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  1. I feel I have too little spare time at the moment, so I just thought I'd drop in to say that
  2. Manu mentioned street racing and I think there's been a little discussion surrrounding the film "The Fast and the Furious" using the whole illegal hot rod racing/challenge the system type thing to give the game the "edge". Personally no, I've never seen a "sports" campaign. I've had PCs got to a couple of ball games and the like, but never had a professional athlete PC in any of my games.
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    Quote (malek77 @ Nov. 13 2002,06:55) I've been scribbling a bit at home and... It seems the Neo-50's Swedish minimalist design I was steeped in while training is taking over. This means an ultra-clean schmick look, very corporate and stylish...but insufficiently punky. I shall be rectifying this with pipes and wires and things dangling out of its overtidy underside... Now. What I want you to do... Links with the appropriate style - if you've seen a webpage that correctly expressed the philosophy as you see it, give us a link...ie: Death Metal pages, Goth pages, Latex Fetish anything you think generally looks right...I'm aching for some inspiration here that isn't just all my own scribbling... And just because its relevant to an earlier post, i'll be keeping within the general formatting concept used by 'Stormfront', even though the imagery will be quite different... Because wires and pipes are "punky" ?!?!?, cyber maybe, punky I don't know about that. Some links for style http://www.emporio-armani.com http://www.hugoboss.com/index/indexf.html# I've never ever been convinced by the "The Cure takes on AOL" idea. I've always seen it more like the professional edgerunner in a decent suit think Hans Gruber from Die hard as a fixer, or Neil McCauley from Heat as a solo. Not saying it's the only way to look at it, but it's certainly one way.
  4. The discussion moves over a couple of topics, Tony explains that after an intensive "business meeting" with folks who might have had an idea, it seems like there wasn't a leak of information from his organization and that he'd place bets on the team having been followed to the safehouse. He goes on to explain he's not doubting the team's proficiency, and that the heavy hitters involved seemed to be keen on not letting the young lady out of their sight. He's not sure just to what extent these guys would have gone to secure her.
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    Total Recall

    True "cyberpunk" was, 15/20 years ago, stuff like "Blade Runner" and obviously Gibson's books. These days it's come to mean slightly different, broader things to different people. Many of the poeple here have worked the other way, taking elements of the games they've played and looking for those elements in film and TV and literature. These days I think anything slightly futuristic with a dystopian feel is classed as "cyberpunk" it helps if, like Sgt Savage said, there's some gritty aspect to the plot or characters. It's that sort of thing that makes films like Terminator at least as equal of the title "cyberpunk" as anything else out there. It's about fighting against "the machine" knowing you're not going to win. Here the machine is a literal machine, the Terminator itself. In other films the machine isn't literal it's a figurative one, such as the laws and codes we all have to live under as portrayed in the movie Heat a film that's chock full of "punk" attitude but almost devoid of any "cyber" type tech.
  6. Ooh get a load of me in my Air-Phipps armoured cyberboots !!!
  7. Quote (manu @ Nov. 07 2002,08:07) A nice and nasty way to dispatch gun-happy PCs if you know they're coming for you "If they're coming for you" ?!?!?! WTF ? As the GM, you can't play wargames against the PCs, it's not fair and it simply makes you a bad GM. The NPCs have to act in character just like the PCs have to act in character. Sure you can set up building fires and the like. If you want to simply "take out" gun-happy PCs, as the GM, you can have the planet hit by an asteroid the size of the moon. It doesn't solve any power gaming issues. It just removes a power gamer's current character. The power gamer's next character will be just the same as the last one only tweaked a little more in an attempt to survive asteroid impacts. It's not the character who is the trouble it's the PLAYER. Power gaming is something that has to be dealt with more outside of the game than inside.
