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  1. You've been taking lessons from the Moderation team over at RPGNet, I see.
  2. Really? I did a search for "Lesbian Stripper Ninjas" and that didnt return a result either.
  3. 9 players, looks like its full already. Whenever I do a search on RPOL for Cyberpunk or variants thereof it always comes back blank.
  4. A modern city like Night City will not only be planned with traffic and access in mind from the outset, but also because the buildings have no intrinsic history they can be bulldozed and moved around almost at will. Older cities are more organic, with roads and footways dating back to terrain and property boundries from antiquity. Central London for example is littered with hundreds of short, narrow and twisted 'roads' some of which barely admit a fat person let alone anything vehicular. And as many of the buildings are old they have historic value and you can't just bulldoze 200 year old building because you need a wider road for traffic. Of course in London we nearly had the problem cracked back in 1940, but the demolition contractors flaked out on us and were unexpectedly called to a job in Russia.
  5. Hmm, Gold Coast Florida would be most likely; in the novel the GCML were a merc unit on Sarah's side, and she was in Florida (Tampa Bay). Cowboy's side were in Colorado (originally from New Mexico) in used Flash Force mercs, which makes Gold Coast Mexico unlikely. Still, I rather like the idea of an Australian Aboriginal mercenary outfit.
  6. The Hardwired sourcebook doesnt describe any of these, only the orbital blocs.
  7. I see it as much the same as the difference between Commerical vehicles and Private vehicles. Commercial drones would be built for thousands of hours of continuous use and longevity of service thus using heavy duty parts, designed to be operated by people with absolute minimum of training, and favour form over function. A Commercial drone would probably also buit with a single operational function in mind, eg Carry a Cargo or Be A Mobile Security Camera. Private drones probably wont see as much use as commercial drones so can use parts that sacrifice length of service for performance, thus be lighter and more capable. They would likely also be multi-function (why buy a seperate cargo drone and a surveillance drone when you can buy one that does a bit of both?), and as with cars, probably designed to look good. Enthusiast users will want drones with the latest model engines, or stabilizers, or software. Their owners will be avid readers of e-magazines like What Drone?, Drone & Pilot and Custom Drone. Am I allowed to use the term Rigger here, or will people throw elf-ears at me?
  8. Just thought of a catagory not covered : 9 ; Private recreational - someone's toy (people buy these to play with these days, IIRC there are drone races, so logically in the future where tech like this is cheaper people might have their own drones to play with) Which takes me off on another tangent.... It occurs to me that in the future drones could be almost like cars today. Aside from commecially owned drones, people may own one for personal use (send your drone out to pickup the shopping rather than go yourself, use it to deliver something) or for recreational use. And if drones are common, then like cars, there will probably be an entire criminal enterprises dedicated to their theft, stripping for parts or resale. And doubtless a specialised law enforcement team to counter the theives.
  9. If this is a tie-in to Augmented Reality, should there be a table for "How do you encounter the bot?" Something like : 1 - 3 ; Drone is patrolling / working in a preset area and will respond to or approach the PCs. 3 - 6 ; Drone is on its way to a specific location and will ignore the PCs unless they impede it. 7 - 8 ; Drone has become lost, disorientated or accidently immobilized. It may be asking for help, offering a reward to anyone who helps out, or a repair team might already be on their way. 9 ; Drone has been intentionally vandalized and stripped of several parts. 10 ; Drone is being attacked by salvagers!
  10. There's also more exotic stuff that could be worked into CP2020 (or 2077), like Electrically charged armour and Liquid Armour. (I'm wondering how you'd work cage/bar armour into CP2020's SP system without an extra set of die rolls - once to penetrate the cage and another to penetrate the vehicle behind it.)
  11. The original was developed in 2014 but required a lab full of equipment to run it. They've now reduced the equipment so it'll fit into a small backpack. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42430895
  12. Wait...so underground Berlin has miles of underground tunnels with the prospect of abandoned / secret Nazi/Soviet/CIA places (not forgetting the allegations that Hitler was into the occult), and also the potential for Ninja Turtles?
