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  1. Sometimes for a quick dirty city map I have used old Marvel Superheros game maps just when I did not have the situation well in hand I really like to draw my own maps.
  2. They were listed here previously if you looked for it. http://cybercity2030.110mb.com/refbooks/Refbooks.html somehow my website is still active.
  3. I think I am becoming a luddite???
  4. I have already done something like this previously for planes vehicles and watercraft including submarines. though some of the max metal rules where not followed to a T since they really do not work when you place them into any kind of formula they are just mostly made up crud and cannot be easily used to create real vehicles or well realistic stats.
  5. I have always allowed skinweave but the problems of havingon the SP12 stuff are really badif you are a good GM. Thugs with SP12 skinweave wontbe hired out for the big expensive jobs or be able to get into places that are high class due to the obvious fact the armor means trouble. Police will pick you up without warning put you in jail for 24 hours just because. I use the armor damage rules with it and betcha it's gonna cost thousands more to fix it than to have it installed. Overheating and othr fun things are great GM tools. I would allow full bludgeoning damage since
  6. I wonder if I should get a Deep Cycle battery for my Trolling motor!
  7. Brass is a combination of copper and tin. I can see from the other comments this thread is starting to devolve, lets try to keep it civil.
  8. Thumper

    Gun Cameras

    Yeah gun camera hacking and photoshoping said pictures the next great big industry to prove your lies are true in a court of law.
  9. Thumper


    Meh, the changed a few elements like president daughter instead of president, Space instead of NYC and name of the character. So yeah they are gonna get away with this since many people wont remember the other one.
  10. Get with Wisdom as I believe he can get you his system which has most problems solved from Cyberpunk2020 and get you playing and its not probably going to cost you anything. Then here you will hae a large group of people willing to wrk with you on any issues and lots of playing background. Wis help them out get them info for a copy of your rules. my 2 cents
  11. I had designed a adult strip club based mostly off of this specific location and here a stripper was leadin a double life as the towns newspaper reporter on the social scene. http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local...er-career-boost Never met this girl that I can remember.
  12. If the White Hispanic guy would make a public appology for shooting the child and pay for the funeral I think we should call this closed due to the circumstances. yeah what exactly is white hispanic? Race card by putting white in there.
  13. So you like the main part of the weapon looking gold? That could be accomplished for cheap just use some gold leafing though you may need to redo the reciever tha you are touching frequently. I have done something like this on a copper bowl placing silver leafing.
  14. A real ninja uses whatever weapons or method is best and most efficient so you are unlikely to find a real ninja with a sword but I am sure they woul still have some sort of blade to use and a firearm of some type.
  15. Thumper

    Slab City

    With the way the nation is going I almost want to move there wish there was one somewhere less gun control and other weird law crazy.
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