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  1. You've been taking lessons from the Moderation team over at RPGNet, I see.
  2. Really? I did a search for "Lesbian Stripper Ninjas" and that didnt return a result either.
  3. 9 players, looks like its full already. Whenever I do a search on RPOL for Cyberpunk or variants thereof it always comes back blank.
  4. A modern city like Night City will not only be planned with traffic and access in mind from the outset, but also because the buildings have no intrinsic history they can be bulldozed and moved around almost at will. Older cities are more organic, with roads and footways dating back to terrain and property boundries from antiquity. Central London for example is littered with hundreds of short, narrow and twisted 'roads' some of which barely admit a fat person let alone anything vehicular. And as many of the buildings are old they have historic value and you can't just bulldoze 200 year old building because you need a wider road for traffic. Of course in London we nearly had the problem cracked back in 1940, but the demolition contractors flaked out on us and were unexpectedly called to a job in Russia.
  5. Hmm, Gold Coast Florida would be most likely; in the novel the GCML were a merc unit on Sarah's side, and she was in Florida (Tampa Bay). Cowboy's side were in Colorado (originally from New Mexico) in used Flash Force mercs, which makes Gold Coast Mexico unlikely. Still, I rather like the idea of an Australian Aboriginal mercenary outfit.
  6. The Hardwired sourcebook doesnt describe any of these, only the orbital blocs.
  7. I see it as much the same as the difference between Commerical vehicles and Private vehicles. Commercial drones would be built for thousands of hours of continuous use and longevity of service thus using heavy duty parts, designed to be operated by people with absolute minimum of training, and favour form over function. A Commercial drone would probably also buit with a single operational function in mind, eg Carry a Cargo or Be A Mobile Security Camera. Private drones probably wont see as much use as commercial drones so can use parts that sacrifice length of service for performance, thus be lighter and more capable. They would likely also be multi-function (why buy a seperate cargo drone and a surveillance drone when you can buy one that does a bit of both?), and as with cars, probably designed to look good. Enthusiast users will want drones with the latest model engines, or stabilizers, or software. Their owners will be avid readers of e-magazines like What Drone?, Drone & Pilot and Custom Drone. Am I allowed to use the term Rigger here, or will people throw elf-ears at me?
  8. Just thought of a catagory not covered : 9 ; Private recreational - someone's toy (people buy these to play with these days, IIRC there are drone races, so logically in the future where tech like this is cheaper people might have their own drones to play with) Which takes me off on another tangent.... It occurs to me that in the future drones could be almost like cars today. Aside from commecially owned drones, people may own one for personal use (send your drone out to pickup the shopping rather than go yourself, use it to deliver something) or for recreational use. And if drones are common, then like cars, there will probably be an entire criminal enterprises dedicated to their theft, stripping for parts or resale. And doubtless a specialised law enforcement team to counter the theives.
  9. If this is a tie-in to Augmented Reality, should there be a table for "How do you encounter the bot?" Something like : 1 - 3 ; Drone is patrolling / working in a preset area and will respond to or approach the PCs. 3 - 6 ; Drone is on its way to a specific location and will ignore the PCs unless they impede it. 7 - 8 ; Drone has become lost, disorientated or accidently immobilized. It may be asking for help, offering a reward to anyone who helps out, or a repair team might already be on their way. 9 ; Drone has been intentionally vandalized and stripped of several parts. 10 ; Drone is being attacked by salvagers!
  10. There's also more exotic stuff that could be worked into CP2020 (or 2077), like Electrically charged armour and Liquid Armour. (I'm wondering how you'd work cage/bar armour into CP2020's SP system without an extra set of die rolls - once to penetrate the cage and another to penetrate the vehicle behind it.)
  11. The original was developed in 2014 but required a lab full of equipment to run it. They've now reduced the equipment so it'll fit into a small backpack. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42430895
  12. Wait...so underground Berlin has miles of underground tunnels with the prospect of abandoned / secret Nazi/Soviet/CIA places (not forgetting the allegations that Hitler was into the occult), and also the potential for Ninja Turtles?
  13. What about the Berlin metro? It's old enough to have predated both WW1 and WW2, it saw extensive damage in WW2 both from allied bombing and the soviets in the battle for Berlin, then had fifty odd years divided by the Berlin wall with ghost stations and disused tunnels. The scope for taking artistic license down there is immense!
  14. The London Tube is of course a good one. In Split Second it was flooded and abandoned but it could be a great dystopian underworld There's a faint bell ringing in the back of my mind about this; but I may be getting mixed up with Christopher Fowler's Roofworld (which is London, secret society, but up not down), and/or the old Hellgate London PC game which used the Tube a lot. Technically there's more of the London Underground system above ground than there is below it, but the UK is riddled with underground places that lend themselves to fantasy fodder. http://www.subbrit.org.uk/ is a good source for that.
  15. Before I add in my 0.02eb, are you looking for Cp2020 figures or something more realistic?
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