  13. What about the Berlin metro? It's old enough to have predated both WW1 and WW2, it saw extensive damage in WW2 both from allied bombing and the soviets in the battle for Berlin, then had fifty odd years divided by the Berlin wall with ghost stations and disused tunnels. The scope for taking artistic license down there is immense!
  14. The London Tube is of course a good one. In Split Second it was flooded and abandoned but it could be a great dystopian underworld There's a faint bell ringing in the back of my mind about this; but I may be getting mixed up with Christopher Fowler's Roofworld (which is London, secret society, but up not down), and/or the old Hellgate London PC game which used the Tube a lot. Technically there's more of the London Underground system above ground than there is below it, but the UK is riddled with underground places that lend themselves to fantasy fodder. http://www.subbrit.org.uk/ is a good source for that.
  15. Before I add in my 0.02eb, are you looking for Cp2020 figures or something more realistic?
  16. I had considered that, in the light of both successful (London) and unsuccessful (Paris) schemes, and decided with the CP2020 ethos of desperate underclasses, overworked cops, and a general lack of civic responsibility that theft and vandalism would be a far far bigger problem in a CP2020 world that it is today, making a public bike sharing scheme risky at best. I guess it depends on your take on a CP2020 city. I tend to see big cities as places where the poor underclasses would steal your teeth if you leave your mouth open too long, and the scrap metal value alone of a bike would keep a family in kibble for a week thus making theft an attractive proposition.
  17. O'Borg


    I'd managed to miss this film at the cinema and never got it on DvD, so when I saw this on TV a few days ago I was impressed; definitely some Cyberpunk ideas in there, especially as a way to get Netrunners more involved in a game and put them on the front lines rather than sitting elsewhere remotely opening doors and hijacking security camera feeds. So game concept sticking close to the initial stages of the film: the party have to extract some crucial information from a target, but they don't want the target to know they've been compromised. Therefore kidnap and torture is out, getting them blitzed and waking up in a hotel reeking of booze and hookers with no knowledge of the last 24 hours is also risky, so why not covertly drug them, hook them up to braindance with a talented netrunner and let them think they've just had a dream? You'd require some infiltration specialists and fixers to grease a few palms just to get access to the target, a doc to put the target under and monitor his vitals, a netrunner or two to run the simulation, and last but not least, a rockerboy or someone else with influence/charisma to go into the simulation and carefully guide the target to giving them the information they need.
  18. I don't think a Bike Sharing scheme would work in a CP2020 world, too much theft and too little interest in policing it. But, what about a Bike Leasing scheme? The PCs pay a certain amount per month, and a company supplies them with a bike, in maintained order, whenever they want it. Either they pick one up from the nearest bike garage, or for a small fee one is delivered or collected. The PCs are responsible for theft/damage when the bike is in their care, the leasing company takes care of maintenance and storage when it isn't. Thus the PCs have transport anywhere their leasing company has a garage near, and the GM wont have to throw dice and keep track of things. (I may have seen this in south London earlier this year, but it was late, dark, the shop was closing and I wasn't in the mood to hang about and find if the natives were friendly)
  19. For Health Plans I'd go with option 3. Cyberpunk is dangerous enough (and GM screwing the players over encouraged) that if the PC wants to plunk down 1000e$ per month on a health plan rather than buying shiny new toys I'm inclined to be fair - nay generous even.* Plus don't forget how insurance works; for every high risk client who claims big there are a thousand faceless wage slaves who pay into the system and rarely claim at all. Corporate employees probably get health insurance as part of their employment package, the bigger Police departments would probably do much the same thing. You don't claim at all for a year, you get a discount next year. You claim a lot? Your premium goes up next year. (Do PCs even live that long?) Of course any reasonably smart runner will avoid telling the insurance agent that their day job involves being shot at a lot, or hire a netrunner to tweak a few variables when it comes to calculating their monthly repayments. *Sorry been writing today and I'm getting wordy. Forsooth.
