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  1. Heh I actually just bought diamond age right before I read this. It really looks amazing.
  2. ((long RL reasons for my absence. Forgive me ;( You write beautifully, Kabuki)) Aria couldn’t say a word as the other spoke to her. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, she literally couldn’t. She was compelled by Les’s Silence, by her intellect, by the fact that she had found what she was looking for. There was no doubt about it. While Lesslie didn’t so much as mention programming in passing, Aria had a knack for understanding people. Maybe she wasn’t the sharpest scalpel in a street surgery, but she was the keenest. Street smarts. It was why, even though Les was beautiful, Aria would never let down her guard. She knew the type. Irresistible on a biological level. Enhanced pheromones, procured from real animals, synthesized in some science arco off the coast of New Rico, cultured… that was how it was done. Not so much technology. Fuck technology… Biology. When technology surpassed all societal values, beliefs, and restraints, what was left to do? When you needed to only jack in and dream to get off the real thing became a dark hologram in someone’s perverted mind. Anathema. A taboo. Even the Jesus was a hologram in some street walker’s pocket. Everyone had the same neoprene hoody, looked the same, talked the same, and although consumer culture had publically hated consumerism and advertising everyone looked like the latest Sim star. So as the cutting edge drew near so too did the surgeon’s edge. Now was the time of course… today was the revolution: DNA was restrictive but gene therapy wasn’t. Was this Lesslie a walking/talking advertisement the New Religion? She didn’t know for sure. But it made Aria all the more skeptical. She didn’t need someone to fuck or love. She needed someone to backup jockey… to write the shit, extra eyes against some of the biggest ICE BAMA has ever known. And yet although Lesslie had the skills she needed, Aria needed more help. The objective was uploaded straight into her cortex. The telephones, the satellites, Osaka New Media and their campaign against the flesh. Maybe it went beyond that. The Osaka Corporation provided that sick media outlet with their funding. Osaka topped corps like Arasaka by leaps and bounds these days. Maybe she was being asked to take down the whole fucking grid. And maybe it was worth it. It was more money than she knew what to do with… it is why the Russians gave her their blessings of freedom on this one. She was touching down on dangerous ground. Skum Bucket… Fine, Aria thought, you better be worth it. And with that she would make sure those systems would be transferred to her so that she could bribe the woman more effectively. *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Aria dressed up the only way she knew how. In a goth style dress that was tight, black, accentuated her small features and might better be suited for clubbing than going to a bar. Complete with her knee high leatherette boots she fixed her blond/pink tipped hair and made sure that she looked and felt good. It was time to put on the charm. And before she got to the door Aria was back again on the net, absently staring off at one of her walls… the geometry passed effortlessly against her incorporeal form, twisting and turning, the occasional blockade, shaped like interlocking puzzles of cubes and hexagons melted away, bathing her in their digital neon light… *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Aria stood shivering in front of the bouncer of the Skum Bucket. She was a little pissed off. The guy wouldn’t let her in. So she wasn’t of age to drink… so what? She cut people up for a living and made good money doing it… if you can serve in war and implant mods, you should be able to drink, especially if the federal government was in disarray! Flickering across her vision was a transparent message: What if they send police? Derric Fast asked her… he was the only jockey she trusted with the details of her op. He was a million miles away on some desert island last she checked and wouldn’t bother volunteer himself for it. I’ve got a handle on the locals. Err.. what if they send the underground sort? Not the ruskies, Aria… the real deal. The hit squads. Aria didn’t know how to respond as she had never been in that position. She had worked for the Russians much of her adult life and helped them in numerous “conflicts,” but she was never on the other end of the gun, certainly never at the front end of a corporate firing squad. She didn’t know what she’d do. She either needed muscle or she needed to start planning how her crew was going to do the actual running… Finally the bodyguard let her in with some “encouragement” (not in the form of smiles, apparently, but in the form of hard earned cash… and no, not the credit chip kind either). Finally entering into the place she looked around and shivered once more, this time not from the cold, she was thoroughly out of place. These people were real, dancing, moving, active… and so she just walked around, eyes darting left and right nervously.
  3. I really loved Sprawl. The whole intersecting plotlines (well multiple plot lines tying in only at the very end) makes things interesting for me. Except when I'm not into the book itself. If I'm not into a book then that style just pisses me off enough to burn the books. No offense to Robert Jordan... Okay no one mentioned Jordan but honestly I find him too wordy and something about this reply reminds me of him. I'm actually thinking about reading more from the author of Snow crash. Actually never read Snow crash. Is it any good? I have all his works on my Kindle but haven't been reading much lately.
  4. Yeah I love the short stories too. I'm actually in love with the entire Sprawl trilogy but I thought the bridge trilogy wasn't really great. Could just be me. I didn't find the characters as interesting. Sorry for brief absences. School and all. I'll post ASAP.
