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  1. Well, senior officer Mikael van Atta and I finally did it. Behold! The drone book lives! 😃





    So, you need a drone, or a bot, fast? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got Fast And Dirty Drones for all occasions. Whether it walks or crawls, flies or swims, we’ve got the very best in streamlined components for you to build your newest and craziest autonomous buddy, lightning-fast. 

    Then, take a stroll around our Machine Shop, and marvel at the 12 comprehensive and highly detailed production lines available to enable the smooth manufacture of unique, interesting drones, remotes and robots. Trick them out with jump-jets, and not even the sky is the limit! Heavily armed and with free will? Yes you can! 

    And finally, go window shopping in the Drone Depot, where you will find 10 examples of the kinds of drones and remotes that can be generated with the resources found within this book. Remember, you scratch it, you pay for it. And as all our remotes are stat-free, you can build them for any reputable game system! 


    Remote Control is an extremely comprehensive, 34 page, procedural drone, remote and bot generator (lots and lots of tables!) for any SF and cyberpunk RPG, written by venerable Views From The Edge luminary Mateusz Wiśniewski, with design and layout by Paul D Gallagher, and with proceeds going to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    And like Augmented Reality, Remote Control is system-agnostic, suitable for any cyberpunk or near future sci-fi roleplaying system!



  2. My own homebrew setting does something similar to this…


    I'd love to hear more about this. I have a Kashmir Emergency in the background of my current London campaign.

  3. Manufacturers:

    1. Power / fuel industry (powerplants, oil industry, biofuels...)

    2. Chemical industry (pharmaceutics, fertilizers, reagents...)

    3. Mining / heavy industry (mines, raw material processing - steel mills, ironworks, the like, also ceramics including building materials)

    4. Vehicle industry (planes, trains, automobiles. May include military hardware)

    5. Food industry (agricorps, fishing, hydroponics)

    6. Electronic industry (wirstwatch to supercomputer, and cyberwares too)

    7. Textiles & fashion industry

    8. Defence Industry (weapons, armour, military vehicles and PA, munitions, drones, GPS systems etc.)

    9. Machine industry (tools, machines and instruments. May include weapons)

    10. Wood industry (wood & paper).


    ...not perfect, needs a second look. And one more choice.




  4. Little tweak:


    0 Above Difficult:

    > 1-7 Very Difficult. Excellent barriers and counterintrusion measures. Might include illegal programs.

    > 8-0 Extremely Difficult. State of the art anti-hacking defenses. Likely to include illegal programs. May also have a capable netrunner chaperone.

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