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  1. In a way, Im very excited, in a way (after seeing cybepunk 3) Im very scared...
  2. I would say its accurate as well... I have so many games I have purchased that I have never played... In fact im getting ready to sell off about 12 linear foot worth of game books. we still try and spread it out as much as possible, so we are playing games like Adventure!, Deadlands, Warhammer FRP, Star Wars (saga), and champions. Most of the time I purchase new books to incorperate them into existing campaigns
  3. I mix and match, depending on my mood, but thats the beauty of CP2020, it can be added or removed without hurting anything
  4. Netrunner is an awesome game. Damn you Paul, you've suckered me into telneting in to the landing again haven't you? But of course! I never really tried netrunner til recently, and you are correct it is a great game. the last time I was into the BBS I was too wrapped up in BRE, FE and LORD to do much of anything else... Im still wrapped up in those, but Ive left time for some of the other ones
  5. added 3 more Cyberpunk style games to the BBS to go along with Darkness Netrunner Hackers: Cyber City NY 2008 (plus a metric snotload of other games) As always, they are free to play
  6. how about the thunder 5, fired a .410 shot shell or a .45 long colt http://www.thunder5.com/docs1.html
  7. Exactly, the big change came about the time of AOL, which in and of itself was nothing more than a really big BBS!
  8. I havent lately, but then again, Im not really sure what more I could add at this point in time. I havent played in or ran a CP game in about 2 years, our group has moved onto things like D&D 3.5, Deadlands and Adventure!, and I have spent time working on things for thise games... painting lead for Deadlands and D&D and building the Dirty 30s site for Adventure!. Once I get back in the mood to run Cyberpunk the creative juices will once again start to flow into the dark future part of my brain and things may get added... or I may put the effort into some CP miniatures
  9. I have just reset most of the games on my (Telnet) BBS, one of the games on there is loosly based on Cyberpunk 2020, its called Darkness, and is similer to Legend of the Red Dragon. So come on over if you want to try a little text adventuring telnet://www.gargoyleslanding.com it's free
  10. was at GenCon the last three years, will miss this years, should make it back next year
  11. after a long time off (not counting con games) Im finally starting a new CP 2020 game, based off of the Toxictimes.com PbP game that I started about 7 years ago... It will be street level centered around the Toxic Times bar... any suggestions?
  12. I just uesed the basic elemennts from the series, with none of the players. the players built characters using these rules: http://www.paper-dragon.com/rns/rules/bioworks/ I will be running a new game shortly, and may base it completely off of the series BTW, here is some stuff I managed to grab off of their website a while ago: http://www.gargoyleslanding.com/manticore/
  13. Dark angel? Sounds like fun. More details would be nice... 90545[/snapback] I'll give a breif rundown now and more info when I get a chance to post it. DA has the big mega corps in a rundown world. Manticore has been genetically manipulating children to make supersoldiers out of then then giving them specialized training/indoctranation, Max (Alba) is a super soldier who was imbedded with a cats DNA, so she is fast and nimble. Max is a part of the next generation, the previous generation, while also embedded with animals DNA also took on the physical traits of the anima
  14. none of the ones listed, but I have run one based off of Dark Angel (The TV series), Metropolis (the 1926 movie) and have played in one based off of Cowboy BeBop
  15. just so you can see what has been done before, I have 7 different generators for different authors on my site: http://www.paper-dragon.com/rns/tools/ of them, IIRC, Cybnpc was my favorite. cyber3.3 has the source code included
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