  8. Quote (manu @ Nov. 07 2002,07:56) Most automatic weapons have rates of fire ranging from 600 to 900 shots/minute. which means 10 to 15 shots a second, 30 to 45 per round. This means you can empty most clips in one round, if you don't stop firing. Basically that's how I look at it. I usually take the "ROF" of a weapon as the number of bullets that can come out of the barrel after someone has pulled the ftigger in the same round. It might not be totally realistic, but it'll do me. We had a BIG discussion about how many actions per round a character can achieve inthe Apo-Stasis forum in the topic Guns Guns Guns, where we were looking at initiative and phases and actions and the like. Folks seem to feel that 3 is about the maximum number of actions that a character can do while having ANY chance of doing anything successfully. I've personally currently got that up to a maximum of 5 under the house rules I run at the moment, but that's literally a Ref 10 Combat Sense 10 Weapon Skill 10 Boosted Reflex and adrenal gland toting killer cyborg who rolled a 10 for his initiative, type affair. the most any of the characters in the game can get is 4 actions per turn and that's on a very good initiative roll. There's a HUGE chance that they're not gonna succeed with the final action either
  9. Tony nods at Shrap's technical tale for a moment then catches the attention of a passing member of the bar staff, muttering something about getting a coffee and gesturing slightly towards Thumper. He returns his full attention to the techie as one of his nameless, faceless companions places another order while the waitress is near. Tony Shrugs his shoulder slightly "So you guys are gonna go put the squeeze down on this 'Relativity' or stake the place out or what?" There's no pressure in his voice, just a seemingly genuine professional curiosity.
  10. My first line of action is to take the player aside and talk to them. Explain that what they're doing is wrong and ask them to tone themselves down to the level that the other players are working at for the sake of the game as a whole. It's one of the reasons I like to have character creation as a group effort rather than a competitive process. It helps get rid of power PCs and makes sure everyone is looking at the right power level for the game. But that's prevention rather than cure. To cure it, I usually try to avoid fighting fire with fire. I disillusion the power gamer and get him bored with his infinite firepower, simply by making his handheld 30mm gatling gun mundane. When the Power gamer says something like "I let loose with Ol' Painless and tear 'em up with some 30mm Gatling action" I come back with something like, "Ok, your targets die horribly, next PC's action please" When they don't even get to roll for their "to hit" and "to damage" rolls because they themselves have made tehm superfluous, I've found that they soon calm down.
  11. Quote (psychophipps @ Nov. 06 2002,00:33) Good points acrossed the board. The issue that I have is that in CP 2020, how often do you run into people without armor? The answer to that kids is, "Pretty much never." Your hulk isn't gonna be out doing an op where he's gonna run into a 7.62mm NATO, which isn't even used in ARs anymore, wearing his skiddies. Armed with this knowledge, we take a 5.56mm NATO round at 17.5 points of damage with an average roll. He takes this wound in the chest and hits the "Critical" wound level if he was in his skiddies. Now, the 5.56mm NATO round has a 98% one shot stop ratio. This means that if you get zapped by a 5.56mm round, there is a 98% chance of you no longer being a threat to the person who just shot you provided it wasn't an effective graze of some sort. I'm all for cinematic play and run and games. However, a character should never be able to take a round as lethal as the 5.56mm in the chest and keep on coming let alone with a percentage chance of 100%+. This is a blatant failing of the system. Overbearing? Opinionated? You bet your ass... Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) But I don't think that's a problem with the BTM, it's a problem with the relatively small damage the big ass weapon does. If the damage roll is lower then it has to represent to bullet not affecting the target as severely, it tumbled outwards instead of upwards, it hit a bone and was deflected relatively harmlessly out of the body just leaving a broken rib etc. The maximum damage roll represents a good solid hit on the target. If the bullet did it's maximum 30 points of damage more often then yes it's pretty much guaranteed to stop folks, if it did a bit more damage on average it might be more realistic. If it did say 10d4 damage that might be more realistic. That averages out at 25 points of damage, and an average guy who gets shot in the chest is going to take 23 points of damage after BTM of -2, putting him squarely in the Mortal 2 category at Stun-5, "Average" folks have a body of 5 to 7 which means that even with an eequal distribution over the three levels of an average body 90% of your average folks are going out of that combat to a failed stun save from that hit. A body 10 character which is represents the very pinnacle of human fitness is still going to take 21 points of damage from a 25 point hit. He'll still be at mortal 2, and still only have a 50%chance of staying awake. His Int, Ref and Cool are all at 1/3 and using the existing game mechanics theres a 90% probability he will be dead within a minute and a 97% probability he'll be dead within 2 minutes. So I'd say if you're going to mess with the damage system in any way, it's not the BTM that's the trouble, it's the fact that guns aren't dangerous enough.
