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  1. Seven Minute Video Blow your mind. It is selling for $40,000 AUS dollars (so I hear).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxvfDTaUVAo I know people who would live in this on the McDonald's parking lot where they work their slave job for minimum wage. This, and a subscription to the YMCA/YWCA, is really all you need.
  2. Arise! I command thee! ARISE! Source:http://news.yahoo.com/humans-controlled-tiny-parasites-180652943.html Permanent record: Can Humans Be Controlled By Tiny Parasites? By Jason Koebler | U.S.News & World Report LP – Fri, Dec 7, 2012 Could microscopic parasites have the ability to take control of a human being? Scientists are starting to think so. A third of the world's population may have a parasitic infection that scientists believe to have an impact on human behavior. The protozoan parasite, called Toxoplasma gondii, has long been considered to be an "a
  3. Nice to see the premise come alive. How long before mainstream TV will pick up on Cyberpunk stories? (Or has it already happened while I have been in POland this past decade?) Maybe the netwonks do not want to upset the sheeple.... just scan them on time.
  4. So the diversions are working. That's nice.
  5. In fact, I said the opposite of conspiracy. You're the one who can't see it without driving around in a pack of black Lincoln sedans. I just do not see that kind of problem: that is too big to handle. I just think it is time to get to handling it. Now unless you think a few people looking out for their own interests and gaming the system is a conspiracy against the American government.... got news for you, it happens everywhere. And, yes, this whole thing is co-opted. It's a sideshow. Well an apparent full blown cyber war or not, we can argue. I would say it is a war on Freedom of
  6. Now, I had to look this up because Glen Beck is more popular with some than with others. I had to understand exactly what you meant, and I am not entirely sure you're not confused. Glen Beck is a distraction. I am saying stop being distracted. Christopher Hitchens, as my twin states, kicks ass in this Vanity Fair piece. And it is worth reading to get the sense of this unstable Glen Beck right-wingnut character he calls a rabble-rouser, which was my opinion as well. I hardly think I am rousing the rabble here as much as I am presenting a clarion call to stop, look and listen to the event
  7. I am afraid you are right. And the sizable minority is getting more and more segmented, larger and larger in its shrinking little hole, every day. Someone MIGHT think the so called gun nuts would get it. But it is simple logic that you can't shoot pigeons while you're being eaten by ants. And Assange and the entire sideshow of sideshows are the ants. Be afraid children! The big bad 16 year old Anonymous is going to get you with a Script Kiddie. We have our top men working on it now... [cue John Williams, Indianna Jones Theme.] Jesus did I not say as much before they caught the guy i
  8. Good point made by John Naughton; similar to mine but suffering at the shallow-end of deadline publishing. Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/ci...live-with-leaks Of course, the Guardian is one of the papers setting (yes, setting) Wikileaks' editorial content so be aware. CC
  9. Let's play devil's advocate then. Say you are right. This is a real news story and rightly has the attention it deserves. It's not a circus. It's legit. The dingus. Gates acted as soon as he could in the interest of Defense (which he did not but we will ignore that fact) and Assange is a legitimate threat who should be ashamed of himself. So why isn't the USA putting it's financial house in order, two years after the meltdown and about 6 years after it was diagnosed? Are there no Americans who should be equally ashamed of what they have done to the USA? Hell, since they are Americans,
  10. And who runs the DoJ [Department of Justice]? Hey kids, its circle jerk time. Gather round. It's the same as sex. Except it isn't the same asshole. But by the time you comedy fuckmuppets figure it out, it'll be too late. Bwwwaaaahahaha. [This is the whole part of this shit I hate the worst - the outright condescension that these incompetent geniuses, incapable of doing their job let alone manage a conspiracy, have all of us peons barking at each other with their child-like diversions and we're too stupid to use our own heads. I don't care what anyone's politics are because we can all agree t
  11. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/08/a...a_n_794130.html The Spooks vs Comicbooks. It's made for TV Manga. CC
  12. You ever notice that the persons or (otherwise known as legal entity persons) institutions responsible for the direct harm to hundreds of millions of average Americans are going unpunished while everyone calls for the head of some ghostly skinny creepy looking guy? In fact, Bernake just paid a commission to his friends at Goldman Sachs from a $900 Billion sale of T-Bonds. That's like if I slipped my good buddy Dog Soldier an envelope full of your money so that I could buy your debt from you. Hang on... why not you just pay your debt with that money? I digress. As has been often st
  13. Uhm, they're not, man. You're being sarcastic again. I get it. WikiLeaks has posted to its website only 960 of the 251,297 diplomatic cables it has. Almost every one of these cables was first published by one of its newspaper partners (The Guardian, the NYT, El Pais, Le Monde, Der Speigel, etc.). It is still a smoking gun to political cocksmanship within Washington. So is this "freedom and information access" betraying an Edgerunner's style, or is it more in tune with Corp business muzak? On what side of the PCs would you put this organisation in your CP 2020 game? Oh, and