  5. I really love either character quirks or flaws being addressed in both a rule based manner as well as a play style way. In White Wolf games adopting flaws may give you the adverse number of points for "merits," added free points at character generation or just be used by a player to add quirks to their character. Knowing you you've probably considered the implementation of such things in potential games. But I can't stress them enough. From a GM point of.view it is great, adds diversity, a level of complexity to play (possible die penalties under various situations), and lastly could indicate a more serious player. From a players point of view you can take these for some sort of point value in game (consider cybernetics and humanity) or just for fun! Flaws can make a game realistic and/or just plain exciting. In RPGs I've made I've always tried to spend hours writing out semi-exhaustive lists of possiblr flaws, diseases, etc they can choose from. With that some neat reference links to medical journals. You can NEVER provide too much detail and creative avenues for the player to explore. But I find a lot of GMs not including any and glossing over such things. History for a character should be explained (a how to guide for writing one summarizing a characters birth and details). Character sheets with integrated histories are great at the back of any RP book. Character generation techniques for those that can't add (distributed with the game book, hell easiest can be made in Excel). But in rps that have drawn me in the sample characters in the back with their own histories always did it for me. So filling in a lot of rule based stuff with well written fiction is a must too.
  6. Damn Interrupt, is everything you make awesome? Ramos, ill gladly check out the game too. Good luck with it!!!
  7. Ok read it and feel the exact same. Actually my opinions are formed from speed reading a random assortment of chapters but no where completing the text. I should have made that more clear. The review was to illuminate the text as a whole and give my opinions of it for those that might not have been exposed to it. The technique is used frequently in literary critiques, radio interviewers, professional reviewers, etc. I've used similar variations professionally for years. If you find this reply to be a bit hostile you're right. I didn't like your reply. There are better ways of giving your advice. I have no problem with Dragon's reply, for instance. I do find you're right a lot - Street Dragon - but in this particular novel, now since I've read it, unfortunately I feel the same. But yeah, even though "light," I've enjoyed it immensely. Dog soldier... that's interesting. I can see that now. in fact that romanticism of Islamic ideas (and ideals) is extremely common in cinema and in lit. I suppose that's part of the charm. I found myself liking that more and more as the novel progressed. Edit: please excuse any mistakes made. I type my replies on my mobile.
  8. Pump 'N Chunk, Scatter Blaster, Boom Control, Controller, DC - Domination Control, High Density Repeater Rifle (nicknamed "The Adjourner " from adjourned - When Courts Out, Vengeance is in), dunno. Or just come up with nicknames that sound cool.
  9. Sexy *Calls first dibs on him* Chromium Countermeasures RP ~ Approved ~ Since 1984. http://vfte.cyberpunk.co.uk/index.php?showforum=99
  10. Aria watched as Lesslie exploded much as she figured might happen. By then Bennett's searching eyes fell on Aria, he knew the girl must have told Lesslie something. “You seem to have me... by the balls, they say?” He gave a mock frown and shrugged. “But she must have known somewhere that she was one of mine. That's how the biz is played. Certainly you understand that.” “If you're asking if I bear you ill will, no,” she took another beer and had her first sip of it... the first sip was always the best, “you should have told her. I know you wanted to work out a deal here tonight. And it almost went your way... but you might want to exert your dominance sooner next time.” He grew and angry and slammed his fist on the table, “You might have grown up with my children but I won't take that talk from you, little girl,” he had to remind himself who she was, what she could still potentially do for her. He sighed and rubbed his forehead. As if reading his mind she shrugged, pulling her knees up to her chest. “If I were you I'd give her a gift. Suprise her. Each and every system she wants you give her.” He turned pale... “But,” Aria continued, “For introducing us – something which I was eagerly awaiting – I'll set some time aside for you and Markov. Plus,” she smirked, “I'll talk to Les, try to smooth things over. I'm sure she'll be right back, willing and as submissive as ever.” She doubted it highly. She figured that the beauty would sooner stab her fixer through the heart. But it didn't matter. His temporary goals were met by gaining her assistance and her goal was met by gaining Lesslie... That was of course if Lesslie wasn't mad at her. “Now let me go check on her,” she extended a small hand, Bennett stood and pulled her up much as though he had done when she was just a child, he whispered... “I just wish things were like they were...” Maybe one day... but not now, old man. And maybe never if you keep using people. She moves after Lesslie, the woman was outside of the building proper by the gate. She whispered... “Les, I need your help. What you do about Bennett is between you and him. But I'm in need of a programmer... and you aren't much use without all your toys...” she smiled, “That's why you're getting all of your order right to your doorstep.” She smiled into the woman's eyes... Figuring the woman needed a better explanation than a jockey, ex-war time decker, and biodesigner could give she shrugged, “I need someone good at programming. I'll be going up against some sophisticated ICE – which I've got – but the system that protects it employs a strong AI suite... all logic based. I need to reverse engineer it.” She stepped closer to the woman, facing her, “I'll pay you in cash... it's all I got... you name the price, I'm yours.” She shrugged and playfully aided, “Shit... I'm yours either way.”
