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  1. Thank you! STERLING JAM GLOBALHEAD by Bruce Sterling. I own almost every important cyberpunk short story collection and have read half the stories in each of them. When I say I've just finished Globalhead, I mean "I just picked my way through the book trying to work out which stories I didn't read in 2007 and then read those ones." Globalhead is a collection of stories written by Sterling at the end of the 1980s, when he was in peak I AM THE ON THE PULSE OF THE INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGICAL CONDITION hubris mode. Most of the stories are set in the present they were written
  2. I spent most of today covertly reading a novel about an AI made of wasps, instead of doing any real work. Catching up with novels from the reading list... SLANT by Greg Bear The sequel to Queen of Angels. Also a sprawling political novel with non-descript characters and Big Ideas about The Future, although the ideas in / are less original than those in the original. It takes a really, really long time to get going. That said, the latter half of the book is tense and interesting. The antagonists become far more interesting when put under pressure. It's also a nice entry
  3. All that time we were talking about Polish cyberpunk, and Mike never mentioned the band Siekiera. How could we ever do Cyberpunk Poland justice without this on in the background? It sounds like the soundtrack to Jean Reno being chased down a subway tunnel by a robot subway train while piloting a flying car!
  4. Berlin's sewer system was built for a much larger city expecting to get even larger and so is notoriously full of big empty spaces (and apparently in summer so little passes through it compared to what it was built for that large parts of it stand stagnant and stink out regions of the city...).
  5. Companero


    It's basically Neuromancer: the movie - a burn-out hires a group of misfits who use a consensual hallucination to steal from a dysfunctional family in a world of faceless megacorporations... Dreamhacking is definitely something to add to a CP game
  6. SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAMSHEET RETURNS, ON A WEDNESDAY. Featuring heavy metal dance-offs! A D20 neo-nazi generator you didn't think you needed and probably still don't! http://vircadesproject.blogspot.co.uk/2017...-3.html´╗┐
  7. *blink* JANUARY WAS THE LAST TIME I UPDATED THIS? WHAT? I suppose I got lost in a haze of short story collections. I tend to read them one story at a time, then go onto a different collection, soooo Anyway, THE FORTUNATE FALL by Raphael Carter One of the books I was most looking forward to reading as part of this project. I'd never actually heard of this book before seeing it referenced in obscure game bibliographies. It certainly isn't a part of the recognised "canon." But people who have heard of it tend to rave about it - this great undiscovered novel, the flas
  8. Use some version of D&D 5e's 3 strikes and out death save when they go out of action. I think if you did that you wouldn't find it much more lethal than 1st level 5e D&D, actually (which is to say I've killed more characters in that style of play than I did in CP2020, but...). You might also want to cut Stun/Shock out entirely, or nerf it somehow. If you do that, you might find that CP2020 is less lethal than low level D&D (CP2020 characters can take a few 9mm rounds!). Or reduce REF penalties for damage. Also, it's gutterpunk. Milspec and full auto weapons don't have to
  9. Merchanter's Luck is one of my favourite novels ever. It's so taut and claustrophobic and gothic. It's absolutely the best Deep Space inspiration. I brought Malek77 a copy when I was in Sydney. I find Cherryh's work rides a line for me. She loves to put her characters into physically and socially claustrophobic situations. Depending on the exact level of that, I either find her novels wonderful or almost unread-ably horrible. Not because they're bad - the opposite, in fact - but just because it's tapping into a personal nightmare. I think I read Heavy Time in 20 page bursts over several y
  10. I've now managed to miss posting things in my pile for three weekends in a row. I've also developed a pathological aversion to the sound of fire alarms, which isn't a coincidence. It might have inspired this over-the-top Collateral Damage table, for when PCs miss. http://vircadesproject.blogspot.co.uk/2017...t-not-miss.html
  11. I have to admit, I don't really get the stitcher rounds, rules wise (as cool as they are - did you ever play early 40k, with the "Harlequins Kiss?" - a somehow less cool and definitely less plausible version of the same thing...) I'm definitely always in favour of weird-but-plausible sci-fi guns tho!
