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  1. QUOTE (malek77 @ Aug 26 2004, 01:34 PM) I went crazy the other day and wrote a dungeon bash set of rules (using D6's) that somehow incorporated Greek Myth, Tron, EverQuest, and UT's pregame 'flight mode' into a coherent story...sort've. Sounds interesting... "Look out, Tron! It's a Firewall Golem!" "I'm using my 'Staff of Medusa' counter-program! Close your eyes!" -- C E Z
  2. I like being referred to as "the old school". It sounds good. I really like that. ^__^ What I don't like is reading things like "After all, there's not a great diff from Diablo to D&D". It depends on how you play it, dammit! I loved both Diablo and AD&D, but I'd never have played MY AD&D campaigns Diablo-style! And I don't want a Cyberpunk game that can be played ONLY like a computer game. I'm with hobgoblin. Computer games lack the social element, which is what "paper" gamers look for in the first place. They are limited, prevedible, and that's good, because when I play Diablo I don't really want to enter into deep social interactions with the denizens of this world.. I just want to rip 'em to shreds! But in a "paper and pencil" game, it's a whole different dimension. I am a character, an individual, not a just a fighting machine, a dry set of numbers in a combat simulation. (Well, most of the times. ^__-) As for the "speeding up the game" part... I'm with "faster". I'm not sure if I'm with "simpler". (... but, wait, wasn't CP2020 ALREADY supposed to be as fast and frantic as it can get, in the first place? Oh, well, never mind...) I guess you can speed up character creation by having an arsenal of "character templates" in addition to charcter creation rules. Template characters would be ready-to-play after just some minor quick personalizations and adjustments. And I'd like to see new games come with a software CD included. Why not? A "GM Assistant" software would be most appreciated. A lot of people I know, including myself, run adventures with a notebook in front of them instead of the old GameMaster Screen. That would greatly help in "keeping the rules in the background". -- C E Z
  3. I remember someone (maybe Strawberry Cream?) had proposed this solution: ROF / weapon skill = burst granularity This is the "margin of error" you have when you try to fire exactly "x" bullets. We use this in our campaing and it works for us. So Malek, if your character Sheena the Punk Rocker (hi Joey!) has Rifles = 5 and she's firing with a Milithec Ronin (ROF 30, IIRC), she has a "margin of error" of six bullets. If she declares a 20 rounds burst, have her actually fire 15+1d6 rounds. If she wants to shoot a 3-round burst, she's firing 1d6 bullets. You can make it [ROF / (skill *2)] or [ROF / (skill *3)], etc., in order to make it easier, as Grim and Mark seem to suggest it would be. Now, here comes another problem: when is it that a "short burst" becomes a "full auto"? After how many bullets does recoil start to negate the +3 bonus? I guess it depends on how heavy weapon recoil is, so I'll leave that to the experts... -- C E Z
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    Rockwolf, if you need some help with the Benelli or Franchi line maybe I can translate some italian web pages for you... just pass the URL... -- C E Z
  5. Cowboy, too bad your link on Baudrillard didn't mention "Symbolic Exchange and Death" (the only Baudrillard book I've actaully read). That's more about cyberpunk: death is the ultimate "sign" that can never be detached from its "value" - and that's why nowadays death is neutralized, ostracized, reclused in hospitals. And while I (edgerunner) can play my death against the system, the system cannot do the same against me. And Sanctuary is a reference I always recommend to corporate players. ^__^ -- C E Z
  6. The reason why I'm asking is that a friend of mine has recently started a Cyberpunk campaign. As he is a newbie and I am his most experienced player, I think I could easily talk him into allowing me to carry a 12mm ET-enhanced Desert Eagle with Dual Purpose rounds (something that would do 9d6 of damage against an unarmored opponent!). But I don't want to unbalance the game. Besides, I would like to encourage role-playing over combat (strangely enough, I've never played a Solo in CP2020, though I love clerics and warriors in fantasy RPGs), so I have to control my munchkin istinct and set an example. ^__^ I usually don't allow ET weapons in MY campaigns, but I'm not against them on principle. If you don't use armor degradation rules, actually, ET weapons are a way to make sure your players don't underestimate opponents with handguns. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll settle for a "normal" handgun. -- C E Z
  7. 1) Say I want my pistol to carry more rounds in each clip, can I do it? I don't think this case is covered in the "gun customisation" rules in SOF2. What would the rules be like? 2) Do you allow ETA weapons in your campaign? If you do, are "special" ETA rounds available, like API, or Dual Purpose? Are they widely available, or restricted to the military/black market? Thank you for your help! -- C E Z
