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  1. I've already replied to this topic but I want to advertise a real 'cyberpunk' music genre which I've started to listen: Hard NRG. For example DJ RX provides some great free mixes. Proteus is another good artist but I don't think he has released any material in the internet (you can find it thru dc++/emule IF YOU CAN'T BUY IT).
  2. Finnish Valmet RK-62 and Valmet RK-96 should be added. They're equal to AK-47 in specs but the RK-96 has folding skeleton stock (because it is designed for paratroopers) and they're both made of plastic.
  3. Mikseri.net provides lots of music of all styles. Unfortunately it is only in finnish but I think that non-finnish users can also find the music they're looking for. For example you can select the style by dragging down the menu "-valitse-" below "musiikkia"-link in the frame and then selecting the style
  4. Most of the real motion trackers are based in seismic sensors that can detect movement up to 1km (note: these devices are big). Somekinda small seismic motion tracker would detect moving objects up to 20-40 meters so it could be ideal for your game. Of course there should be effectiveness percent because the tracker is influenced by various sources of disturbance.
  5. "but in the other end there are the massive one-person bands, in which one person portrays a full virtual band, or just controls a full rack of synths and the stuff via cyberlink to produce the sound of a full band." actually I know one house-musician (I can't remember his name) who has adapted this idea. He is also a purist who records his own samples and always makes his own presets. His music is usually jazzy deephouse with big band and orchestra style spices and it really sounds like there's full big band or philharmonic orchestra in the studio in his tracks. What a pity that I can't remeber his name, but he was introduced once in an electronic music radio show in Finland's "YleX" radio channel... "Overall, fast music is the future." The near-future is Drum and Bass, Reggae and Hiphop. In the end of 20th century the most commonly accepted music was Rap but now it can be seen that the "Black music" will continue it domination in a larger scale. In Finland many artists (Beats & Styles [DJ assaults of Finland], Dallas superstars, Mighty 44, Jonna etc.) have tried to popularisize various forms of this music: RnB, Miami Bass, Ghetto tech, Hiphop, Fast "electro-house" which is actually Drum and bass with strong ghettotech flavour and a bit disco-funk and Reggae. In the other hand, in Asian countries and Australia the Euro-Dance (=Corolla-Trance because jerks who drive their tuned toyota corollas and try to seduce under-aged girls listen to it), Happy hardcore, Gabba, Anthem trance and Goa/Psy have become popular as they were in Europe in 90's.
  6. Talsorian guys liked to think the future bands as 80's punkbands with stringless guitars and electronic drum sets. I prefer Electronica so in my games most of the artists are trance/techno/electro/drumandbass etc. Artists/DJs. And what do they need to play music? Same stuff as nowadays, only a bit smaller and better. Drum machines, mixers, synths (hey! drummachines are synths), effects and decks/disc players...
  7. Neuromancer comic Scan is located in william gibson fansite but it is frustrating to read btw do you know any cyberpunk/film noir related free .pdf format comics in internet? I'd like to have those.
  8. Same problem here... I try to make big missions like complex spy run against international organization or corp and every time the game turns sl0w... Problem could be fixed with scripted-like one night runs but if you don't have a month or two to make masterplans and write scripts and dialogs, fast runs quickly turn brainless massacres. That's why I prefer longer missions where players should use their brains and create plans and prepare to their mission. Unfortunately, these plans are usually created in 2 minutes "ok, we buy RPG and 2 SMGs and try to go in their factory and steal the documents" or something like "we try to sneak in and stole documents (no preparations or any plans there)" and the rest of the time is idling... If players aren't active, GM is forced to create scripted missions that need a lot of work if he wants to create good ones. It's a pity that most players don't want to play "normal life". There should be always action for those guys Sl0w games are a real problem...
  9. Geez! it's huge and it has pictures. Unfortunately using it in cyberpunk games is difficult because you have to C+P every single gun one by one and add them to text editor and then print it. And there's no proper stats... The webmaster should put them in .doc/.rtf so they could be used more easier. Good work I have to admit...
  10. There's three types of Night visions: 1) IR (includes ir-light and ir goggles) is InfraRed light that is invisible without IR-goggles (because of wavelengths beyond the sight of human eye) but with goggles it can be seen even in dark. Vision is limited because you can only see the area where your IR-light points. 2) Actual light amplifiers are expensive and heavy. They make your vision fuzzy and green but allow operation in very dark areas and unlimited sight. There must be at least weak sources of light so the machine can amplify something. 3) Thermographic equipment scan the environment for heat sources and display hot areas with red color and cold areas with blue. Thermos aren't really night vision equipment but they're useful in dark places because they sense different wavelengths (heat) than optic stuff.
  11. Thanks Joe Q unfortunately The Netbook of Modern Firearms is currently down so I can't check it... My list lacks some descriptions but someday I try to complete it...
  12. Looks cool, although not pure 100% cyberpunk because it is happening in the beginning of 21 century and there's not enough dark places. The story sounds a bit childish because there are clichees like SuperSpys and THE Megacorp (one above other) and ultimate paranoia. I'd like to see it but I guess it will never come to cinemas in Finland, maybe I find it in film store some day... Cypher seems to be one of the top Cyberpunk films ever made (Newrose hotel and Blade Runner are excellent too) or I hope it is.
  13. -Hardtrance, (Happy) hardcore, Drum and bass, Progressive Trance... all kinds of agressive electronica -IDM, Triphop, Chillout, Ambient Techno/House and Jazz, Breakbeats -Vocal trance and House when partying -Oldskool hiphop, Jazz, Pink Floyd-style rock -Chiptunes, Traxx, SIDs and all computer related music Artists I like: brothomStates, Aphex twin, Paul Oakenfold, Brisky, Hardcore authority, KOE, Prodigy, Orbital, Fatboy slim, Digable planets, Goldie, Groove armada, Thrillseekers, RinneRadio, Portishead, Jamiroquai, Dice etc.
  14. Usually I don't do it but sometimes I think they deserve it. For example I have described heavily defenced Yakuza headquarters where's probably 40-60 yakuzas with pistols, shotguns, SMGs and armors and then my PCs go in with their biggest guns and nastiest armors. In cases like this I think the death is the punishment for stupidness and for choosing the way to solve the problems with force (especially when outnumbered). Luckily my PCs don't usually make stupid moves or risk their lives.
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