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  1. Another table came into my mind: Extra bells & whistles 80% drones are rather utilitarian - their designs contain things necessary for them to fulfill their intended role, and that's it. The remaining 20%, however... 1. Camouflage. The drone attempts to mimic another drone, a living being (usually a common animal, in rare cases - a plant), or even an inanimate object (a stone, a trash dumpster or anything else). This is done primarily to hide its nature and function from prying eyes, or to not disturb human beings. If none of the above is applicable, assume the drone is wearing a camouflage pattern (or is made to look like it is old and in bad repair), helping it remain unnoticed. Roll Competence table to determine how effective the Camouflage feature is. 2. Decorative features. Not necessary for the primary function, and sometimes even slightly impeding the performance, the elements and features serve the "rule of cool", or at least that was the designer's idea (what exactly that means, depends on the intended market for a given model). Roll Competence to determine how stylish / cool the drone is. 3. Stealthy. The drone is designed to have a low signature. This might be the traditional, military-styled stealthing meant as defensive measure on a battlefield, but many civilian (and quality!) drones are made quiet and unobtrusive on purpose. Roll Competence to determine how stealthy the drone is. 4. Swiss Army Knife. The drone has a plethora of utensils intended to use for various aspects of its designed role. Whether they do actually come in handy often enough (or at all!) to make the difference, is another question. 5. Mood-setting. The drone is intentionally designed and equipped to influence human (or - in specific cases - animal) mood toward a desired attitude (typical being combat drones designed to cause fear in the enemy, utility / hazardous duty drones causing displeasure to keep humans out of harm's way, and soothing domestic drones) via looks, sounds emitted (including infrasounds) and, sometimes, more exotic means (eg. artificial pheromone dispensers). Roll Competence table to determine how effective the Mood Setting feature is. 6. Cybernetic organism. The drone is actually an (appropriately-sized) animal with cybernetic parts necessary for it to fulfill its designed role (control rig at least). Whether the animal was born and then cybernetized, came out of a clone vat or was bioengineered from scratch is up to you (and the setting's tech level), but undeniably this drone is at least partially alive (thus having advantages - and disadvantages - of a live organism). 7. Collapsible. The drone is designed to compact when not in use, allowing for easier transport and / or storage. This often includes a "stand-by" mode that allows power conservation while retaining some operating capability (primarily sensoric), however powering up from standby to fully operational might take a few moments. 8. Mothership. This remote does perform its task via host of smaller bots, which it provides with resupply and (usually limited) maintenance, likely also command & control: a drone equivalent to an aircraft carrier. 9. 0. ...and a cherry on top (roll twice and add both features). C'mon, need one more (#9, as #10 will be the standard "roll twice and combine") We could also do Programming glitches, but at the moment I lack ideas on what to put there.
  2. 3. Transport (catching a free ride for yourself, or attaching a package to it that somebody will snatch off the drone along its predetermined route). 4. Weapon (at the very least impromptu ram or roadblock, though many drones can be used pretty creatively there - a cleaning drone might be able to spray a cleaning agent that is not meant to be inhaled or in contact with one's skin / eyes under normal circumstances, for example)), ready to use whenever the operator needs it. 5. Repeater / signal booster station (for communications or hacking attempts. May be jury-rigged). Includes using drones for wireless access / coverage for a hacker. 6. Sport & recreation (either professional or amateur, competition or not - drone races, aerobatics performances, demolition derbys or the obvious pit fighting) 7. Distraction and/or mischief (preferably drones with loudspeaker or intense illumination capabilities), including simple vandalism. 8. Repurposed as a power source (either electric, being turned into a power generator or battery bank, or mechanical, physically setting things in motion with its motors). 9. Rebuilt into any primary function (roll on primary function table). Keep in mind that even if the same general function is rolled out, the drone now fulfills a different aspect of it. 0. It is more complicated than that! Roll twice and combine.