  12. Lets look at why BTM doesn’t play such a big part when things really matter, starting with executions. I’ve got my newest copy of the rulebook in the office here with me, so your page numbers might be a little off, as this is the one with the new artwork and some of the rules clarifications. On p105, in the “Making Attacks” section under “Range Definitions” it’s got point blank as “Point Blank: The weapon is very close to, or in actual physical contact with the target. It will almost always hit, doing maximum damage” A couple of pages earlier on p103, the rule for “Special Wound Cases” … “Head Hits: A head hit always doubles damage.” And then just above that in the “limb loss section” to paraphrase, it states that head wounds over 8 points in damage kill automatically. So, lets execute the two targets and use say a 10mm pistol, which I think many will agree will be the sort of caliber that criminals may use in 2020. Most cops pack at least that now. The crim has the barrel pressed up nice and tight against Aunt May’s forehead, and BLAMMO he fires. A 10mm pistol, does 2d6+3 damage, which at point blank range is going to do the maximum damage of 15 points. It’s a head hit so it does double damage, that’s 30 points. Aunt May has no BTM to take away and the result is 30 points of damage, which is above the 8 necessary to kill her, she’s dead. If we then throw her body on the floor and get ready to execute The Hulk, the hit is still the same, same gun etc. same 30 points of damage, Now take away the hulks oh so unbalancing BTM of –5 points and… oh look it’s made erm well not one iota of difference. 25 is still above 8, he’s dead. If a ridiculously small caliber firearm is used like a 5mm pistol, which only does 1d6 of damage then yes that IS going to have a different result, Aunt may would die and the hulk would JUST survive. But then if he’s a Body 16 character, with a skull now made out of effectively class II armour thanks to the cyberware and nanotech that’s given him that Body 16, he SHOULD survive, as that sort of armour SHOULD stop the smallest of bullets. If there’s no cyberware like the real world, the highest BTM available is –4, which means that no-one can survive being shot in the head execution style, as even the 5mm pistol at 1d6 damage will produce enough damage to cause an 8 point head hit. When you get into the bigger caliber weapons like the 7.62mm assault rifles, the damage they deal out is so much bigger that a sucking chest would on average will do 23 points to someone with no BTM, and someone cybered up to a huge body over 10, is going to take 18 points. Both of these hits are sufficient to put characters into the Mortal wound categories, yes there’s a difference in which mortal category, but don’t forget we’re talking a 5 point difference between folks who are at the peak level of human capacity and then augmented by cyberware (any Bod over 10), versus the smallest frailest old lady/6 year old child (Bod of 2). A double tap to the chest with one of these is going to kill anyone, in game, or in real life. Average people with average body types will all be affected the same way. I think you guys sometimes forget the fact that extreme BTMs are only found on characters with extremely different body characteristics and that for most characters BTM is going to differ by just one or two points.
  13. Quote (psychophipps @ Nov. 04 2002,23:41) Now let's look at the Hulk here. He takes that same 10 from above for a total Stun save of -3, or 13 or less, on a 1d10. Needless to say, I think he has this covered fairly well even without BTM, don't you? It handles an individual hit in a fairly ok fashion, it's ok, but not particularly valid in a game context. Because a single shot with an average roll from a .38 special is just ONE of the attacks that can be made. Without BTM it gets to the point where a low level martial artist (say +2) of average body type (no damage bonus) can break the leg of the hulk (an 8 point attack) in one kick. Which you may think yeah ok he could do that. But then it's also just as hard for him to break Aunt May's leg, a 90 year old lady with osteoperosis. Now I know you're a keen martial artist, so can you honestly say it's just as easy to physically beat the crap out of a gargantuan bemuscled steroid freak, as it is to beat the crap out of the neighbourhood's frailest grandma? This is why old folks have to careful when they come down a flight of stairs folks Like you've already said though, I'm getting a little fed up with having to restate the same facts again and again, just becasue some folks don't want to take them in.
  14. Exactly and if the Hulk takes the same hit with no BTM rules he's toast too!!! even if he has Body 16 ?!?!?! So there needs to be something to make it more realistic, a decent head shot should still kill anyone much short of a FBC, but allow the bigger tougher guys to take a couple of "flesh wounds" But not 10 rounds of 7.62mm straight in the gut. I think BTM does this job nicely.
  15. Personally I think that they got it pretty much right the first time, If BTM is to go, then the WHOLE damage/hit points system needs a rewrite to stop Aunt May being just as tough as The Hulk. If it stays, then ok, the system works. If we add a strength stat fine, but I've always thought that that was what the "strength feat" skill was for.
