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  1. Those are both doable as far as not violating thermodynamics, though. Ammonium Nitrate with a stabilizing substrate is conceivable for Caseless, and nanites, you're right, they never said whether they were Top-down, or Bottom-up engineered, but again, at least you don't have to break the light barrier. Alls I'm saying is,there's bullshit, believable bullshit, and imfukinpossible pseudoscience. As soon as you can tell me how to sense the EM spectrum, and simultaneously sheild the sensor from the EM spectrum, I'm goinna point at it, and tell you why it won't work. Till then, it's a waterpro
  2. I see...I don't recall any explaination of how they managed to get stable propellant blocks for caseless, or managed to make nanites, or any of the other crap that we can't do now, pretty much most of the game, but whatever, it's your game.
  3. Well fair enough, but it's not one I'd use. We're wiring up someones disembodied brain into a gigantic robot killing machine, I can quite happily accept that the people that can do that can find a way round the problem.
  4. @Psi Doesn't that effectively make EMP shielding on a borg pointless? I don't recall anything about EMP shielding not effecting sensors in the rules...come to think of it I can't remember much about whether you could buy EMP shielding for full borgs anyway. Not that you can't houserule in anything you want.
  5. Do you mean "Panzer Kunst"? Or something else?
  6. For PA I can see what you are getting at. Borgs however, I have always assumed they just hold and cushin the brain that well that it's not going to happen, it is the most vital part after all. Anything that would hit hard enough to jog the brain would be destroying the borg anyway. Plus, who said the brain is in the head? Mind you, you could say the same (concussion damage from hitting the outer hull) for people in vehicles, or behind walls. I think you are overcomplicating things.
  7. I'm confused Wraith...what is it about this little scene that you find objectionable or out of place? Nothing going on there that hasn't been going on for a long time. Technology is just changing where it happens.
  8. Intelligence and Ref tended to be the Max stats in my games because you can't boost INT with cyber and they give you more pickup skills...oh look at me, off topic again. Surprise. On topic, yeah what they said already. As for martial arts I always had punching & kicking as stun damage that gives 1 point of real damage for every 4 stun, that kept MA skills from being quite so powerful.
  9. That was pretty much my thoughts too. Well, first it was "is this some kind of joke, it's not april the first yet is it? No, that's a couple of days away...". Oh well, sounds like your happy Wiz, and that's the main thing.
  10. Looks interesting. I will be keeping a very close eye on this.
  11. Wow, the guys on the escapist will be having a field day.
  12. I might be interested in playing as long as we can talk to each other in realtime with one of those conferencing programmes, even better if we have webcams as well, I just don't get on with MSN games.
  13. Looks cool, I'll certainly be picking up a copy.
  14. Cool, thanks. I thought they would probably wear appropriate camo gear, but I wanted to make them unmistakably Militech, so I think it's going to be grey fatigues and black armour, helmets, boots and straps etc. The militech logo is a capital M inside a square isn't it?
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