  3. Environment-specific mobility types: a. Swimmer bots (operating on bodies of water... or whatever other liquid you need): 1-3. uses propellers (usually ducted, often directional) 4-6. uses water jets (usually vectored thrust) 7-9. uses fins (powered with artificial muscles, pneumatic/hydraulic pistons, or electric motors) or (rarely) tentacles. 0. amphibious: roll once more on this table to determine how does it move when in water, and once on the basic mobility table to determine out-of-water propulsion method. If "Amphibious" result comes up again, it always indicates additional out-of-water propulsion methods. This may be used for travelling on the bottom, if the drone is submersible. Surface or submersible? 1-4. surface-only 5-0. capable of submerged operations (more popular since it allows cheap and safe conduction of many tasks that would be difficult for humans to do). b. Space bots (operating in zero-gravity/ micro-gravity conditions, both inside and outside of pressurized structures): 1-9. directional (and/or vectored thrust) jets only. Usually uses canisters of compressed neutral gas (large bots not intended to be ever used inside of a pressurized structures, will likely be using normal spaceship propulsion method) 0. alternate mode of propulsion, roll on basic mobility table: 1-9 in addition to jets.. Usually (9 out of 10 cases) this means the alternate propulsion system is powerful enough to propel the drone in full gravity conditions (or whatever gravity it was designed for!), 0 wall-clinger only, intended to move along walls of space installations in micro-gravity (using things like suction cups, claws, electromagnetic anchoring, or such low-tech tricks as Velcro-covered wheels / tracks).
  4. @ CyberBear, thank you for bringing it back! 9. Data collecting & survey (take pictures, make a movie, or use advanced sensors to search for mineral deposits... or lidar a field to measure if crops are ready for harvesting!). Also: Note: military drones use the same table - there are many roles a bot could fulfill in military service apart from direct combat. Scout and combat would be, respectively, data collecting & survey and surveillance & security areas. However, a robo-truck is transport & delivery, whether you paint it with store logo load it with vegetables, or paint it camo scheme and load with artillery shells. It all depends on context.
  5. That's great news But let's not hijack CyberBear's topic any longer on that. Maybe you should think about starting one for your own use?
  6. Agreed. While it is not all cyberpunk, and there are a few entries i liked less than others (which is absolutely to be expected from an anthology), the overall result is well worth watching it! And waiting for a 2nd series, too.
  7. Well, but you're up to no good yourself, ain't ya? I'm waiting to see what that will come to
  8. Sounds like you've hit the nail square on the head, Eraser. Despite all the respect I have for FK Brno guys...
  9. Well, that's pretty surprising they took that job, if they did know what kind of a guy was ordering it. Also, taking a hit job without knowing who are the going to hit... again, surprising. But perhaps they were ready to pull a hit on their own mothers for 20k eb On the other hand, that's certainly going to make the things interesting
  10. Nah, a 40' is about as easy to handle as a 20'. The only difference being you can't use a forklift to move a 40' when loaded, but you could easily fit it with what you mentioned and keep the weight total, I guess, within reasonable limitations. Unless you mean a specialized cargo & crane truck (capable of self-loading), but these seem to be rather rare and specialized (well okay, armed forces like them for logisitcs applications, but in the civillian world, it is excessive and unnecessary cost. Either way, you need a crane, or a forklift (and that means, container-sized forklift, capable of handling a ~30 ton loaded container) to handle it around. Let's omit highly specialized equipment like reach stackers, side-lift trucks or gantry cranes, as these are not likely to be found outside of a high-yeld container yards. A standard container truck can take 2x20' or a single 40'. A standard railroad flatbed - 3x20' or 1x40' and 1x20'. One problem I see with such a solution is that you'd need to insulate the walls really well, or any temperature extreme is going to make considions for the occupants hard to bear: shipping containers are made of (rather thin, to cut on weight) sheet steel (alluminium or plastic ones aren't unknown, but rather rare). I don't have to tell you how excellent heat conductor (or terrible insulator) it is. As for breaking into one - it really depends. See, a standard shipping container is equipped with places for padlocks. As good padlocks you get there is how good your protection will be. That is, assuming our thieves don't want to leave obvious signs of entry by cutting through the sheet metal wall itself. Sure, standard shipping procedure for avoiding pilferage is placing the containers facing each other's doors. Can't open the door if there's another 30-ton container blocking your access to it, right? But that ain't going to work if you need to access the container yourself.
  11. Well, certainly an issue in most Cyberpunk worlds: not having locks strong enough on your valuables locker. Naturally, that would also mean most microhomes wouldn't be sturdy enough to resist a burglar who is determined enough. Then again, a burglar who is sufficiently determined, sufficiently funded and has enough time & skaill can bypass any kind of security... I'd see these microhomes as functional equivalent of a RV / trailer, the chief difference being lack of wheels (and the rest of stuff you need to make your house rollin'), and thus being cheaper. At least new (with used, n-th hand examples that tend to mkae living quarters for those down on their luck, I guess difference would be negligible). Also, microhomes may be better suited for around-the-year continuous use, while some camper trailers / RVs might be intended for limited-time occupancy...