  16. Tony chuckles slightly, "Yeah he's never gonna be a made man, but doesn't mean he's not one of the family, Danny knows his mother from way back, so here he is," He glances over his shoulder as a Harley pulls up outside and then continues, "So, Shrap, tell me about this AV,"
  17. I think that the first idea about reducing cyberlimb power is essential The biggest and most interesting thing I'm gettign especially from Malek, is that "Nano" will be god's gift to everything and everyone. Personally I think the extent of it's use is the most important thing to work on. If there's enough nano to rebuild someone's eyes, then is nanotech sufficiently advanced to rebuilt the nervous system, or the brain and so on. And to directly address Malek's part about cyberlinks, yes you'd need just one port for it, but the various co-processors, that are stated in the cp2020 rulebook act very much like dedicated graphics and soundcards in current PCs, if you're not going to run super games on a machine then there's no need to buy a graphics card just to run spreadsheets, sort of thing.
  18. I love that story Thumper and I don't know if it needs a "real" name, as this way it's easier to move it to wherever the GM wants. Some folks though may want an exact geographical location, but I like the idea of it being just "Cyber - City" having evolved from the "Borgtown" thing It's very Appleseed-esque if you ask me Like their Olympus
  19. The big guy on the door flashes a white smile across his dark brown face and offers Rat his hand. "I'm Gianni, Tony hooked me up with this gig when I moved up from LA," he takes the card from the Fixer "They've been expecting you," As Gianni moves aside he gestures inside the bar you follow his lead to see Tony sitting in a comfortable looking soft leather chair. He nods to the doorman and waves to you all. A couple of his companions glance over and smile, one raises a glass inviting you all in. You climb the few steps up to the door itself and venture inside. Taking in the sights of the bar there are a couple of huge sized canvases of semi-nude women in flowing silk. A venetian blind hangs in the full length window of the bar the faint orange glow of the streetlights seeping in between the slats. The overall theme is very contemporary, lots of white and chrome and more lilac with yet more uplighting and the starkly contrasting big black leather armchairs. The bar iself is in the left rear corner as you enter the place through the doorway on the left front of the bar. There's a corridor off to the rear right hand side of the bar leading presumably to the bathrooms and next to that are some open stairs leading down to a restaurant/dining area situated under the front lounge. Tony and his men sit in the front lounge of the bar, around a low table of chrome and glass. Several shot glasses are strewn over the table along with a few beer bottles of various brands and fullness.
  20. I vote yes, it's necessary in a system where ALL characters have 40 "hit points". Do I use it? Bet your ass I do. Can it be unblancing? Yes, but only when abused rather than used. I think that's a GM/character creation.power level issue rather than a rules issue Do I give a rat's ass? Yes, there has to be someway to indicate the physical damage capacities that vary between individuals, whether thats in the form of hit points, damage resistance rolls or BTM.
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    Armor improvements

    Quote (Julio Cezar @ Oct. 29 2002,15:49) Thanks Phipps for answering my question. Now, please, bear with me as I take a closer look at these " P H I P P S R U L E S ! " (© Pat Riley) Of course, armors ARE definitely vulnerable with these rules. If a vest is rated to "stop cal. X bullets", it means it can really stop only ONE cal. X bullet in a given location. A second hit would inflict damage to the wearer. (As you can guess, increasing the number of armor locations significally increases armor durability. We already use two locations for torso - upper and lower - in my games.) Quoting an old post by Mark: Quote A Class III vest, which is a Class IIIA vest with 13mm ceramic, 6mm ballistic steel, 27mm polyethelene plate in it, is rated to stop a 7.62mm NATO FMJ round so it reduces damage by 6d6+2. If this vest were to be shot by one of these rounds, you'd subtract 1d6 from this protection in that location This is what happens IF you consider that 6d6+2 protection as a single layer, but it is not true anymore once you divide it between two layers (3d6 Hard, 3d6+2 Soft), like Mark did in his latest example. Because, now, a shot from a 7.62 actually delivers 1d6 damage to BOTH layers . (The hard plating is hit by a bullet whose "kinetic energy", so to speak, is equal to 6d6+2; it's penetrated, and suffers 1d6 damage; 3d6+2 of kinetic energy pass through; Soft kevlar fully absorbs this impact, but also gets damaged for 1d6. New protection values for that location are 2d6 hard, 2d6+2 soft.) Now let's go back to my previous example say and let's put the same heavy armor against a 9mm weapon. With Phipp's "improved" system, now you'd start taking physical damage the fifth time you got hit in the same location, and would probably be dead by the seventh or eight. Here's what happens in detail, please Mark tell me if I'm correct (of course all bullets are meant to hit the same location).... (YOU CAN SKIP THE FOLLOWING SECTION) 1) The first 9mm shot (2d6+1 dam.) is stopped by the hard armor. Since the potential damage is more than 1/2 the armor protection rating (2d6+1 vs 3d6), hard armor takes 1d6 damage. Protection values after 1 hit are 2d6H + 3d6+2 S 2) Another 2d6+1 against a hard protection of 2d6. Hard armor receives 1d6 damage. 