  20. I'm pretty much throwing ideas out here just too see what makes sense in the cold light of day. In the example of The PCs walk into a Shop.... I'd base the crowd size on the size of the Business, with a modifier for Type of business, and subdivide that figure into Antagonists (Who the PCs interact with) and Extras (the faceless crowd who dont matter until someone pays attention), and add a Wildcard just in case the PCs get unlucky and run into a Badass Eurosolo in the queue at the fried chicken shop. Assuming that if the PCs enter a business and they aren't after a specific individual, then the Antagonists are most likely to be the Staff of the business, and any Customers can probably be counted as Extras (save the Wildcard) Very rough, needs balancing out by likelyhood of store existing : Business Type 1 Banking 2 Fast Food - Extras x 4 3 Resturant - Extras x 2 4 Bar - Extras x 10, (Higher chance of Wildcards?) 5 Retail Store - Extras x 3 6 Showroom - Antagonists/2 7 Service industry - Antagonists/2 8 Adminstrative Office - Antagonists x5, No Extras 9 Automated - No Antagonists, Extras x2 10 Gambling / Entertainment - Antagonists/2. Business size 1 Tiny, 1 Antagonists D3-1 Extras 2 Small, 1 Antagonists D3 Extras 3 Medium, D6/2 Antagonists, D6/2 Extras 4 Large, D6+2 Antagonists, D10+1 Extras 5 Very Large, D10+2 Antagonists, 2D10+2 Extras 6 Extra Large, 2D10+4 Antagonists, D100+10 Extras 7 Huge, 2D10+4 Antagonists, D100+10 Extras 8 Superstore, 2D10+4 Antagonists, 2D100+10 Extras 9 Bigger superstore 3D10+3 Antagonists, 3D100+10 Extras 10 I'm running out of adjectives but you get the idea. Obviously not all options make sense - a fully automated Superstore with Zero Staff and 200 Customers is a little unlikely. Also for the bigger businesses that's still a lot of Antagonists to generate, and the PCs probably wont interact with most of them, so that number can probably be reduced quite a lot. I havent figured out a way to add in the Wildcard option yet. If the Antagonist D10 rolls a 0, perhaps? Oh, slight tangent - If we're doing an NPC generator is it worth including a Random Name generation table? I know there are dozens of them on the Internet, but it might be worth putting something in.
  21. If I was playing a CP game and every corpse we looted had one or more weird items along with their guns, gear, cash and slightly bloodstained armour, I'd think something was up. OTOH, if every corpse we looted were only carrying guns, gear and cash I'd start thinking we were running into covert black ops teams who'd been cleaned of identifying items before they were let out. Pocket litter is an important concept in undercover work.
  22. Rename Moist Towelettes as Antiseptic Wipes and the players have just found a handy addition to their first aid kit. As for food and drink, I guess it depends if the GM requires the Characters to eat and drink occasionally. Or they might trade it to a homeless person for a snippet of info. The things I put in my list could either prove useful or valuable to the party (tools, keys, equipment, parts) or as an indicator to Who the corpse was, Where he had been or What he did. If you're running an investigative game, going through the deceased pockets and finding a matchbook from a local bar, a paper napkin from a local fast food joint, a train ticket, a complementary pen from a hotel, and a pack of triplicate forms detailing the time date and location of the last job he worked, might just prove beneficial. Everything is useful to someone, even if its just giving a Moist Towelette to an NPC with a messy faced kid, which allays the fact your PCs are heavily armed murder hobos, and raises the disposition of surrounding NPCs towards the party. But I guess this assumes the PCs either deliberately targeted the Victim, or somehow managed to come across a fresh corpse before it's killers or other denizens of the game world had the chance to strip it naked and sell the squishy bits to a backstreet ripperdoc for recycling.