  12. Well, Geist made another excellent post on his blog - The 20 Questions. However, I found these too much D&D'esque for my taste, even with the cyberpunk twist Geist gave them. I mean, a number of the questions do not even fit a cyberpunk world... I grasp the idea - it is meant to give the new players - perhaps even ones who never played anything cyberpunk-like - a quick introduction to what the world does look (and work) like. So... let's try reworking these. What is the deal with religion? I believe this question doesn't have to be that high on the list for most cyberpunk campaigns. If it needs to be on the list here at all. For an answer that could fit the standard Night City setting, I'd say that all the big old players are on the scene, along with quite a few new, and some really crazy ideas. Where can we go to buy standard equipment? Hit a shopping mall. A supermarket. Order it over the Net for to-door delivery. Where can we go to get custom fitted armour? for any custom equipment, you need a competent specialist who does custom jobs. Search for one over the Net, or ask your friendly Fixer to find you one: they're the people who know other people. Keep in mid Fixers don't exactly work for free! Who is the mightiest wizard hacker in the land? There are tons of those who lay claim to the title. Rache Bartmoss tends to be considered the one with an especially strong claim. Who is the greatest warrior in the land? Again, there are many claimants. But Morgan Blackhand is whom the prestigious Solo of Fortune magazine ranked #1 this year. Again. Who is the richest person in the land? Probably some corporate honcho. They don't exactly advertise their bank balances, y'know. And since a lot of it tends to be in market shares, and stock market is fluid, so the actual #1 may fluctuate. In terms of raw power and the ability to project it, many consider Saburo Arasaka of the Arasaka Corporation to be the worst enemy a man can make. Where can we go to get some healing? There are hospitals, private clinics, and even unregistered, illegal doctors we call "ripperdocs" who can patch you up. For a fee. They do other medical services as well. Noteworthy is the TraumaTeam, an armored, well-armed flying ambulance service that will come into a firefight, grab your bullet-ridden body and deliver it to a hospital of your choosing - for a hefty fee. They do have serious competition, too. Where can we go to get cures for the following conditions? Poison, disease: Curse: Level drain: Lycanthropy: Alignment change: Death: Undeath: If the modern medicine can cure it - and it can cure most things nowadays - a decent hospital will do. Though it may be expensive. If not, you may need to search for some doc working on an experimental therapy. Which may or may not work. And may be illegal. And - pretty likely - will be expensive as heck, of course. As for the exact cases: Poison - you better have the proper antitoxin ready. Most of this stuff can kill you quickly otherwise. Especially military-grade toxins. Curses, level drain, lycanthropy, alignment change and undeath are not, generally, a thing in this setting. Death - if acting quickly, a First Aid-competent rescuer or an ambulance may be able to make a difference. Expect hefty hospital bill after that. Apart form that, death is an incurable condition. Is there a magic guild my MU hacker belongs to or that I can join in order to get more spells software? As for magic - there isn't a scientific proof anything like that even exists. (though there still might be some Cthulhupunk, or On The Night's Edge stuff going on, so who knows...?) There are hacker collectives, like the infamous Autojoks. If they aren't an urban legend, of course. As well as many professional networks of various kinds. But, you see, these people rarely advertise... Where can I find an alchemist, sage or other expert NPC? If you need some very specific expertise, a go-between - we call these "fixers" - is your best try. They know people. Who know other people, and so on, until someone comes back with the expert you've asked for. Again, all those people do not work for free. Where can I hire mercenaries? There are the big professional corporations, like Arasaka, or Lazarus, or Militech. There are smaller, but no less pro ones, like the French Foreign Legion, or British Army, PLC. There are merc outfits who tend to operate in the rougher areas of the world. You probably can't afford them, anyways. depending on your budget, you might want to ask a local security company, hit a bar known to be popular among people in this line of work, like The Afterlife, or maybe try your luck with one of the street gangs - some of them have some reputation. Results may vary... As always, you can also ask your friendly fixer, who might be a talent manager to up-and-coming merc or crew - or be able to put you in contact with such a manager. For a fee. Is there any place on the map where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed or any other notable hassles from Johnny Law? Certain properties might be designated no-gun zones, but these are rare. Apart form that, there are weapons (mostly explosive, fully automatic or otherwise destructive enough) that are generally restricted (a permit - difficult to obtain - is required), also, some drugs and cybertechnologies are outright illegal. Keep in mind there are parts of town where Johnny Law doesn't like to be (unless they come in large numbers and are well-prepared for trouble). Anything goes there. Well, almost anything. Which way to the nearest tavern? Around the corner. Bars, clubs and other watering holes are everywhere. Whether they'll fit your taste is another question. What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I will become famous? Not really a thing. There are nomadic gangs terrorizing the countryside - like the infamous Raffen Shiv. People who have to deal with this menace on a daily basis will be certainly grateful if you kill those, but it won't make you famous beyond that exact circle. Within the city, there are countless gangs, some of the nastier than others. Wiping the out will certainly make oyu popular with their opposition - and a target for their allies. Are there any wars brewing I could go fight? There's always some gang conflict going. There are always corporations waging a clandestine war with each other. Samei with organized crime syndicates. Unless you are interested in big-time wars, ones with tanks, artillery and so on. Always a thing in the Third World. Buy the latest issue of Solo of Fortune and check recruitment adverts! How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes? Illegal gladiatorial fights do exist. Even legal ones in some states. Contact a fixer, they might be albe to contact you with someone who organizes these. Again, fame will be rather among specific kind of people. Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight? Certainly, the problem is - they are secret. They do not advertise. What is there to eat around here? Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for? Where is the nearest dragon or other monster with Type H treasure? ...yeah, I'll be back to it.
