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    Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick novels, William Gibson novels... the list goes on. I'm mostly a Cyberpunk at heart.
  1. "Thing is, that cat wondered into here a while ago," He lights up a cig himself, "Didn't belong to anyone as far as I know, kind of kept me company but after the shooting, it hasn't been back."
  2. The owner slides you the registry, you don't see anything out of the ordinary, no names that look familiar. If you check the room you see see the name Frederick Tomlin. The name however, seems familiar. You remember there a report about busting a hacker by the name of that. *Scene description* There's about ten doors on either side, at the end of the hall is a flight of stairs that lead to the next floor and after that, another flight on that floor leading to the roof, opposite the second flight. GM Note: I'm leaving for Australia for a few weeks in a couple of days so after a few posts, this game is on hold, unless you guys want to wing it until I get back.
  3. Alright, game revived. Now what the hell am I supposed to post?
  4. Quote (Snowtiger @ April 27 2003,23:23) Genetic modifications gone haywire? Perhaps some secret corporate/government plan for superior soldiers has gone wrong and some of the resulting wolf-men have escaped. I know that's a cliché but you never know... Haywire, eh? I seem to remember someone who talked about creating a character genetically altered to look like a tiger.
  5. Ask Suriel, he's been running his two online games for a while now.
  6. A GM in our group had did a test play of it, hasn't ran it since. Mainly because the munchkin's complained so much about it. Personally I liked it, it reminded me of CP and Alternity. Anyone play that? OOh, it's good :-D.
  7. Quote (psychophipps @ June 03 2003,22:33) I'm definitely up on the "realistic" side, myself. I have a group that prefers things to have a direct consequence and the fear of eminent death to a random shot. I do however have some cinematic aspects in that if it's "cool" and not too far out there, I'm usually willing to let it slide as long as you don't expect much from it (read: Yes, you can slide acrossed the table top on your side and fire your two pistols at your enemies. No, you will not hit them all in the left eye, or hit them all at all, while you're doing it.) . Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) Phipps, I think we know how realistic your games can be. Just wish I could get my ass over there sometime to play one of your's. To all of those newbies, the name's Tek. I haven't posted in a long time, not really since Murphy stopped posting. I miss that guy.
  8. When the hell's God's army going to be up again?
  9. Why do people not tell me these things?
  10. It seems no one's posting and the game seems rather dead. So it pains me to do this, but this game is officially RETIRED.
  11. Luther gives Simms a cold stare, "It would be best for you to watch your tone, Mr. Simms. I could have all three of your badges if I'd like and I very well seem to recall that you lost your last position because of your hot headednes.," Turning to Patric, "My job here isn't to impeed your's but to see if somehow that incident could have been prevented."
  12. "Alright, Patric..." The IA Agent placed his wallet back into his pocket and faced Simms, "There's not much out here to look at, I'm sure Mr. Stanleyz behind you could give you more info on the situation that occured. Pretty standard, except for the gun, one shot, the directional spray seems to say that it came only from the bullet entering, so it never left his body. Seems there was a chase too.", Luther looks over at Patric, "I'm sure you can explain completely why all this happened?"
  13. The IA Agent stands up and grabs his wallet sliping it out but stops, "BR unit, huh? I don't suppose you'd have Mr. Stanleyz with you..." He flipped the badge open to Simms, the name read Luther Regent and stared at the other two, specifically at Patric, "Where's your's?" OOG: There's no bullet holes but a directional spray to denote a bullet.
  14. Speaking to you in a stance of almost unacknowledgement he says as he examines the blood stain, "And who might you three be? I told that idiot downstairs not to let anyone up here so I'm assuming you have badges to show me," he turns around and stands up, adjusting his glasses, "Eh?"
  15. The owner leads the three of you up the stairs, lighting his own cigarette, he waffs the smoke away and in taking another puff points down the hall to a young man, kneeling and looking at the carpet near an opened door. "Well, that's the room with the door open and that man would be your IA agent." The owner turns and starts down the stairs. Your presence seems unknown to the man kneeling in front of the room. When you get the chance to see, you see that he's wearing a standard black tie and white dress shirt, his black hair slicked back on his head and his eyes focused. OOG: Check the new post, "Leaving for BPA"
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