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  1. I really enjoyed it, I found it far more enjoyable than the second two of the Altered Carbon trilogy which were basically, pants. I liked the less "science fiction" and more "cyberpunk" themes of the book, and whilst the whole "jesusland" thing was rather odd, as a fellow European, it didn't really bug me that much
  2. Thanks amigo I really appreciate you thinking of me when i've been away so long
  3. One of the coolest and most complete backgrounds ever
  4. I got an update from my amazon pre-order, August 26th is the newly scheduled release date.
  5. I think this is more of a case of GMs asking for too many dice rolls rather than the everyday skills being misaligned. Driving around town everyday doesn't call for too many dice rolls, but maybe reverse parking into a small space or dodging a soccermom in her minivan as she rounds a bend yelling at the kids might. the "1" might be that you curb your new alloy wheels rather than flipping the car and the gas tank exploding.
  6. If you're writing aliens for sci fi, check some of Jack Cohen's ideas on aliens. It's worth reading some of his stuff as a lot of it makes a lot of sense and the guy is an extremely bright chap. During a "team building day" Jack and I went on a road trip in outer space together! I've been a big fan of his extrapolated science ever since.
  7. I was at my parents' home and we watched it on TV. Completely surreal day that one. I've visited Ground Zero a couple of years ago, and the only place I've ever been that has thesame "aura" is Hiroshima in Japan. If you've been to either place, you'll know what I mean.
  8. It didnt say they were invincible Yeah... If marines got killed in a 30 second trialer, just imagine how quick everyone else would have died
  9. I'd say a lot lower than that, unless the movie is not out for a couple of years! As far as I know, there's a good while before the next Codex-Space Marines is due and the Ultramarines aren't the type to get their own separate book! A new line a miniatures maybe
  10. I'm not sure what to make of it really, it kind of looks like an extended version of the cutscenes in "Dawn of War" and the like. No doubt I'll see it when it comes out though:)
  11. Space Wolves player since '87 here. First edition baby, first edition
  12. My view point has been to allow the characters the tools for the job at hand, you just have to discuss what that's going to be from the outset. If you don't want a high powered game, explain OOC, before the Players get ideas for their PCs that the game world doesn't need full borgs toting 30mm assault rifles running around. It's Blade Runner not Appleseed or vice versa. If the players know the world and the basic idea for the story they're about to be a part of, the characters they come up with will be more appropriate to the game. Hopefully we can all agree that a good game is more
  13. i guess it's not so feasible to have complete sets of moniatures for the exact same characters in a host of different scales. good cyberpunk miniatures are hard enough to find anyway
  14. what scale miniatures do you use then at 1 inch = 1m? I know Games Workshop's inquisitor game is run at this scale but it's a bit off scale for the more common figures available!
  15. We basically played 1:100 scale with 1cm on the map to 1m. Using smaller scale figures therefore helps.
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