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  1. I see what you mean. Cyberpunk is an old game. Maybe the new version Cyberpunk 2077 reload the game.
  2. Thanks ^^ It wasn't clear on my French book. For the GM... it's me So I need to take a decision for the rule that I will play. I will choose maybe the rule with less mathematique because at midnightit's more difficult for player
  3. Thanx for your answer. I had seen in some french cyberpunk website that some GM use two type of damages the killing and the bludgeon. And I was lost because it was very different like original rules. Thank for your answer she have confirm that there only one sort of damages. But I have another question in the chrome 2 there is a weapon (and ammo) that she say : this weapon deal half real damage and half stun damages. How work this one ?
  4. Hi ^^ I m very happy to find this Cyberpunk Forum. Indeed I play with CP2020 but some rules are not very easy to understand. I have the core book in French version (because... I'm french ). But I think that the translate work is not very efficient. Some rules is very blur. For example the stun damage and the bludgeon damage. I have try to find some responses on the original version of Friday Night Firefight, but.... this is for 2013 version.... So my questions : My character have no armor. He take a kick blow. The Kick damage is 1d6+BTM bonus. Is this damages are bludgeon damage, or killing damages ? And if this damages are bludgeon, how this damages can be register ? Same question is my character have an armor. Other question : how work the kinetic energie of an bullet crushing on an armor without overpass her ? She doesn't any damages ? any stun roll ? She is just stopped by armor ? I 'm sorry for this basique question but my french book have not a clearly response.
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