  8. QUOTE (rockwolf66 @ Feb 26 2004, 06:00 AM) PS: does anyone have a link that i could find out information on SCARS? You mean, like www.scars.com? ^__^ I don't know... are these people for real? I had a look at this page and it's like "Dianetics meets The Reader's Digest" sort of propaganda. "You have been selected to participate and possibly become just one of a few men that will be approved to become a part of the most exclusive club charter in the world. It will be known as "The Knights of SCARS®™." The goal will be to train and educate this order to be the most proficient group of human beings on the face of this planet. You will be trained in the advanced Sciences of Human Control called "Peterson's Dominant Process Systems®™." You have only tasted less than one-tenth of this process known to you as SCARS. If you seek such an opportunity then please read below, as this will not come again." Well, I'm sure these guys know what they're talking about, but... this does not sound like a professional combat school. This is more like a sect for World Domination. "You have attended SCARS Level One and Level Two 30-hour camps as well as other seminars we have provided for you. Now, because of your physical and financial commitment to us in the past, we are prepared to offer you advanced training" Where "financial" is the operative word, I guess. I'm not trying to make fun of these guys, but don't they need a marketing consultant? -- C E Z
  9. QUOTE (psychophipps @ Feb 26 2004, 05:49 AM) As for Mr. Segal, he actually uses an earlier form of Aikido generally refered to as Aikijutsu I don't know about him, but the less-known (with respect to jujitsu) aikijutsu did exist in historical Japan. It was developed during the Kamakura era and soon earned a good reputation for being "superior to common jujitsu". It must be said that, while at the time unarmed combat was part of the samurai training, it wasn't by any way a fundamental skill. Karate (I mean Okinawan karate) doesn't belong to that era; it's a modern thing. BTW, why are we talkin ju-JITSU? The correct form is ju-JUTSU. (Read here) As for the stats for jujutsu, a good source of information is the HERO: Martial Arts supplement. I's a wellspring of information (actually, I found it a bit confusing to navigate...) and can be tailored to adjust to the degree of realism in your campaign. You can build the "Hokuto Technique for the Destruction of the Universe" if you spend enough points. -- C E Z
  10. Not just a parody. And not just "funny". Cool link. -- C E Z
  11. Now that's an original subject for your 2004 calendar. Sexy babes - and coffins. Look here... (And notice the September girl, wrapped in an american flag... O_o;) -- C E Z
  12. Malek, I have seen your material for the Surrogacy campaign, and it seems remarkably good to me! You must be a brilliant game master, so I think you don't really need my advice... Anyway, let's see if I can help you. Quote I try and give my PC's complete universal freedom. [...] I'm finding this often leads the the players to become...confused. It's a fact. Some players won't like being "abandoned" by the DM (that's how they feel in some way). It happened to me, right some time ago, while playing Cyberpunk. A couple of players of mine complained that they didn't feel at ease in a Cyberpunk world (my first answer was: "Correct! That's exactly how it is supposed to be!") because they felt they didn't know enough about their world and the environment surrounding them. They felt they "didn't know what was the right thing to do". I encouraged them to read the rulebook to get more information, and they wouldn't need anything else. I also told them to feel free to ask me "What does my character know about it, based on his experience", or even "What would a solo/fixer/corp do in such a situation". If this doesn't help, you may need to adjust your adventure to your players and provide more... guidance. Many players actually like this. If you compare a RPG session to a movie, like it's often done, some players like to be co-directors and decide the way the plot is going; others just want to play the actors' role and jump from scene to scene, following a script, facing all the challenge the master throws at them. I like playing like that when I'm in a lazy mood. If your players are like that (lazy, shy, not-so-confident or even plain dumb), have an intelligent NPC work with them, who could suggest which is the best move they may take. This could build some confidence as the players learn what their chacter can really do, and eventually they will be able to achieve their goals without the help of a "tutor". Of course the players should have to make sure this guy survives, for more than one reason... or else... As for myself, I usually try to grant them full freedom and make up NPC responses on-the-fly. Despite this, I can usually find a way or another to lead them (not "force" them) into a situation which I think may be challenging, interesting or funny for them. After all, the goal is always the same: having fun with a good story.
  13. Quote maybe i should re-stat the old guns in CP2020 or at least the ones i can find info on. Hmmm, that would be interesting. Please do it. And I remember Pipps saying that the damage ratings for the various ammo types are slightly inaccurate ("12mm shouldn't be 4d6+1"). Maybe someone of you could take a look at those, too? Then maybe we can include it all in the Apostasis project...
  14. Quote Even a left handed samurai carried his swords on his left hip, and unsheathed them just like all other. I'm left-handed myself, and when I was practising kendo our sensei had a lot of work to force me into this manner. If you were born in medieval Japan, your sensei would have forced you into using the sword with your right arm. There were almost no left-handed samurai back then. You mean you can even do Iai maneuvers with your left hand? Amazing! Roman legionaries used to keep their gladius on the right side and unsheated it with the right hand (the left was busy holding the shield), but in bringin the weapon into position, they did lose some precious time. Which was not a problem to them, since they usually did this before charging the enemy lines, but could be fatal to a samurai facing a sudden menace.
  15. Julio Cezar


    Er... Excuse me. Could anyone please describe exactly what a prowler is and how does the class fit in the game?
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