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  1. What I don't like about career-path style chargen is that it typically SERIOUSLY encourages making older characters, and generally speaking older characters kick young characters asses. Which is SO not cyberpunk.
  2. I was originally hired to be on the Aftershocks team, but dropped out because the pay was low and I just don't have the time or patience right now. The books were slated to be CP2020 rules, working towards the CP3 timeline, but definitely more 2020 than 3. I was working on the Fallen Angels primarily.
  3. My New Year's Game had 8 pre-gen characters, all borrowed stereotypes from classic Punk films and books. Makes it easy and clean to run a one-shot like that.
  4. My primary peeve: 1d10 resolution mechanic with difficulties on a 5-point spread. Lack of curvature of the results makes it nearly impossible as Ref to set difficulties that you can expect players to succeed at or fail at without using "way out there" numbers (high or low). A person with a base of 14 will always succeed at a Diff 15 roll, 50% chance to succeed at a Diff 20 roll, and 0% chance to succeed at a Diff 25 roll. Effectively, there is only ONE difficulty step that said character "can" get - anything easier than that is automatic, anything harder is impossible. My
  5. Since I'm switching to 2d10 for my games instead of 1d10, I'm assigning reliability ratings directly to the guns as a numeric value. If you roll the reliability number or lower on an attack roll, the firearm malfunctions. A standard firearm has a reliability of 1. Because to be honest, even a fairly unreliable firearm should be able to cycle well more than 100 rounds before screwing up. Not cleaning your piece increases it by 1. Cheap ammo increases it by 1. Really cheap ammo increases it again by 1. Using it in crappy conditions, etc, all increase the number by 1. Etc...
  6. Another Friday, another gun. http://www.dreadgazebo.com/2020/firearms/?p=13
  7. 2 IP x new skill level You get 1 IP every game you do something good with the skill, plus you will receive additional IP at the end of each session, typically as follows: 1 for showing up (+1 per 4 hours of game play) 1 for each minor goal accomplished 2 for each intermediate goal accomplished 4 for finishing a major story arc So a typical game session will hand out 4-6 IP, plus the one in each of your major skills. I was originally considering going with 1 x new level for skill IP... not sure at this point.
  8. So, if you were writing your own CPunk game, and had already decided that stats would be able to be raised through experience (such as in Vampire or Shadowrun), what would you put as the IP cost when compared to the IP cost of skill improvement? I'm looking at using the following formulas for my game: Skills: New Level x 2 Stats: New Level x 6 Now, I figure that a stat is worth about five times as much as a skill, however skills are often lower in level than stats are, and collecting that much IP is hard, so skills are more likely to be raised than stats. I'm planning on
  9. I know how I'm going to take it down in newTribes now. Also decided I'm definitely leaving it up for my Punk campaign. I'm just really enjoying the discussions.
  10. That's pretty damn cool, man. Our own notes don't get quite so detailed most of the time, but some of the games detailed on the Cyberwiki have been excellent, and I look forward to codifying the whole campaign into a single web-page under the BlackHammer Project when it is done.
  11. One of the best ways to open a sandbox game is with a mystery that you don't have any clue how it resolves. Pick something that will pique their interest, throw a few clues at the group that lead to a few interesting people or places, and run with it. They will come up with a dozen ideas as to what the solution is, and you get to pick from those options for the one you enjoy most. The downside of sandboxing is that it requires a LOT more work from the GM than a mission-based game. You have to provide plot ideas a lot when the players bog down, and you have to make the rest of the world
  12. Yeah, I even wrote about it about ten years ago or so for my campaigns: http://www.ambient.ca/cpunk/programming_languages.html
  13. Third "Episode" was released today. Guillotine 203 - Ruins
  14. Space Elevators need to go on the equator and have station keeping engines on the top end. The centrifugal force of the planet spinning keeps it roughly in place. Yep, that's why the list of locations I gave are all equatorial nations.
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