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    Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick novels, William Gibson novels... the list goes on. I'm mostly a Cyberpunk at heart.
  1. Heh, Suriel, you call yourself a Web Designer and your website looks like that? *grins*
  2. Quote (O'Borg @ Dec. 23 2001,15:36) I just realised I created my Techie as a 60 Pointer when everyone else is a 65, plus I've applied the IP multipliers during character creation, when general consensus seems to be that you dont. Oh well, guess I'll just have to play smarter not harder Hmm, you're a Brit aren't you?
  3. Sound excellent, love to be able to get a chance to play if you ever start one up. But as a suggestion, if you're looking to play a Cyberpunk game with water all around, just go pick up a copy of Blue Planet and you're all set.
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