  12. Binh Xuyen reference FTW. They really were the most cyberpunk organisation ever to exist, and in the 1950s as well Also, Dominic Teeth
  13. That all sounds great, and doesn't step on anything I have planned (Also, I looked at a map of Florida to remind myself where Key Largo is, and discovered that Fort Lauderdale is SOUTH of Palm Beach, so I've already wrecked my plan. Suggestions that I went through the Kasha post and changed every reference to Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach are FAKE NEWS)
  14. I'm going to have to save this, 'cos it's something I've had problems with in the past (I tend to just shoot at players until they decide to intervene in the plot and in the game). You know, I was putting aside the idea of a "spy" book because it was too close to Darkness Visible, but there's a whole new layer of possibility implicit in this post. I have to think some more...
  15. I'd love a guest post on mine, just to keep the weekly thing going if nothing else If you're interested, of course: - Freaky rules: (Yes, I know the cat mission violates most of these) I'm not planning to make any of these rules actually explicit in the series, it's just there to keep consistency. 1: it isn't set in existing continuity. No references to CP2020 branded gear, corporations, etc. (that part isn't so freaky). 2: the assumed campaign model for all these screamsheets is "sexy losers wandering the Earth." Like in Cowboy Bebop or especially Samurai Cha
  16. I should talk you into doing some guest posts for the series. I have a couple of weird requirements to keep it all consistent, but nothing too strenuous
  17. A few times http://vircadesproject.blogspot.co.uk/2017...gal-rights.html SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAMSHEET 2, featuring lawyers, cats, and bastards. Also more bastards. Any ideas you might infer about my opinions regarding toxoplasmosis ridden murder-aristocrats cats are obviously groundless and false.
  18. SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAMSHEET: http://vircadesproject.blogspot.co.uk/2017...lots-child.html I love the Screamsheet format soooo much, I wrote a dozen of them. If anyone would like to guest a screamsheet in the coming weeks, I'd love to set it up. I've got a few requirements to keep everything consistent, but nothing that can't easily be hashed out (the big one is a Florida setting...).
  19. That's beautiful. The fact that there are still more to be found both amazes me and gives me hope I might be able to earn money to live when my job gets automated five years from now
  20. Greg Bear's Queen of Angels - BIG novel about BIG ideas. One of the most obviously ambitious books I've ever read - clearly Bear trying to push all the boundaries, both in terms of speculation and literary style. It isn't entirely successful, but I always prefer something a little "pretentious" that fails to be what it wants to be than something completely mediocre. Also, several of the elements I felt were distracting and unnecessary early on in the book paid off by the end, sooo I'd place Queen of Angels in the same category as 1984, Fahrenheit 459, Brave New World, etc. A dissident cha
  21. I finally read Bruce Bethke's Cyberpunk, noted for being the first use of the term, although I don't think it can really be called the start of the literary movement. It's available online here: http://www.infinityplus.co.uk/stories/cpunk.htm (I understand it was later made into a novel and posted free online - I haven't gotten around to that) So - yeah. It's short, nothing to set the world alight in terms of prose, and basically completely predictable. It abandons a potentially interesting hook about the relationship between the protagonist and a fellow alienated hacker dude in favo
  22. That was one of my original plans for Vircades Project but I keep getting halted in my tracks by my lack of graphic design skills. ----------------------- I was thinking about my favourite OSR sourcebooks what would be fun to convert... Vornheim is done. Darkness Visible and Starvation Cheap are also amazing, but already cyberpunk. They don't need any conversion. That said, a fixer book along the lines of Suns of Gold could be brilliant. Some of the fun bestiaries - like Paolo Greco's Chthonic Codex - I'd love to do something like that for drones. And then the adv
  23. It took me 100 pages to figure out who everybody in Synners was, let alone what reality they were inhabiting (to be fair, the characters didn't know either). I love a lot of Cadigan's work, but I'm glad I'm not reading it all at once... I'd say it's absolutely the second option. Virtual Reality - "the mass consensual hallucination" was at the heart of cyberpunk. So many of the original novels are based around it - more so than post-cyberpunk, in my estimation. Cyberpunk, always remember, is the heir to "inner space" science fiction movements, especially the British New Wave of the
  24. A setting book doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Something on the level of Fever Dreaming Marilinko or Into the Odd would be perfect in size. Stock NPCs is what everything asks for. I've been meaning to do it for the blog since the beginning but the scale of the project is offputting - all those numbers are far less interesting than tables and adventure hooks
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