  11. Aria had never felt so comfortable with another person as much as she felt so with Lesslie. There was some sort of similarity between the two of them that Aria couldn't deny: maybe it was the fact that both of them were abused by protectors somehow. She didn't know but it was a rare sort of kinship in a city of high density plastics and cyberware. There was also something else. Aria seemed completely incapable of getting scared. That wasn't an aspect of some ignorant bravado, it seemed instead to be something inherently wrong with the girl. She acted in a way that clearly provoked either favorable or unfavorable responses but she did so in such a care free way. It wasn't safe... she was as her life is... in complete overdrive. She liked it when Lesslie told the guards off and laughed, smiling for the first time genuinely, not just smirking. She shook her head inwardly as she wondered how long it had been since she showed emotion. Since she had cared for anything other than herself. It was so ironic, Aria thought, the person that she had cared for is an absolute stranger. Aria was a good listener. Although she was all action she knew when to keep quiet. She not only heard Lesslie but listened to what she was saying. The children. She'd need to ask about that later. If there was time. Aria was always running out of time... that's what it felt like being jazzed up though most hours of the day and night... The blonde didn't know if she could be trusted either and simply shrugged. It's up to you, she really wasn't the type of person to convince anyone of anything they didn't already want to do. She took the card and smiled, “Okay... and we'll sort this out, Les. Our meeting seems like a strange coincidence. Bennett was never known for is subtly.” Aria went with Leslie back into the hallway past the guards without saying a word. She fiddled with with something in her book bag. Her deck was briefly visible. The thing was clearly a prototype... extremely sleek looking. Maas at its finest. Since they primarily focused on biotech it was no wonder that the thing looked ergonomic or even biological (tapered on all four sides, very smooth). Activating the protection on the chassis she ensured that even if her deck was captured it would be destroyed if someone other than her tried booting it up. Bennett was sitting at the table. He stood for Lesslie... smiled for her too. That fool. It was a shit eating grin. He was worried. He didn't know what his two guests had discussed in the bathroom and he wasn't a man who took not knowing something lightly. When both ladies were seated he smiled, motioning toward the plum wine on the table. Aria just sat there. Wine wasn't her style... neither was palavering... sensing this though one of Bennett's security staff put down a beer for the girl. It was finished in seconds... He motioned to Aria without actually looking at her, “Our younger lady here Ms... we'll call her Aria...” call her? What the fuck? Aria was her name! It wasn't her fault her parents had a love of old school Opera, “is one of the most notable cowgirls this side of the Atlantic so I'm informed.” He nodded as if retelling an old and important story, “She helped us better serve the chechens during the Sixth Arasaka-Maghreb Conflict. She came here looking for some help, so goes the word on the street.” It was actually a war but so few heard about it that it was pointless to interrupt, so Aria thought. Plus the old man sounded so eloquent when he spoke. She could scarce summon the courage to rain on his parade. A great orator, Bennett could make screams sound like country music. The war was some obscure war waged between mega corporations with controlling interests in the west bank. The intent was to eradicate terrorists in order to ensure such corporations could dominant the once essential commodity: oil. Although oil hadn't been the standard for many long years much of the less developed areas in Europe – at the time – used oil and coil despite their archaic role in modern history. Since SBSP (or Space Based Solar Power) had ended the world's dependence on oil the war was quickly forgotten as perhaps the least memorable event in world history. “I was once her employer,” he explained to Lesslie with a smile, “Much like I'm your employer. But now she associates more with the Solntsevskaya bratva, am I correct?” He tapped his fingers together in some sort of pyramid shape that really pissed Aria off. “You should really keep your mouth shut,” she replied with a similar sweet smile and looked at Lesslie with a much more earnest expression, “I'm just here looking for some help. Figured our mutual shithead would know someone with programming know how. Sorry if you two had other plans for this evening. But I think I found what I'm looking for.” She figured the business man in Bennett would make some sort of offer. Lesslie's help for... something from Aria... she just hoped it was something she could afford. She could tell this mysterious woman had the skills she needed. Somehow... with tests like she gave the Asians at the bar, she knew... Lesslie was the one.