  14. I thought this was a good post, as are the comments reflecting some of the deeper thoughts beyond the facade of Wikileaks' entertainment value. Of course, the comments reflect my own point of view put into different words but they are worth following nonetheless... http://tomwatson.typepad.com/tom_watson/20...ge-v-obama.html And when I speak of Wikileaks, I also acknowledge that there are other organisations within my Roladex holding governments' and business' feet to the fire. If there were no such organisations, sadly, most companies would have very little reason to respond to t
  15. I am not sure what a "smoking room" is, to be honest. Isn't this where they put the gun nuts? The last time we had an exchange I had the impression you were in the media, which probably you were interning at the time, which is where my working as a medium and you working as a medium, both of us information conduits, would give us a shared industry and if not community. I am open to be wrong on Assange as a tool but I just think there are much larger stories going on than Wikileaks, centred on the dishonest and deceptive policies in government that have led up to the economic colla
  16. Well, some people clearly believed it, given what happened to Enron! There's all sorts of reasons why people inside organisations don't talk about things they can see in front of them - careerism and the idea that "I can change this from within" and a feeling of utter powerlessness (created by cynicism as much as anything else) all add to that - but once the thing is out in the public eye and noticed there's the chance of doing something, fleeting as it might be. Most people see only their own their self-preservation, and that tied to the old lies of survival. Some people actually wen
  17. Agreed. But I already wrote this. Which no marksman could replicate, even discounting the magic bullet theory. Or are you making the case for a conspiracy through sarcasm? I am drinking bottled water. What about you? CC
  18. Viserael, CYBERPUNK 2020 is now. It is the reason I use it as a language setting to practice modern vocabulary. We're only 2 years and one holiday off from Gibson's timeline today. So yeah, I can understand Mike moving the conversation. But the day is coming when this site's general discussion forums will be less bleeding edge and completely mainstream. One day soon, this will be the media outlet. There are plenty of real life pieces of information within the Threads here. (I reproduce the articles to keep them alive - links, necessary ettiquette to accredit source, die) Watch fo
  19. Well, I think you're not meta-thinking on this. Whose hand is animating the puppet is the question. Now we can all meta-think ourselves into total spinning paranoia especially as game masters, and as game masters we are advised to write down who's pulling who in complicated stories to avoid screwing around our players into total helplessness and boredom, but listen to what Assange actually says to the Economist about Wikileaks. His voice is in the first story on #258 No Agenda Show for December 5th 2010: http://www.noagendashow.com/ You can download the show from the direct link. Giv
  20. Julian Assagne (patsy, Harvey Oswald 2, etc) is a willing or unwilling tool for the Military Industrial Complex, either supplied by CIA or Pentagon informants. The unwillingness of Secretary Gates to act immediately to shut him down suggests in itself that Assagne is a Pentagon catspaw. The decision by Washington to put the sharing of information between agencies under tighter scrutiny and the reluctance of some media *cough*FOX*cough* to prick up their ears to the angle of freedom of information (right or wrong that will the interest of the media to want to question if it were , in fact, a f
  21. ...I mean, reading that, you've had almost literally the opposite experience to me with skill challenges. All i've found is a fairly neat system for handling cinematic skill checks - you know, the team struggling against the clock to open the door before being eaten by the zombies, or whatever. I mean, the last skill challenge I ran came from the players deciding to escape from a mountain fortress by tobogganing down the slope, which took me by surprise, and the skill challenge mechanic was just a neat way of running that, letting everyone's particular ideas of how they wanted to use their ava
  22. Good morning to you all from dark, snowy Poland. 1. My thoughts on the state of RPGs. Well, speaking from my own perspective I say the marketing has to improve. Some real fine opportunities are being missed because of non-creative thinking. In my case in point, selling language practice via RPGs, there is no support from the publishers. A local dice company has furnished my players (now, I am referring to students who are 100% new to RPGs) with dice while the local publisher for WotC and R. Talsorian have tried to complicate my life like an Asian negotiation simulation. If I try to collabor
  23. CJ owns his own server? I am really not the kind of guy to ask or impose aything of that nature... Besides, like I said, I think I have a new host, at least for now... CJ's pretty stable and your site, and all the work you put into it, would be an asset to him. I would re-consider not contacting him. His answer is definitely "no" if you don't ask. You have to break out of the pattern you're in, man. Sorry to learn of your impending eviction. CC
  24. Yeah, but you get the right host and you won't ever have to worry about this again. Amen. But are you telling me no-one here is willing to couch up? No one here has a server? CC
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