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  1. Heh I actually just bought diamond age right before I read this. It really looks amazing.
  2. ((long RL reasons for my absence. Forgive me ;( You write beautifully, Kabuki)) Aria couldn’t say a word as the other spoke to her. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, she literally couldn’t. She was compelled by Les’s Silence, by her intellect, by the fact that she had found what she was looking for. There was no doubt about it. While Lesslie didn’t so much as mention programming in passing, Aria had a knack for understanding people. Maybe she wasn’t the sharpest scalpel in a street surgery, but she was the keenest. Street smarts. It was why, even though Les was beautiful, Aria woul
  3. I really loved Sprawl. The whole intersecting plotlines (well multiple plot lines tying in only at the very end) makes things interesting for me. Except when I'm not into the book itself. If I'm not into a book then that style just pisses me off enough to burn the books. No offense to Robert Jordan... Okay no one mentioned Jordan but honestly I find him too wordy and something about this reply reminds me of him. I'm actually thinking about reading more from the author of Snow crash. Actually never read Snow crash. Is it any good? I have all his works on my Kindle but haven't be
  4. Yeah I love the short stories too. I'm actually in love with the entire Sprawl trilogy but I thought the bridge trilogy wasn't really great. Could just be me. I didn't find the characters as interesting. Sorry for brief absences. School and all. I'll post ASAP.
  5. I really love either character quirks or flaws being addressed in both a rule based manner as well as a play style way. In White Wolf games adopting flaws may give you the adverse number of points for "merits," added free points at character generation or just be used by a player to add quirks to their character. Knowing you you've probably considered the implementation of such things in potential games. But I can't stress them enough. From a GM point of.view it is great, adds diversity, a level of complexity to play (possible die penalties under various situations), and lastly could ind
  6. Damn Interrupt, is everything you make awesome? Ramos, ill gladly check out the game too. Good luck with it!!!
  7. Ok read it and feel the exact same. Actually my opinions are formed from speed reading a random assortment of chapters but no where completing the text. I should have made that more clear. The review was to illuminate the text as a whole and give my opinions of it for those that might not have been exposed to it. The technique is used frequently in literary critiques, radio interviewers, professional reviewers, etc. I've used similar variations professionally for years. If you find this reply to be a bit hostile you're right. I didn't like your reply. There are better ways of giving your
  8. Pump 'N Chunk, Scatter Blaster, Boom Control, Controller, DC - Domination Control, High Density Repeater Rifle (nicknamed "The Adjourner " from adjourned - When Courts Out, Vengeance is in), dunno. Or just come up with nicknames that sound cool.
  9. Sexy *Calls first dibs on him* Chromium Countermeasures RP ~ Approved ~ Since 1984. http://vfte.cyberpunk.co.uk/index.php?showforum=99
  10. Aria watched as Lesslie exploded much as she figured might happen. By then Bennett's searching eyes fell on Aria, he knew the girl must have told Lesslie something. “You seem to have me... by the balls, they say?” He gave a mock frown and shrugged. “But she must have known somewhere that she was one of mine. That's how the biz is played. Certainly you understand that.” “If you're asking if I bear you ill will, no,” she took another beer and had her first sip of it... the first sip was always the best, “you should have told her. I know you wanted to work out a deal here tonight. And
  11. Aria had never felt so comfortable with another person as much as she felt so with Lesslie. There was some sort of similarity between the two of them that Aria couldn't deny: maybe it was the fact that both of them were abused by protectors somehow. She didn't know but it was a rare sort of kinship in a city of high density plastics and cyberware. There was also something else. Aria seemed completely incapable of getting scared. That wasn't an aspect of some ignorant bravado, it seemed instead to be something inherently wrong with the girl. She acted in a way that clearly provoked either
  12. Wow wisdom. The lights off pics look hot. You surely have more junk than I do! How the hell do you get girls? Just curious! The massive amount of super hero cups might scare some away. Then again I think your stuff totally rocks. Looks like the ultimate chill out pad for the sci-fi and comic minded. Of course the bottle of whiskey doesn't hurt. Let's get that party started. Interrupt, promotion. I believe the key lies in free samples and cool demonstrations at cons. Maybe a mix of mediums. An RP game with computer application/use. Or at least programs to help aid or supplement the t
  13. I REALLY love this guys site... been into it ever since we spoke privately about it. The fiction is really great. Nice to see writers into the genre. I haven't read that book yet but I plan on it when I get some free time. Regardless this author is highly recommended.... yeah... everyone go over there now! Or else.-.-
  14. Warnings were flashing left and right through her inlays and Aria was ignoring them. They pointed to quirks in movement, heart rate and breathing. They watched Lesslie more closely than any other machine was likely to have done to the poor girl. But Aria ignored her inlays, the warning messages, all of it. She was compassionate and caring beneath her calm face. Behind those calculating eyes. In essence they were the opposite of vocaleyes... they were human but something behind them was infinitely machine. She stared at the other girl for the longest time... just listening... her eyes trai
  15. Haha yes you are I live here and I still need a map around the city. Oh well.
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