  12. Wow wisdom. The lights off pics look hot. You surely have more junk than I do! How the hell do you get girls? Just curious! The massive amount of super hero cups might scare some away. Then again I think your stuff totally rocks. Looks like the ultimate chill out pad for the sci-fi and comic minded. Of course the bottle of whiskey doesn't hurt. Let's get that party started. Interrupt, promotion. I believe the key lies in free samples and cool demonstrations at cons. Maybe a mix of mediums. An RP game with computer application/use. Or at least programs to help aid or supplement the text. Wizard, for instance, gave me a cool char generator on cd and full printed brouchers of their products. White wolf has full buckles they ship out with every purchase. Hell online wikis and databases and fan nexuses/portals CAN be cheap with the right staff who loves what they do. Also video trailers for products. With music. I've studied marketing and i/o psych once and they emphasized music in successful sales campaigns. So promotion and advertising. Of course having a good product never hurt. If you screw so much as one customer on quality they'll never be back.
  13. I REALLY love this guys site... been into it ever since we spoke privately about it. The fiction is really great. Nice to see writers into the genre. I haven't read that book yet but I plan on it when I get some free time. Regardless this author is highly recommended.... yeah... everyone go over there now! Or else.-.-
  14. Warnings were flashing left and right through her inlays and Aria was ignoring them. They pointed to quirks in movement, heart rate and breathing. They watched Lesslie more closely than any other machine was likely to have done to the poor girl. But Aria ignored her inlays, the warning messages, all of it. She was compassionate and caring beneath her calm face. Behind those calculating eyes. In essence they were the opposite of vocaleyes... they were human but something behind them was infinitely machine. She stared at the other girl for the longest time... just listening... her eyes trailing down the woman's body once. Somewhere she must have known that someone's handy work created what she saw, but she didn't. Aria was in a different line of work all together... she didn't recognize such things, didn't differentiate between them. Humans were humans. And this human before her was crying. She frowned and extended her arms, trying to wrap her leather jacket around the girl. Getting a bit close for what would be considered socially acceptable but she didn't care. Only when her arms were completely around the other did she realize how silly she was acting, laughed a little and took a step back. Leaving her jacket around Lesslie's shoulders. Things were happening very fast and although her machine brain was compensating, her human body was still in a state of confusion. “Thanks...” she said in reply to the jacket comment, not really listening. She started the tap and tabbed some paper towels herself and tried to help Lesslie in her cleaning. She hadn't the gentle and careful hands Lesslie had. There was no soft touch... her fingers were deft, they had to be for running, but her hands were clumsy. Sunk down on the floor, knees together, listening to Lesslie. Pulling out a cigarette despite signs saying smoking was prohibited and lit one. She took a few drags. The multicolored ember tip danced like crazy plasma across the tip of the death stick. She extends her hand to Lesslie, offering up the smoke. She had actually lit it for her. But at Lesslie's suggestion she laughed, sounded a bit like bells. She gave Lesslie a crooked smile, flopping her head to her side, looking at the girl as if she were speaking latin. “Sounds good... I guess I didn't think about that... after all,” she stood up after a few moments and washed her own face. She was prettier without make up after all. “I didn't use a processor... I used my brain.” She grinned, “I guess I'm a bit weird or something.” She now knew the woman was incredibly smart... she also knew she was into systems... which meant she knew – without any reasonable doubt – that the delivery of systems to Bennett was for this girl. But Aria knew the woman still wasn't looking at her dead in the eyes. Maybe it was too hard for her. But she didn't care. She hopped up onto the counter and, with gentle but firm hands, she broke Lesslie's personal space much like she'd crack ICE... with her own mind... exponential mathematics in the blink of an eye. No circuitry needed to help her. She turned Lesslie's head to face her own blue eyes. She could feel the other's breathing. “I forgive you,” she said with a coy smirk. She shook her head... “A friend? No,” she tried laughing but it was so difficult to do when someone was so close, “I used to run missions for him on the net when I was just a girl.” She explained, “He's kind of low on the totem poll. Back then I didn't much care.” She poked the girl in front of her... apparently personally space meant little. “I'm a biomod designer.” There was a loud knocking at the door. Quickly the thing was swung wide open and two members of the security staff approached, one with a loaded walther, the other with some Militech semi. “Uh,” they said, looking to both girls... simultaneously lowering their weapons... “Bennett wants to see both of you when you... erm... get done.” But before she was done speaking she tugged Lesslie back in her direction: “Look I don't know what you're doing here. I don't know what kind of work you do but that fuck in the other room is playing you. Just like he once played me. Like a puppet.” She explained, “he's got some sort of transaction of super processors and shit...? Well he's holding them. He doesn't plan on giving them to whoever is supposed to get them. If that's why your here... I won't let him take advantage of you, just follow my lead... ok?”
  15. Haha yes you are I live here and I still need a map around the city. Oh well.
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