  23. In my current job I'm spending a lot of time wandering around London carrying a lot of kit in a backpack, I can add a thing or two from experience ; I carry a pack of moist towlettes (or baby wipes) with me, not just for when I get dirty hands at work but also to clean up before eating if I've been commuting on public transport and using the same hand rails as every other unhygenic slob in the city. I'd guess dystopian future people might well do the same. Mine are all from various cafe's & fast food shops I've eaten at and often branded, which may be useful as a clue if the corpse is important in game. Also, you can't blow your nose very well with a wet wipe... You should list food and drink separately. Many people I see carrying a bottle of water or soft drink, not everybody takes a packed lunch or bar of chocolate with them. You could split this down further into - Keys - Personal dwelling Keys - Vehicle Keys - Commercial / industrial types such as Office, Hotel/Motel, Equipment racks, Storage lockers etc. Keys - Utility box (such as square or triangular keys used to open gas meter cupboards or manholes) Also based on what I usually carry : Newspaper, current on the day the corpse became a corpse. Choose whether local or national. Box of matches / matchbook. (Literary convention say a matchbook should be of the last place the corpse visited before death) Travel related ticket (bus, train, tram, car park ticket) Receipts for personal expenses (travel, food, equipment purchase) Work ID card / nametag, possibly more than one. Laptop PC or Cyberdeck Mains power adaptor for a laptop PC or Cyberdeck Mains Phone or Tablet charger Smartphone handsfree kit / bluetooth headset Battery - For a specific model of Smartphone or Tablet Battery bank - portable rechargable power bank with a generic charging cable and/or adaptor to fit the particular devices the corpse was carrying. Batteries - generic type eg AAA, AA, C or D cell. 50/50 chances between single-use and rechargable types, 75% chance they're still charged either way. Interface cables, generic or perhaps for a specific item of equipment Interface extention cable or joining block Small tools such as a couple of screwdrivers, adjustable wrench. Zip ties, small to medium Tape measure (or a laser measure, if you want to be quirky futuristic. I prefer tape measures as they go around corners a lot easier than lasers do) Likely metal retracting type of 3-5m, possibly fabric tailors tape of 2m, or a 1m disposable paper tape if the corpse died after visiting Ikea. Adhesive tape - Duct tape, Gaffer tape or similar. Adhesive tape - Clear sellotape or parcel tape Adhesive tape - Masking tape / painters tape. Adhesive tape - Electrical insulation tape in various colours. Writing device - Felt tip, permanent marker or highligter Writing device - Regular ink, fountain pen or biro Writing device - Pencil or erasable pen Sticky labels / Post-It notes Paper notepad. I can still write faster than I can type and I've never had a notepad and pencil crash or run out of battery. Employment specific small test equipment, meters or tools Employment specific paperwork (I work in IT, yet I still have to carry a pad of triplicate forms, fill them out by hand and get customer sign off. Then I take a photo of one with my smartphone and email it to my office...) Employment specific reference manual in paper hardcopy. Printed or handwritten notes relating to the corpse's employment. Employment specific small spare components - eg electrical fuses, computer parts, ink cartridges, nuts & bolts etc. The sort of things that regularly need replacing or get lost/broken. And in case you're wondering, my rucksack averages 7.5kg and on a bad day the boss says "Can you pick up X and take it to Y..." and I find myself carting a Cisco switch across London on public transport during the rush hour...
  24. Why not combine tables 1 & 3 and use D100? This would let you bias the table more towards uniform beat cops and reduce the odds of running into a Corporate CSwat team.
  25. Okay heres a few, some useful, some not, some possible plot hooks for a side quest? Discarded police/security plasticuffs, have been cut open. Collapsable umbrella, might be usable. Small oil patch leaked from a car. (Or brake fluid...) Recently discarded business card from a high ranking corp exec. Urban scavenger - fox or raccoon, alive and not happy with being disturbed. Old xmas tree and/or festive decorations from the most recent holiday. Latex Haloween/fancy dress masks Car jack (the small scissor type that often comes with the car, nothing fancy) Half used can of builders expanding foam. Half used tube of decorators caulk or instant nails. Childrens toy ride-in car, plastic. Half box of unused diapers. Perscription spectacles, one lens badly scuffed - who still wears them in 2020? Bloodstained field dressing, still damp. Dog lead, retractable. Empty gun magazine, disposable but recyclable with a little effort.
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