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  1. I'd given up. And there are no barbie dolls!
  2. Anyone have a high res image of the cover of MLO (with the silver mask)? I am trying to make a t-shirt...
  3. You know, I wasn't making a comment on persnal musical / entertainment tastes. I really don't give a flying fuck what your personal music likes and dislikes are. I was just trying to have a CyberPunk related conversation, but as usual, socially retarded gamers make that an impossibility.
  4. If one needs further proof we are living the game. Lady GaGa looks like a CP2020 character jumped off the frikkin page!
  5. As far as "Deadliest Warrior" or any of those shows go, its all about "flash, bang pow" (an actual quote from History Channel producer). It has nothing to do with reality and the results are so subjective, its not even funny. I mean, what if the ninja was near sighted? Anyway, comparing a SWAT room clearing drill and an infantry fire team is apples and oranges. The SWAT team is there to serve an arrest warrant ( you can argue that all you want, but you can be sure the US Constitution trumps all cool-guy gear). A fire team is there to kill people. Although I do tend to agree with RockW
  6. And those pesky North Korean missiles. IIRC NK has an air force too...
  7. Well, for my $.02 on the bullpup, you will note that very few countries have adopted bullpup designs in recent years. That may change, but as of right now, the forerunners in the basic infantry firearm have a generally conventional layout with the magazine well and chamber to the front of the firing hand. Most designs have quick-change barrels with free-floating sights that do not require the shooter to re-zero his weapon when he changes barrels. (FN SCAR and H&K XM8 are two prime examples). Obviously not intended for use during a firefight, it does allow leaders to decide how many s
  8. I like the idea of talking to them ahead of time. You can ask their opinion without giving away too much story / plot. Also, speaking for myself, you can always ask the veterans on this board for advice if you do not want to give away too much of the gaming session to your players. Feel free to PM me with questions.
  9. Bottom Line Up Front: The fantasy will never live up to the reality. Be thankful that it doesn't. Having said that, if he expects your pen-and-paper game to live up to the technical and visceral realities of killing people then he is being very unfair to you as a GM. If he cannot separate the reality from fantasy he should not be playing. My advice is to politely tell him not to get his hopes up and that, although you will try, you simply will not be able to live up to his experiences. Ask him to take the game for what it is and have fun with it. If he can't do that then I woul
  10. CyberMurph

    Magpul Fmg9

    Still looks a little out of place when folded up, but yeah, I think we can say we are living it. Almost...
  11. Have not played since 2002. I will again. Someday...
  12. OK, I am taking a fiction writing class. Here is my first short story. Ever. (Not including high-school assignments...) Anyway, some day I hope to write some CyberPunk, but I want to get some practice before I give it a go. So here 'tis... REPRÉSAILLES René's shoulders hurt. There was nothing he could do, no way to relieve the horrible, persistent pain. His legs on the other hand had mercifully gone numb, as had his wrists. He looked down at his shadow, which was growing longer. The sun, he thought, seems to have passed its zenith. He thought that perhaps it would cool and
  13. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2007...obo.soldier.ksl Its been so long since I played CP, I forget what they called the battles suites, but they are on the way...
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