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  1. So I decided that I'd finally had enough of social media and deleted myself from a bunch of places

  2. I read the publishers description but it did not prepare me for this book. For the first time in years I stayed up past midnight reading, went to bed, couldn't sleep so I started reading again Sakura is a vocaloid, the most advanced in history and she is the Metal Queen being an android (gynoid?) who plays all genre of metal music. The back story is that there is an international treaty ban on all research into advanced military AI....this is cyberpunk so you should be able to see where this is going.... Anyway, Sakura can and does totally control the entire venue wherever sh
  3. That's an excellent test for the Wardrobe & Style skill. It's something that is not considered as often as it should be even out in the real world. You may want to consider a test for accessibility as well. Some carry methods are great for concealment but terrible for access while others are only good for access in certain physical positions. Examples would be ankle holster is extremely accessible while seated, driving, etc. or if groundfighting (better than JuJitsu) while appendix carry is very concealable and accessible while standing but almost impossible when seated and fre
  4. If you add the fact that Chicago is the northern terminus for the Nuevo Laredo drug pipeline out of Mexico and the cartels would be very interested in offering O Plata O Plomo to the broke peacekeepers and possibly opening up more markets it could be very interesting.
  5. A thought on recent events. Trump's real genius has always been in marketing his brand. Thus, being accused of palling around with Putin and being soft on Syria became a problem because it was damaging the brand. So, we've truly reach Cyberpunk before 2020. POTUS #45 Trump is "style over substance" personified
  6. I watch it and it's one of a couple of shows that's kept me from cancelling cable altogether. What I really enjoy is that there is no Handwavium tech. The space crafts are laid out like narrow towers with floor and ceiling oriented on the ships drives and people have to take supplements in order to prevent fatal bone density and muscle loss. Coms take time since the distances are vast and one of my most favorite thing is that the Belters have what appears to be an amazing culture.
  7. You can't make this stuff up.... My parents were and are unaware of Trumps telephone dustups with the Australian leader and his apparent threat to invade Mexico in search of bad hombres because their news channels of choice aren't talking about that. It would appear that at this time Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world since POTUS has decided to turn his office into a reality show
  8. Yeah, pretty much. I recall having one of his books recommended, I think it was "On Killing" and I came to this part that puzzled me. After a bit I realized that he was saying that if you got into a high stress situation you'd shit your pants. Having been in a few really high stress situations, one that actually made me throw up afterward, I really couldn't take the book seriously anymore
  9. Assassination Generation by Col. Grossman I never realized that all the training I'd really need was available in FPS
  10. One of my hobbies is playing Everquest, yes it's an old game but I'm an old guy... Anyway I'm a Senior Guide in their Guide Program and when DBG opened up the Time Lock Progression servers I volunteered to basically do policing there. I saw all of those sorts of players, farmers, problem solvers as well as mercenaries. Something that you're missing is the possibility of multi boxing. In the earliest days on the Ragefire server there where players running 40+ character crews. There's a variety of software used to do that sort of thing that ranges from the tacitly legal to
  11. In other news, since the release by wikileaks of thousands of DNC emails it's rather obvious that the Democrat primaries were a massive fraud. Wonder if the Democrat Convention will throw the nomination to an open vote and let the chips fall where they may given these revelations? naw.....
  12. What might killerbots of the future look like This sort of thing is likely to be inevitable. It isn't that hard to imagine what a less lethal swarm may be like. Weaponized killer bees
  13. So I am a bad person because when I heard that Dallas PD used a robot to take out the sniper at the BLM protest I thought of and laughed anyway, when I here the BLM people proclaiming "it's not our fault!" I put just as much stock in it as I did when the Tea Partiers all said, "we're not racist". Anyway, this is about the only place on the internet where I can express some of my true feelings about the screwed up nature of the world, sort of looks like the combat zone will be coming to a city near you this summer
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