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  1. Hope you have a great day.... even better than me... I got a space in a museum to show my blacksmithing stuff off and sell. Then went out and tasted some Carribean Island, Asian and Hispanic women. Then it was time for lunch and a party later tonight.








  2. I have already done something like this previously for planes vehicles and watercraft including submarines.




    though some of the max metal rules where not followed to a T since they really do not work when you place them into any kind of formula they are just mostly made up crud and cannot be easily used to create real vehicles or well realistic stats.



  3. I have always allowed skinweave but the problems of havingon the SP12 stuff are really badif you are a good GM. Thugs with SP12 skinweave wontbe hired out for the big expensive jobs or be able to get into places that are high class due to the obvious fact the armor means trouble. Police will pick you up without warning put you in jail for 24 hours just because. I use the armor damage rules with it and betcha it's gonna cost thousands more to fix it than to have it installed.




    Overheating and othr fun things are great GM tools.




    I would allow full bludgeoning damage since hey its part of your body. I normaly made it lik outlawed cyberwear also. So sure a street doc might give it too you but police have the right to pic you up on sight and they of course would call for a good deal of backup before even approaching you.




    Add all thos problems you ca think of in there and then see if the players dont want to have it removed.



  4. Meh, the changed a few elements like president daughter instead of president, Space instead of NYC and name of the character.




    So yeah they are gonna get away with this since many people wont remember the other one.



  5. Get with Wisdom as I believe he can get you his system which has most problems solved from Cyberpunk2020 and get you playing and its not probably going to cost you anything. Then here you will hae a large group of people willing to wrk with you on any issues and lots of playing background.




    Wis help them out get them info for a copy of your rules.




    my 2 cents



  6. If the White Hispanic guy would make a public appology for shooting the child and pay for the funeral I think we should call this closed due to the circumstances.




    yeah what exactly is white hispanic? Race card by putting white in there.



  7. So you like the main part of the weapon looking gold? That could be accomplished for cheap just use some gold leafing though you may need to redo the reciever tha you are touching frequently. I have done something like this on a copper bowl placing silver leafing.


    IPB Image



  8. "{I am glad you put this is not a this or that cause it give the mods an idea what shouldnot be posted and removed."}




    That said know multiple martial arts is fine but your teacher needs to explain why the moves are done not just the movement as many non basic moves are based on defeating some other styles move. Otherwise it just healthy exersize.



  9. I am glad government officials are not very bright. My relative walked away from a fenced in with barbwire facility and was tagged with a homing ankle thingy and for some reason they dont know where he is and have started to come harrass us at the house.




    Well for his sake I hope he leaves the state. One wonders why they ever let him out of jail if he serious crime of tresspassing was so horredous. Yes new laws allow you to keep people in prison indefiniately if you are labeled correctly the orriginal term was 6 months but they kept him in for over two years then released him to lower level facility. I hope since he was near the ship channel he gets on a ship and leaves the country.




    Nothing quite like the police to harrass all your employers until they fire you put you in jail more than 48 hours, without cause so employers have a reason to fire you for not showing up to work.



  10. Ok, Phipps it's a relative of mine but the thing that troubles me about it i if they are letting this person out of jail for the crime of tresspassing then why is it they are making it difficult on me. I have not broken the law, we are not in their jurisdiction even. There has never been anything in this persons past that they haveever done that was illegal via a computer.




    Heck if it was not for an inpending surgery I am almost ready to leave the US.




    When my relative was on the run they came by frequently but hey I was theperson that had turned them in or the first offense so why am I to blame. I cooperated fully before let them search eveywhere maybe I sould not have since now they feel they have the right to bother me after the crime is already served. I dont feel like they should be folowing me around whe I go places, I figure I better not cooperate anymoe if they think they are just going to keep coming to the house and digging thru all my belongs throwing them out on the floor to annoy me. I guess some of them still hold a grudge because never let them in school bully me broke soe of their bones before they were police officers yeah they remember me.



  11. I was informed this afternoon that the City of Houston police need to be able to place software on the computers in the home I am in because they expect that interent sites might be accessed that would be objectionable to some people. No not even something illegal just objectionable. Well hearing this took my desktop and laptop out of the house and put hem in the car with me and headed out he door. Actually went to the library just next to the local police station which is not even in the city of Houston jurisdiction neither is the house but that is beside the point. Since, it's supposed to happen sometime in the future I am just going to remove the computers until the future event has occured, yeah right! If I agree to let them put tracking software on my computers they also have the right to search the house at anytime day or night without needing a search warrent for anything objectionable. I am sure if I dont agree they will find some other way to just come in and take stuff as they wish anyway. :rolleyes:




    So if you do not see come by here then you know I am trying to avoid something objectionable which might be this website I have no clue. Just tired of every so often the police come to harrass me. Its been at least a year and a half since last time so that was good but last time I was theatened with harboring a fugative in the house by eight armed sherriffs officers who had their guns drawn on me when I walked out the door to talk with them.




    I think the US is really begining to suck hard going like this.



  12. Well, I feel good now that I have walked out of a company that was in the middle of adjusting earnings and income in a possible fraudentlent way. They even joked about how the exec who work for Arthur Anderson with Enron before gave out the secret EBITDA anocronim and how we are getting it to work for the company I was working for. I wondered how a meal at McDonalds and such could be considered an asset displaced for 10 years could be part of what considered kitchen equipment at a restaurant, of course the place was not McDowels but Luby's Fuddruckers. I am glad I quit before becoming a employee and was just a temp who was told what to do by superiors. Sadly I would be part that had been involved in the DA part of this equation.

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