6 has a reasonable chance of penetrating any light armor, but does only a point of damage. Then, on top of that, do the extra damage for HE needles or the stitchers. Maybe "soft" needles, which bend during armor penetration, would be 1/4 and 1/2, but only against armor (otherwise, the usual 1/4 damage against an unarmored target).
  14. I like all the extra tables you've described. I've seen classic generation systems that's mostly Who, What, Where and Against Whom. All those extra tables give a lot of detail. It'd create a very elaborate skeleton that the GM can flesh out and articulate.
  15. I like your idea, and I'll need to think on it and find ways to obliterate it... er, I mean comment. But, in the meantime, I think a name generator is too location specific. We ran into that with the city kit. NPC names will differ depending on what ethnic or national groups are common in your gaming location. Too varied and huge, and better left to the 'net.
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