  13. Honestly, never heard of it... apparently a classic of punk genre here (the band dates back to 1984!), although it became more widely recognizable lately as a part for a TV series (HBO's Blinded By The Lights) soundtrack.
  14. Not to my liking (and they not ship to Poland anyway ), but I guess some of my buddies could like one (a few of them "went into lead" apart fro airsofting, that is, into trigun and other competition shooting categories). I'll kick the link their way, thanks!
  15. I guess they are! Especially assuming you have an illuminated reticle in it? But that's what I covered under red dot + magnifier, or red dot with built-in (switch-on, switch off) magnification. Or at least I guess I did Haven't seen a x1 - x6 model yet (the stuff around tends to be x1 - x3 or x4), but technically that shouldn't be any different
  16. Could be. Definitely they are easier & faster to use than telescopic sights.
  17. On telescopic sights: can't really use them without spending a moment to aim. Perhaps, if you're shoting over long range, and you don't need to acquire the target before that. Or you're a real expert shooter. Red-dot: simply +1 to hit, except for hip-shoting that is. As long as you can see the target anyway. It doesn't add up to initiaitve, as you still need to have the sight, eye and target lined together. Or at least, that's as far as my experience goes (with using red-dots a lot in airsoft over the last dozen years, and on distances up to 60m). More and more I'm of the opinion the Interlock's basic rules are wrong in their approach to engagement range. The alternate apporach presented in the Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads seems way more promising. Note that you can have the best of both worlds in the form of either red-dot / holo + (swing-out) magnifier option, or a red-dot with magnification buildt in (on-off'able), these allow for x3 /x4 magnification. High-tech solution for the cyberpunk could also include actual scope cam with zoom...
  18. No, I like the fact it is off grid, of course. Not even autocorrect, damn, it, a mere typo... my fault. Sorry. Corrected that. No, I don't use autocorrect
  19. Excellent read Actually, I want you to know that those session transcripts have inspired me - a couple of years ago - to transcript & publish game sessions of my own (well, it wasn't Cyberpunk, though).
  20. Well, Emma from the vid oyu've linked has done some pretty extensive "tours" about her apartment Yeah, Japanese are good with micro-flats. Personally, I find it amazing how small-yet-functional people can get with living space There are quite a few ideas on Youtube in regard of both micro-flats and micro-homes. And even micro-motorhomes / camper trailers. What I found especially appealing about the Diogene, however, is its off-grid capacity.
  21. Well, we had the "living cube" in the CP rulebook for 30 years. Somehow I have never seen one being explained properly... But this? https://newatlas.com/renzo-piano-micro-home-diogene/27923/ This is, basically, it (sans wheels). Of course a Cyberpunk-era one is unlikely to use cedar wood for construction, but various plastics should do the trick. 2x3m footprint, with 2x2m living space (+kitchen & toilet / shower), intended for off-grid self-sufficiency. Not really practical in urban 2020 conditions (as it relies on photovoltaics for power, and rainwater for water supply - both of which could be problematic: not enough sunlight, and the water requiring serious purification before use), but then hooking it up to municipal power and water lines (RV-style... if those were available), installing power generator, and a few other solutions could work. Of course, price would be an issue. I could imagine individual Diogene units being used exactly as intended - off-grid living quarters in areas with minimal population density. But also as entire districts: half-way between trailer park and gated community, with several dozen of Diogene (or equivalent structures) providing quarters for - primarily lower-end - corporate personnel. Of course, that's far from being an universal solution, especially in heavily urbanized areas: simply not effective in terms of area needed per occupant. A tall, multi-story building could house way more occupants on the same area (and following that to the logical end, we get an arcology-type structure which covers most of the daily needs for its occupants). But hey, there's no one-size-fits-all solution out there, is it?
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