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  1. Thanks anyway for the answers and sorry for bothering with the V3 version. I'll take a look for a 2020 version in internet. It happens that the translated to portuguese version of the original 2020 book is even worse than the V3 version. I really think they used one of those crappy auto translators to make it. It is not just full of botches, but full of grammar errors too and sometimes the text is incomprehensible. Since that was the only version released in here, I couldn't find the english one. So I just tried the V3 book, because that one wasn't translated.
  2. Hello,I have rencently bought a Cyberpunk 3.0 core rulebook. I am a great fan of the scenery, but since I knew it from GURPS Cyberpunk, I'm new to the sistem so I have some questions. I was trying to build a Desnai test character, and my idea was very basic: getting a very high Link skill and start slowly building a small army of Mechas, using my gestalt and all the Giri I could get throug my future adventures. The first question I have about that is: 1) When I use my Link Skill to control one or more Mechas in the same turn, can I make an action with my character in that same turn too?
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