1 point of residual damage gets through and is stopped by the soft armor. Since soft armor has been hit by a blow whose kinetic energy is less than half his protection value, it loses just 1 point of protection. After the second hit, armor is at 1d6H + 3d6+1S. 3) With the third hit, your hard armor layer again loses 1d6, and is gone! 1d6+1 worth of kinetic energy pass through. The 3d6+1 Soft armor stops the bullet and gets another single point of damage. Your armor rating is 3d6S now. 4) Fourth shot. Your 3d6 Soft armor absors the impact. Weapon damage is more than half armor rating now (again 2d6+1 against 3d6), so armor protection is lowered by a full d6 and drops to 2d6S. 5) Fifth hit: 2d6+1 damage as usual, armor stops 2d6, 1 point of damage to wearer. Remaining armor: 1d6S. 6) Sixth bullet on target. Armor is compeltely gone, additonal 1d6+1 damage to user. 7) The seventh bullet inflicts full damage. The armor owner has been hit for a cumulative 3d6+3 so far, which could be enough to kill him... (OK, YOU CAN RESUME READING NOW...) This means that your "rifleproof" armor can offer a reasonable protection, but won't last very long anyway. Finally, according to the same rules, if someone is shooting at you with a pitiful 5mm, the bullets will just bounce off your Classs III vest. (Maybe you could rule that Hard Armor loses 1 point of protection every 5 or 10 "scratches" like those...) Can this be considered realistic, or do you think the system still needs some adjustment? KNOWN PROBLEMS... ("It's not a bug. It's a feature.") - The biggest problem, in my opinion, arises when applying a multiplier to an armor rating expressed in DICE. Imagine being hit by a hollow point bullet, and having to multiply that 3d6+2 armor protection by 1,5. And then, having to judge whether the 2d6+3 points of bullet damage are more ore less than half the resulting 4,5d6+3 of protection... - Converting existing armors to "dice values" should be rather easy, but I wonder how much of the heavier armor is "hard" and how much is "soft". - Do we need specific rules for energy weapons (lasers, flamethrowers), acid or grenades? Thank you for your patience! Well I hate to say it but those look rather compliated rules to me, or at least rather long winded Couldn't it be simplified a little more to aid the speed of the gameplay, maybe, it loses 1d6 if it's a decent round compared to the armour and 1 point if it's only a half decent round, and nothing if it's something like a peashooter round?
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    I had always thought that with the desktop publishing stuff that's available today the only choice would be to go for an actual book... as in rule"book". Style should easy to print without pushing up the price, simple black words on white paper, the way RPGs have always been. Bright colours on darker backgrounds are very hard to print and very expensive on ink. Even if you have an online version, printing it all out in full colour means that you need more ink than the game is worth. Fonts should again be easy to read and non-confusing in style. "Style over substance" is great until it gets to the point that it's "can't be arsed over style".
  23. Quote (malek77 @ Oct. 25 2002,07:05) Re: MonSTeR Have you seen the submarine combat rules in the Stormfront sourcebook? For simple roll kind of work, I think something like that is the way to go. Basically - its a big stack of modifiers - TECH + Sonar Tech Skill + Detection Rating + Target's Signature - target Sub commanders Tactical skill. You'd pretty much only have to calculate it once or twice, then adjust one or two stats per 'attack'. Thoughts? Yep, that's the sort of thing I'm on about, (it's actually one of the things that gave me the "stacking" idea I proposed in the inititive system I posted. I reckon you could add all the relevant modifiers for things like "anti-personnel" or "evasion" programs to the relevant skills and stat, and then just have single d10 rollo-offs to see which side wins... That sound about right? The only thing is it'd need to be able to come from a more detailed and realisitc system to allow netrunners to play that part of the game in detail
  24. I want a system that can easily and at least semi-accurately be converted between just a couple of rolls of "attack programs" vs. "defence programs" to a proper "netrunning" system. So that in the middle of combat the netrunner can make a "combat" rolls initiative/to hit type rolls to see if he can shut off the automated gun turrets or open the code-locked door. But using exactly the same deck the same character can also go on a proper netrun in complete detail encountering and dealing with each and every firewall and code gate etc.
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    Armor improvements

    Ok I definately agree with the impossibilities of class 4 speedos too
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